Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cook Inlet Gas and troubles with Marathon Oil and the Probelms with OCS.

Well an interesting development for those whom are in the Oil and gas industry. Marathon is cutting back production of natural gas. Why?

Risk, they say. Risk to what? Risk to the fact that you made a contract to extract the gas for the people of south central via the State of Alaska? Marathon, do not blame it totally on the RCA when you have been letting people go. Also isn't the RCA working with ENSTAR to get the gas from you? Hmmmmmm!

I think everyone in Alaska needs to call Marathon Oil and tell them to get their butts in gear and start working on these wells you have been talking about. Or give up your leases and give them to another company who WILL do what you said YOU would! Don’t give the “aquifer” excuse, not every Alaskan is as dumb as you take them for.

What am I talking about well in the KTUU report they talk about aquifers.

"What happens is when you shut in a gas well, they have these aquifers -- a
bunch of water that's pushing this gas to the well bore," Lockhart said. "And as
you shut those wells in or cycle them, a lot of times that water keeps moving
and the gas stops, and it pinches out that gas in the well bore."

The say shut in when in actuality it is called an Injection Well. It is where you inject water or the natural gas back into the area that you drilled. Usually, no more then 100 yards at most. The injection of this water or gas (sometimes other items) is to push or scour the oil and gas out of the “zone” being drilled and injection keeps the areas density. More or less so you don’t have a huge hole when it collapses. This has been going on for years, even in the lower 48. A "shut in" is actually a plugged well. That in many cases it is plugged for work, or to come back to at another time or to be abandoned all together. Re-Drilling a plug backed well isn't the easiest in the world, but it isn't like it can not be done.

So Marathon's excuses are just that... excuses. I can't wait for the the other smaller companies come up and beat Marathon at it's own game. Besides, wasn't it Marathon whom had a was suppose to talk about "Cook Inlet Natural Gas" with the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and others on what was reliable?

And the fact that the people of Point Hope have more or less closed down ALL of the OCS drilling Nation wide due to their lawsuit and the DOI is seeking some type of response from the Appeals Courts concerning the stratagy they are using and why. Shell has more or less said no more due to all the lawsuits and I don't blame them in the least little bit.

Marathon really needs to get a grip. Alaskan want to drill and if you are dragging, they won't put up with you. There are quite a few other Oil Companies who would love to be in your shoes right now.

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