Monday, May 4, 2009

Would anyone (I don’t care about your political background) mind telling me why you think OCS Drilling is so bad?

Why I don’t have a problem with OCS Drilling. First is that Arctic Drilling has been going on for decades. Cook Inlet is one of the few that Started up and was thought extreme at the time. It is still not the easiest to drill… and there have been issues concerning it as a boat flipped due to an incompetent crew. But up on the North Slope, they have actually built island(s) (Northstar) to drill in the ocean.

Would it make a difference to build an island to drill in the outer continental shelf?

Now, I don’t want to hear the “global warming/climate change” items. It really does not apply to Alaska as the weather changes constantly. It can be June and snowing in Anchorage (yes it has happened before). I consider it Junk Science and there has really been no conclusive evidence that Man is doing anything. I am more a Solar Cycle believer. And since our Plant is very active via volcano activity, I really have nothing to say to those who say it is man made.

Do I worry about the animals and birds… in a sense, no. LOA's are occasionally issued to check on all animals that come close to Northstar Island via the health as well as to do necropsy on them if needed. The animals have worked well with the man made islands off in the Beaufort Sea and don’t seem to be having problems navigating around the rigs in Cook Inlet. Does a bird occasionally fly into a rig or building? Heck I have had more birds hit my house here in Anchorage then probably the North Slope. But that is due to magnetic pulses via our extremely moody Mt Redoubt.

But I would like your opinion.

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