Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day weekend, and the largest living monument to Veterans... Mt. POW/MIA

On this Memorial Day, what is it that you are going to remind yourself of the men and women of this country sacrificed for you?

In Alaska, Memorial Day can have a special meaning. We have several Veterans Memorials all around the State. From Byers Lake Memorial 30 miles outside of Trapper Creek. The National Cemeteries at Ft. Richardson and Sitka Island. And the Veterans Wall and Memorial in Wasilla by the new Hospital. There is also a grand Memorial for Veterans downtown. If you have ever seen the huge flag pole with the huge flag in the park downtown, that would be one of the Veterans Memorial for Anchorage.

But we also have a very special mountain that was dedicated to those whom were POW’s and those whom are still MIA. This mountain was named Mt. POW/MIA by John Morrissey, whom was a Mud Marine during Vietnam. Mr. Morrissey’s long road to naming the mountain via the Federal Parks and the Dept of Parks, as they took over 30 years to name it.

Mt. POW/MIA is the only living monument and memorial to those whom have died, held via captors or missing in action anywhere in the world.

I plan on going to Mt. POW/MIA and laying some flower at the trailhead for those who died for me. What do you plan to do as a remembrance?

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  1. I stop by The Veteran's Wall And Memorial near Mat-Su Regional Hospital to pray a few minutes before going to work.Pioneer Peak framing the Memorial perfectly..
    And the Byers Lake Memorial is both inspiring and beautiful...A required stop for anyone going to Fairbanks...
    Nice post and tribute to our veterans...