Sunday, May 17, 2009

Serial Killer in Anchorage, Alaska?

Serial Killer in Alaska? That may be a possibility.

It looks as though, whoever is doing it is picking the same location(s) and only targeting homeless. As of right now there are only 4, but God only knows if it will grow as there are quite a few homeless here in Anchorage and they live anywhere they possibly can. They are not just natives of Alaska, they are from all over the country and know they won’t be bothered here. This is one of the reasons that they come here. But they get a good dose of reality when they realize that Alaskans are not as giving as the lower 48 and the fact that there is a law in place concerning panhandling.

What bothers me is will whoever is doing this get bored and move on to other people using the park? I used to live in the exact area that these men have been killed and walk my dog and Campbell creek park isn’t the best but far from the worst. I never bothered the homeless who lived there, as I thought they need a place to be and feel safe just as I do. It was always a constant that they were inebriated though. Alcoholism in Alaska is as rampant as anywhere else, but it can be worse here due to the wild life and obviously bears as well as cold and hypothermia. Occasionally I would bring some sandwiches and a blanket I had that was extra to them and in most cases they would be very gracious. They are just as human as I and maybe one day it will come back around if I need help.

I have a feeling it is a couple kids or maybe another homeless guy as it usually happens up here. Either way it is pretty sad.


  1. I feel the same way, I told my husban I think it is a serial killer because it can't be coincedense when seven homeless people have turned up dead in a month and a half. I think that the police are trying to play it off because they don't want to alarm the city but I feel sure that is exactly what is going on right here where we live.

  2. Yeah. There probably is a serial killer. First the torsos in the flats and then 10 dead homeless? AFTER living through a winter? But now they die? That's illogical. Someone is doing this.