Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alaska's F-15's, to the auction!

Our F-15's are leaving Alaska. Budget cuts such as this are going to be the death of us all.

Due to the Obama Admin and Gate's (who has turned out to be a total weasel) it has been determined that F-15's are more or less obsolete. Well, my opinion is, why get rid of something if you can't replace it with another? The Military also isn't replacing any of the F-15's with the newer F-22's, that come to find out are to be phased out by 2011. Why?

But where do these perfectly capable F-15's go, when they are decommissioned? Into a Military surplus where they are to be auctioned off. Who do you think is going to be the highest auctioneer?

As some of you know I am a survivalist to some degree, but if I say it is time to get with it, do you really blame me as it seems that this Democrats Administration seem to want to make the U.S. not just Alaska defenseless? Not to mention releasing GITMO detainees in the U.S. Do you want one of these guys to be your neighbor?

The liberals wanted a Utopia society. Unfortunately, they didn't realize it would screw up the rest of their happy world as well.

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  1. And they still can't understand why so many of us object to their collectivist scumbaggery.