Friday, May 22, 2009

Media Malpractice in the Fireweed Theater.

If you have been wondering when it will be here, the documentary of how the media and liberals rule your news, your wait is now about to end.

Next Thursday, May 28th, Media Malpractice will be in the Fireweed Theater. For a mere $5.00, which all goes to Toys for Tots via Bob and Mark and their work. You can watch a documentary on how the Media used, skewed and made Alaska, not just our Governor, look as though we are uneducated hill billies and how the Media tried to break down Alaska as well as the election in general.

Ziegler has done some damn good documentaries. He shows the real issue and does not skew the facts, unlike someone by the name of Moore. He even shows how people (does not matter the political affiliation) do what they do and why. How many other people do that?

Just a reminder that it will only show on May 28th, Thursday. And there ONLY 1ooo thickets available.

If anyone in Anchorage would like to go as a group. Please let me know.

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