Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jay Ramras. Misogynist Jerk or SJM L4L?

What is worse then a Misogynist jerk? One who is also looking for love?

I don’t understand Jay Ramras’s obsession with Sarah Palin and putting her down. Is he jealous of her and her normal American family, which btw is very normal in today’s society. Is he wishing he could have had a woman like Sarah Palin? Is he jealous of Todd, who actually has quite a few hobbies that have panned out for the betterment of the Palin Family? Is it the fact that they are an outdoorsy family? What is it?

I think it is the fact that Sarah is a beautiful woman who has done well for herself, and even though there have been bumps in the road, as all families have. Sarah and Todd and her whole Family have pulled together as a strong family unit. I think that is why Ramras is jealous. He wants the same but has no clue how to approach it or acquire that one thing he has been looking for.

What am I talking about? Oh, how in 1997 he went to New York to look for a nice Jewish woman and was splashed on many different Media Outlets.

From The New York Times. To People Magazine. To The New York Magazine. And lets not forget the very MSM and extraordinarily liberal ABC, Good Morning America.

Nice huh!

So, Jay. When you say Vagina… Do you really mean you want one or are you just jealous of every other joe blow who actually has a girlfriend or wife? Jay, you do realize that a relationship is work? Right? And maybe that is the reason why even the New York women, of any and all political degree (since most of these women he was looking for are democrats) can see a fake.

Jay, so when are you going to switch political parties? Because you sure are not conservative! Also, no one wants to VOTE for a man who can't keep his comments to himself! Hell Jay, even most politicians aren't as narcissistic as you for having a blog (which are by LIBERAL BLOGGERS), and putting on it the crap you spew or People you put down. I hope Fairbanks figures it out and votes you out in 2010!

It is interesting how you have been a zit on Palin's butt, since almost the beginning. Time for you to go back into your hole!

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  1. Nicely put together! I suspect peewee is wondering what just happened over the last two days.