Thursday, May 28, 2009

The "One" on a Clinton continuation..... on no roads in National forests. Oh joy.

Well to get a in-State Natural Gas pipeline/bullet line/spur line you HAVE to go thru some Federal Forests. This isn't just the pipeline from the slope. This is also the proposed Nenana pipeline to Fairbanks. THAT will be a huge problem!

What does that also mean to Alaska? That they will not have much option for a pipeline or a road, as you have to bury a LNG pipeline, unless they go along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which even though it is going thru Federal Lands, it will still be considered State.... I hope.

Why Obama is doing this has the stink of environmentalists. I wonder how many of them who are telling Obama to do this are natives from Alaska? I wonder how many other Alaskan natives and corporations would be upset with them?

I am not sure about you, but even those whom are environmentalists living in Alaska. How exactly do you heat your home? Fossil Fuels? Wood? Well just in case you didn't realize it, you won't even be able to use the trees for your own use if you live near a Federal Forest. Get a clue liberals!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North Korea, aims and fires... again and again... And I wonder when Alaska is going to the "target".

Remember that odd yet very off the wall North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Il?

Oh he is at his pretty little missiles… again and again and again and will yet AGAIN! When is Obama going to figure out that the world does not care about him and maybe he should take off the rose colored narcissistic glasses he has on.

Now maybe my Alaskan Liberal Blog writers don’t care or seem to think the “One” will fix this, but this is a PROBLEM! Alaska IS in range as I have stated before! And now even Russia is saying this is a HUGE issue and it needs to be resolved, soon. Also that threat of attacking South Korea ships, are a huge red flag!

How do you fix something concerning a madman, a brainwashed country and many different Nuke facilities which are being re-opened and back to uranium development? Well, I can tell you one thing is possibly joining forces with Russia and their and our subs and with combined forces working together to stop the “process”. The only problem is, Russia will lose North Korea, as it has helped rebuild that Nation.

The U.N. wrote a very strong letter. Honestly, who cares about a letter? But it obviously ticked off Kim Jong Il and got him moving in a way that threatens not just the U.S. but China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, India, Australia, New Zealand, and not to mention other countries I can’t think of right now.

Also, Kim Jong Il is not in good health. It has been reported he has had a stroke, which he is now limping and very weak. It is rumored that Il’s son, Kim Jong Chol is being groomed for the next Dictating reign. Gotta love Dictators!

Now, what do you see as a problem? A ailing Dictator whom is ticked off that his health is deteriorating who wants to take out the world due to this problem. Or the fact that Obama is not actually taking this serious and is still going to cut the missile defense budget for Alaska. Even Governor Palin is annoyed with Obama, via a statement she made concerning missile defense.

Anyone feel the fall out yet?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day weekend, and the largest living monument to Veterans... Mt. POW/MIA

On this Memorial Day, what is it that you are going to remind yourself of the men and women of this country sacrificed for you?

In Alaska, Memorial Day can have a special meaning. We have several Veterans Memorials all around the State. From Byers Lake Memorial 30 miles outside of Trapper Creek. The National Cemeteries at Ft. Richardson and Sitka Island. And the Veterans Wall and Memorial in Wasilla by the new Hospital. There is also a grand Memorial for Veterans downtown. If you have ever seen the huge flag pole with the huge flag in the park downtown, that would be one of the Veterans Memorial for Anchorage.

But we also have a very special mountain that was dedicated to those whom were POW’s and those whom are still MIA. This mountain was named Mt. POW/MIA by John Morrissey, whom was a Mud Marine during Vietnam. Mr. Morrissey’s long road to naming the mountain via the Federal Parks and the Dept of Parks, as they took over 30 years to name it.

Mt. POW/MIA is the only living monument and memorial to those whom have died, held via captors or missing in action anywhere in the world.

I plan on going to Mt. POW/MIA and laying some flower at the trailhead for those who died for me. What do you plan to do as a remembrance?

Media Malpractice in the Fireweed Theater.

If you have been wondering when it will be here, the documentary of how the media and liberals rule your news, your wait is now about to end.

Next Thursday, May 28th, Media Malpractice will be in the Fireweed Theater. For a mere $5.00, which all goes to Toys for Tots via Bob and Mark and their work. You can watch a documentary on how the Media used, skewed and made Alaska, not just our Governor, look as though we are uneducated hill billies and how the Media tried to break down Alaska as well as the election in general.

Ziegler has done some damn good documentaries. He shows the real issue and does not skew the facts, unlike someone by the name of Moore. He even shows how people (does not matter the political affiliation) do what they do and why. How many other people do that?

Just a reminder that it will only show on May 28th, Thursday. And there ONLY 1ooo thickets available.

If anyone in Anchorage would like to go as a group. Please let me know.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alaska's F-15's, to the auction!

Our F-15's are leaving Alaska. Budget cuts such as this are going to be the death of us all.

Due to the Obama Admin and Gate's (who has turned out to be a total weasel) it has been determined that F-15's are more or less obsolete. Well, my opinion is, why get rid of something if you can't replace it with another? The Military also isn't replacing any of the F-15's with the newer F-22's, that come to find out are to be phased out by 2011. Why?

But where do these perfectly capable F-15's go, when they are decommissioned? Into a Military surplus where they are to be auctioned off. Who do you think is going to be the highest auctioneer?

As some of you know I am a survivalist to some degree, but if I say it is time to get with it, do you really blame me as it seems that this Democrats Administration seem to want to make the U.S. not just Alaska defenseless? Not to mention releasing GITMO detainees in the U.S. Do you want one of these guys to be your neighbor?

The liberals wanted a Utopia society. Unfortunately, they didn't realize it would screw up the rest of their happy world as well.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kertulla vrs Egan, in Juneau the stakes could be pretty high!

So Kerttula wants the Senate seat that Dennis Egan is now sitting on in Juneau. Yet she backs off? Oh I see a power struggle here!

Egan, after being put in via Governor Palin, under a power struggle even then for the Juneau Senate Seat that was left by Kim Elton, has left some interesting looks and brush off strokes from both sides of the Senate. Why do I say this? Well Egan is the son of former Governor William Egan. Dennis even has a Wiki site, which I have a feeling he did himself, as you can see some of the scathing feelings he has towards some people. But the reason why many do not like the idea of him in Senate is that they believe he is a spoiled person with varying shades of grey. He won almost all of his elections. But to appoint someone to that seat, many think there should have been an election rather then an appointment. I have to agree with them on this.

And onto Beth Kertulla, who also has a Wiki but nothing really on it. Do you think that maybe she did her Wiki site herself as well? But I digress. So she has been slithering around since 1998, lucky Juneau.... but her Father, Jay Kertulla for years and years was a State Senator who lives in Palmer and is more a Reagan Democrat since he worked under Hammond in more ways then one. But Ms. Kertulla is also a Oil and Gas Lawyer (Even though she won't say she is!) who worked for the State as a Oil and Gas Attorney before being elected and voted against ANWR and lobbying to have it drilled while she was the Minority leader. Don't believe me, look it up!

Both people come from pretty reputable families and these two are both lawyers. But neither seems to be as good as their Fathers in reputation nor honor.

Egan in one corner and Kertulla in the other. Who do you think will win?

Cook Inlet Gas and troubles with Marathon Oil and the Probelms with OCS.

Well an interesting development for those whom are in the Oil and gas industry. Marathon is cutting back production of natural gas. Why?

Risk, they say. Risk to what? Risk to the fact that you made a contract to extract the gas for the people of south central via the State of Alaska? Marathon, do not blame it totally on the RCA when you have been letting people go. Also isn't the RCA working with ENSTAR to get the gas from you? Hmmmmmm!

I think everyone in Alaska needs to call Marathon Oil and tell them to get their butts in gear and start working on these wells you have been talking about. Or give up your leases and give them to another company who WILL do what you said YOU would! Don’t give the “aquifer” excuse, not every Alaskan is as dumb as you take them for.

What am I talking about well in the KTUU report they talk about aquifers.

"What happens is when you shut in a gas well, they have these aquifers -- a
bunch of water that's pushing this gas to the well bore," Lockhart said. "And as
you shut those wells in or cycle them, a lot of times that water keeps moving
and the gas stops, and it pinches out that gas in the well bore."

The say shut in when in actuality it is called an Injection Well. It is where you inject water or the natural gas back into the area that you drilled. Usually, no more then 100 yards at most. The injection of this water or gas (sometimes other items) is to push or scour the oil and gas out of the “zone” being drilled and injection keeps the areas density. More or less so you don’t have a huge hole when it collapses. This has been going on for years, even in the lower 48. A "shut in" is actually a plugged well. That in many cases it is plugged for work, or to come back to at another time or to be abandoned all together. Re-Drilling a plug backed well isn't the easiest in the world, but it isn't like it can not be done.

So Marathon's excuses are just that... excuses. I can't wait for the the other smaller companies come up and beat Marathon at it's own game. Besides, wasn't it Marathon whom had a was suppose to talk about "Cook Inlet Natural Gas" with the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and others on what was reliable?

And the fact that the people of Point Hope have more or less closed down ALL of the OCS drilling Nation wide due to their lawsuit and the DOI is seeking some type of response from the Appeals Courts concerning the stratagy they are using and why. Shell has more or less said no more due to all the lawsuits and I don't blame them in the least little bit.

Marathon really needs to get a grip. Alaskan want to drill and if you are dragging, they won't put up with you. There are quite a few other Oil Companies who would love to be in your shoes right now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Missouri Senator going after Alaskan Native Corps to get to Palin?

What now from pesky stupid Senate Democrats in the lower 49? Lets say they are trying to check on the substantial businesses that Alaska Native Corporations have had for over 20 years. Why?

Well after reading this in the ADN, concerning how Senators are going to investigate Alaska Native Contracts, which THEY were the ones who approved of in the first place, are getting all of these nice “Government Contracts to begin with. Well the Democrat Senator from Missouri is in a huge huff about it.

One of the Native Corporations, in which The Missouri Democrat Senator, Claire McCaskill is going after is the Chenega Corp. A little information on the Chenega Corp. is that they are a dwindling group of Natives. I do say dwindling as there are nor more then 30 pure. These people who are mostly family and a 8 A (a minority plan for businesses) for business banded their funds together after the earthquake and tsunami in 64 took out their entire village and started a Corp. based on defense. Do you really blame them? The next time they were hit with something catastrophic was due to Exxon, in which they sold their land back to the Federal Government.

Now they were smart. They hired strategists, awesome HR people to represent them for hiring people to work for them and worked their buns off to become one of the highest rated Native Corps in the world and they ARE in the Fortune 500.

But it isn't JUST Chenega.. it is also 19 other ANC (Alaska Native Corps) who got the "letter".

So why is Senator McCaskill going after Alaskan Natives? If it is to attack Sarah Palin in this odd round about way, I can tell you that not just the Natives in Alaska are going to revote for her but if Sarah runs for President, you can count on all Natives across the nation to vote for her as well.

Hey McCaskill. Are you THAT Stupid? I hope Lisa Murkowski and even Begich wipe your ass on the floor!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A warning for Tourists coming to Alaska who are driving.

This is for those who are looking to come to Alaska to visit.

I am going to give you a crash lesson on driving on the roads here in Alaska as I am already having to deal with terrorists… er I mean Tourists. That is what Alaskans fondly call them as it can become very hard to drive around them.

Let us say you rent a Motor home or a car when you come up or you are driving up via the Alcan. I will advise you to buy a Mile Post. It will be the BEST 20 bucks you will ever spend. It will tell you everything you ever wanted to know touristy wise and will give you a map of Alaska and the Alcan Hwy for Canada. I am telling you this as it is very easy to get lost up here due to bad turns and people thinking they know where they are going. No you don’t, get this annual book.

Now, as you drive keep your head lights on at all times. I don’t CARE that you think that the sun being up for hours and hours on end in Alaska helps US (as in Alaskans) see you. Keep them on if you are on the highways. This helps everyone, not just us. Not even the tourist buses put them on and I almost got into a head on with one this weekend because he was speeding and he didn’t have his lights on and I couldn’t see due to the sun in my eyes. Turn ON the head lights!!!

There are two laws, which are needed to be reminded again and again, even to other Alaskans up here. If there are more then five (5) cars behind you, you have to pull over! That is a law. Period! The other law, which only long time Alaskans seem to know about is when someone passes you; you NEED to get over as far to the right as possible to let them pass. It is the LAW! Also don’t speed up. We don’t appreciate that and in most cases our Alaskan cars and trucks will pass you and then we flip you off or worse. Trust me on the “worse” part and I have done it as well. What do I mean? Well, if you don’t let people pass… yet one person tries to pass you and they obviously have a bigger engine and there is head on traffic coming on, the person passing will step on the gas and will cut you off to the point that we will almost take out your front end. I am not joking nor do I kid about something like this.

I am telling you this as I am warning you. Alaskans understand the highways up here better then you the tourist. If you don’t know what a frost heave is, and underlying dip and what people don’t slow down for these. You will need to. There are also speed limits like everywhere else, so keep up with them. If you see something and want to stop, DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. If you do, expect someone to get out of their vehicle and be extremely angry. Road construction is a pain everywhere. Please keep in mind that when or if you are stopped by it that is can move fast. Don’t sit there and pretend that you don’t see the line moving.

As I know that there are those who come up here to “see” how we live. But keep in mind, that we don’t play games nor will we nice concerning driving on the highways. We don’t take a week off and usually try to do our fun stuff on the weekends. Drive safe.

Serial Killer in Anchorage, Alaska?

Serial Killer in Alaska? That may be a possibility.

It looks as though, whoever is doing it is picking the same location(s) and only targeting homeless. As of right now there are only 4, but God only knows if it will grow as there are quite a few homeless here in Anchorage and they live anywhere they possibly can. They are not just natives of Alaska, they are from all over the country and know they won’t be bothered here. This is one of the reasons that they come here. But they get a good dose of reality when they realize that Alaskans are not as giving as the lower 48 and the fact that there is a law in place concerning panhandling.

What bothers me is will whoever is doing this get bored and move on to other people using the park? I used to live in the exact area that these men have been killed and walk my dog and Campbell creek park isn’t the best but far from the worst. I never bothered the homeless who lived there, as I thought they need a place to be and feel safe just as I do. It was always a constant that they were inebriated though. Alcoholism in Alaska is as rampant as anywhere else, but it can be worse here due to the wild life and obviously bears as well as cold and hypothermia. Occasionally I would bring some sandwiches and a blanket I had that was extra to them and in most cases they would be very gracious. They are just as human as I and maybe one day it will come back around if I need help.

I have a feeling it is a couple kids or maybe another homeless guy as it usually happens up here. Either way it is pretty sad.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Homer Fire, Problem Trees with Bugs and Cleaning up themselves in Tanana

Rain in Anchorage and outlying parts is a great thing. We are in dire need of it considering how high the fire danger is right now for south central. Unfortunately, Homer isn’t getting this much needed rain, in which they need more then us in Anchorage need at this moment in time.

But the spruce bark beetles are the reason why everything is shooting up in flames as you sit there, reading my article. These pesky little insects kill the tree from the inside out and you can see it dieing. I wrote a little bit about the fire danger a few days ago, but no one seems to have noticed.

I do not understand why we do not implement some type of State and City (no matter what city) group effort in cutting these trees down. They are a complete fire hazard, as after the tree dies its decomposing trunk with the old sap still clinging to it’s brittle dry branches is just tinder for the next lightening storms or flicked cigarette butt or someone not paying attention to their burning… which I think is the case in Homer. But either way there are these dead trees all over Alaska. Why not cut them down and give them to people for fire wood? It lets other baby trees grow and is better for the environment at time then just letting them rot or having a fire, which kills everything in its wake. Including animals, birds and people.

The Kuskokwim and Yukon have been taking up much of Palin’s time, which is good as it does show she does care about Alaska and the Residents. Even if you think she does not. A Tanana Elder said that they are just going to start and rebuild without waiting for help. Good! Why wait? I am in total agreement with her. If you do not do for yourself, you will never get anything done. Good for Tanana! I hope that the fuel is also cleaned up. But that may take some time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fish, Fire, Water and Filibustering!

Homer is burning, the Yukon and Kuskokwim River are still wreaking havoc and I am waiting for the Volcano to blow again (Check out the NEW Lava Dome Pic). Yep… Alaska is in action this year.

Good news is that the Copper River Salmon season is open. So for all of you lower 49ers, ordering Copper River Reds at some outrageous price in some fancy restaurant… yay. Sorry, red salmon is for smoking, I don’t care what river they come out of.

Also usually a week after the Coppers start, the Kings begin to filter into Ship Creek.. and the first run in the Kenai for Reds is happening! FISHING SEASON IS ON!

Bears are out in full force now. I saw one going to work this morning as I live near the mountains. No one else seems to have seen the large bruin in the trees. A nice grizzly that was blonde. I would assume it was due to the sun that no one noticed it, but when you are in the middle of Town and see it, it makes me smile. Maybe it may eat another stupid person. Yeah, I know I am crude for saying it. But we do have quite a few stupid people in Anchorage.

But what I think is great is ConocoPhillips has struck a gas deal with Chugach Electric. That is awesome news. As Cook Inlet and drilling has been going down hill via oil and natural gas. Since they have closed the Agrium Plant in Kenai, there is more gas for people who use it in the South Central area. Let’s hope that we can get a bullet line soon for many other parts of the State. There are some alternative energy that just won’t work in the middle of winter up here. I wish the greenies would figure that out.

And Begich is at it again concerning Democrats vs. Republicans again. Murkowski is trying to get a block (and has been successful so far) on David Hayes, who was brought up by Obama for the Dept of Interior of Deputy Secretary. Hayes, an environmental lawyer, would be horrific for Alaska and we would never be able to do anything. BLM would actually become stagnant up here. As well as the MMS is already stagnant due to the supposed “environmental lawsuit” concerning OCS leases, which I think is a crock! The guy is also a lobbyist. Hmm I guess Obama doesn’t go off his initial word, ever!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Legislators and Energy Stimulus.. how about using it to help those on the Yukon!

Energy Stimulus and the legislators are getting on my freaking nerves.

Hey Lesil McGuire, why is it that since your husband has gone to JAIL due to bribes, why are you acting like a freaking Democrat? Hanging out with Jay Ramras, who is not a conservative and should switch parties all together isn’t going to help you or your image. Or maybe you are his next love? At least he didn’t have to go to New York!

So, what ARE you legislators going to do concerning energy in Alaska? Bill Wielechowski thinks that 28.6 million can be used all over the State. On what Bill? Solar Panels in Barrow, in the middle of winter? Please expound Bill, as you are starting to get on my nerves even more then usual.

How about we use the "Stimulus" on those whom have had damage on their homes, or have no homes now, due to the Yukon and Kuskokwim? What a thought there? It Stimulates growth and warm feelings! And it HELPS rebuild lives and can use less energy! Geez, what a concept!

PDS, Jay Ramras and just plain stupidity!

Wow, Sarah Derangement Syndrome (PDS) is out of control right now!

I can say I am wise to the world and get some idea of why people are the way they are, but this has me floored. I can say I do not like or care for Obama, but I don’t hate him… yet. But this PDS with people is absolutely nuts. Conservative4Palin posted a PDS victim, which happens to be an Alaskan Liberal Blogger who actually filed an Ethics Claim on Sarah. All I can say is WOW, let it go already! Get another hobby, or something. You are going to die from a heart attack or cause yourself to go into a mental state (which I think she is already there) and have a melt down or a complete nervous break down.

Is this all over a book deal Sarah just got? Or having some ethics claims thrown out, I don’t know. But this woman is in serious need of help!

As for the rest of Alaska, well it is time to see what can be done. Jay Ramras is at it again concerning Sarah and her book deal if she travels outside of the State to promote book signings and say that is actually an Ethics Violation. I think Jay needs to be reminded of leaving State for the "Obama Inauguration" in which many Alaska Legislators left to watch, during the legislative session. How about a Claim on all of these Legislators whom went, rather then conduct States business, like they should have and being paid by the Alaskans. Hmmmmm. I also noticed I can't get anything off ADN, KTUU or a search engine off of it. I wonder WHY it was taken down?

Jay, move back to New York.... you are no Alaskan.

**Photo shamelessly taken from C4P**

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hunting in Alaska... what I use.

Hunting in Alaska is a huge part of some families up here. I say some because 1 out of every 10 Alaskans hunts now. That is very sad. There are people who should really get out there and learn to hunt, whether it be with a rifle, shot gun or a bow and arrow. It is just overwhelming how people don’t hunt up here, as for the specifics of better meat via moose, goat and even bear.
I am a long time fisher, but recent hunter. I have done everything you can believe to get ready to go hunting. From classes on how to best field dress an animal to tracking, hiding and ambushing. I have everything for hunting except an ATV or Sled. I am looking into getting at least a sled for winter hunting and keeping it at the BF’s. The BF has a friend selling a his wife’s older sled, which she passed away from cancer. We will see. As for an ATV, I am kind of prone to get a new one… we will see on that as well.

I own a 30.06 Savage with a 40x9 scope and a .22 Stevens rifle with a smaller scope (as I have spaced out the range), both bolt action. The BF gave me a 10 gauge older Stevens shotgun, but I don’t think it will suit me well as it is for youth and I don’t shot youth models, but I will try it out. I also have a Diamond Edge Bowtech compound Bow, that I am proficient at and enjoy using as it takes more skill to use a Bow then it does to shoot a gun. I am very proud of myself for sticking it out and learning more (as you will never stop learning when it comes to archery) and passing the IBEP test I was dreading.

My first “kill” was a ptarmigan that I shot with my Bow. I was stoked to say the least, they can fly a bit but they are such dumb birds I felt like I was being duped or the fact it wasn’t fair to kill them with the brain the size of a pebble, but they are great eating! The second kill was a bunny, which I ate that night. I went with a friend up to their cabin and helped with a moose. I used my Bow as they did as well, but we aren’t sure who killed it as I and my friend’s wife both hit the same area within a centimeter. I gave it to them as a thank you for letting me come with them. They gave me the back strap, which was awesome.

You do not need a permit to kill some types of birds or jack rabbits her in Alaska. All you need is a license and you can do as you please. As soon as the Regulations book comes out for the 2009/2010 season, I am going to try for moose around Anchorage, Kenai, Talkeetna and Glennallen areas and go for Caribou up on the Haul Road with a couple friends who have done it before. To kill larger animals (50 lbs or more), you need a permit or a harvest ticket.

I also am looking into trapping, small game only. I wanted to try for a wolverine, but that looks like it will never be reopened for trapping in the Anchorage area, even though the signs are all over the Chugach Mountains. I haven’t joined a trapping club yet as I haven’t decided which one I want to join. They both seem good, but the Anchorage one and the Valley ones have different meetings and so on. I am still researching it.

You can tell me about yourself if you like and what you hunt for. If you are liberal or someone who believes that hunting is wrong. Let me ask you this. If you think it inhumane for me to kill a animal, with one shot and put it down fast, what do you think of Cow’s whom are on certain farms around the United States, that use a nail driven thru their skull or a air gun that punctures the skull and pulverizes the brain? Is that more humane then me using a gun or bow to kill an animal for my family? I like to know where my meat is coming from. And I also believe that if you don’t have a clue about what you eat, then you need to educate yourself more then I.

Fire Season is high and the Yukon isn't helping.

I sat last night looking over my little park that I live by and thought to myself, this seems familiar. The weather is dry, not at all like the soggy and cold summer South Central got last year. Why does this seem familiar? Then it hit me, this is going to be a summer that is very dry and we may have a fire like the Big Lake/Miller Reach fire, but closer to Anchorage and further north such as Talkeetna and Trapper creek and possibly Denali area.

Now, if you aren’t from Alaska it was a very serious fire. Unlike California that has those scrub brush bushes; South Central Alaska has insect infected Spruce trees that explode if they are on fire. Willow and Alder doesn’t explode, but based on the time of year that a fire starts, the sap they produce make a great torching effect and burn hot. Also, there are homes that have heating oil for their energy needs to warm water or keep the houses warm. Heating fuel in their containers is a huge hazard when a fire breaks out.

Why does this bother me? For the last few years, Alaska has been in a wetter then usual spell and we haven’t had the fires that we would normally have. That is normal actually as South Central up to Denali, The Panhandle of Alaska and quite a few spots in between are actually rain forest. But the Spruce Bark Beetle goes in cycles just like the weather. I had noticed them more last year as they were migrating out to look for new food sources (trees) and they were all over. But I never really thought anything of them as they do not bite you. But they were very large, so I know their cycle is about to explode again.

There were very few fires last year. The Caribou Fire in Kenai wasn’t huge, just smoky at best. I was fishing at the Russian and you couldn’t escape the smoke, but at least it wasn’t raining that day. There was a small fire up towards Fairbanks, but closer to Delta Junction that I remember. But it wasn’t big enough to worry about as the Rail Road was dealing with Fairbanks and Nenana flooding and the bridges closing.

Why is it I am worried about Wildfires right now, when Eagle and Fort Yukon are pretty much destroyed and Tanana as well as other villages are about to flood or are flooding now. It is a hazard to rebuild to begin with, but under the danger of possible wild land forest fires, this might be bad. These people have gone through enough, I don’t want to see them have to rebuild due to a freak lightening storm or a careless cigarette thrown on brush.

It is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather, not just the water. This is the start of Fire Season in Alaska.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fishing Bug and the Garden Saga continues!

Fishing ….. I am so getting the “bug” to go. Even for trout!

I may have to take a few hours this coming Saturday and pry the Significant Other from our “gardening chores” and just go, have a beer and relax even if we are both bone tired.

Fishing for trout up here, depending on what type is fun and relaxing. For relaxing trout fishing, I go for the little stocked lake trout. They will bite anything from little pixies to tiny hand made flies to shrimps and egg bait. I have used corn, but that was before it was illegal, but it worked well and I use anything yellow from here on out on lake trout.

There are times that I have actually caught a 2 lbs trout, that was worthy of keeping. Most times I throw it back for another day.

And the garden saga continues!

The Signifact Other decides he wants to start planting. Ugh, I can’t help him right now. But here is a pic of what we are doing.

Get out there and enjoy that day if you can!

Alaska is in trouble .... Pourchot the bird hugger in the Interior.

Oh Dear GOD! Salazar appointed Pat Pourchat as the Special Asst to for Alaska to Salazar. Kiss ANY chance of ANWR or NPRA to expand or OCS drilling to EVER open back up. As he is against any type of exploration. Thank Salazar, you fargin idiot! Pourchot is also one of the "people" who happens to be responsible for stalling Point Thompson drilling due to in 2002 because of.... the birds!

Now, what do you know or remember about Pourchot? I remember quite a bit. Pourchot was part of the “legislative process” and he himself had this little tid bit concerning “Legislative Body vs. a Governor” issue. He is the main reason for why the legislators get away with as much as they do in Juneau. He was the architect for it!

He is also a tree hugger. In the extreme! The man likes to Fish, but Oh God.. lets not kill and eat the animals for harvesting purposes! But nooo, lets check everyone who has EVER got a Hunting and Fishing license from the State of Alaska, and make sure they are paying their "child support". If you think I am joking, click the links!

This guy is bad news, for Alaska and for the Nation! I would keep an eye on him... if I were all of you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Greenhouse from HELL!

What a great weekend. It wasn’t as warm as I would have hoped but better then cold and dreary!

I spent the last 3 days with my Significant Other, building our “greenhouse from hell”. Did I mention that we were tired as heck? I worked so hard my hands are still swollen as I type this. You may be thinking, okay, why is this person talking about swollen hands and killing themselves over gardening and building a small greenhouse. Well, we didn’t exactly get the garden up and running yet. We just built the greenhouse this weekend. A 12x12 made by a company who makes plastic canvas (but much better quality greenhouses) carports that can be moved.

So Friday we went out to begin leveling the area where we decided on putting the slight foundation we were building to put the canvas greenhouse on. Talk about a PITA! We both start using shovels and digging down maybe 8 inches at most, in which I think we hit a root thicket of spruce, willow and devil’s club. That took about 3 hours of digging in dense or loess soil and de-rooting as well as leveling out and pulling the roots of the devils club out. Talk about back breaking work.

We then take our 4x4x12 pressure treated lumber and put them into the small trenches we dug. Measured, cut and squared and rechecked to make sure it was 12x12 and then put the landscape fabric down so nothing would grow up in the greenhouse. After doing the fabric and making sure everything was leveled we then used log screws and screwed everything together. Next we started putting the top to the canvas greenhouse together. We bring it over to the foundation and look at the top of the greenhouse overlapping the foundation. NOOOOOO! After hours of working our asses off, de-rooting, leveling, raking, shoveling and making sure everything was correct….the damn greenhouse was larger then what they said it was. UGH! We both get up and walk away with disgust at all the hard work we put into it and left it for the next morning.

Saturday, we get up later then usual as we are both very early morning people and sore as heck. Run to the store, and then slowly start getting the items for the greenhouse up and running. All sides up and stable, we decide that the legs can go in a little more and we can screw them down which should work out well. I then realize I forgot something at the store and have to drive all the way back. I leave and return 45 minutes later seeing my Significant Other putting the pipe thru the smallish holes on the canvas greenhouse back side. All I could think was, no no no no! I subtly say, while taking a break, that I thought it was suppose to wrap around the piping. I got a humpf and a heavy sigh after a gulp of poweraid drink and the deconstruction of the canvas greenhouse. He looks at me and said, “Have I told you that I hate this stupid greenhouse.” I look at him with a knowing look of, yeah me too. Finally, after 3 hours of huffing, puffing and stringing this stupid greenhouse up… we are both dead tired, both have swollen hands, tired as heck, and just want to take a nap… we are DONE! I will NEVER make about canvas greenhouse when this damn thing dies! I will just build a old fashioned one.

Now, we have the greenhouse up. But now we have to get our special culvert we had cut into 2 foot section off of a 20 foot pipe, to make raised beds for the rest of our garden. And now he wants to put some kind of fencing around all 10 of the 4 foot in diameter culvert, so the moose don’t get into the veggies. Right now I couldn’t care less if I actually do anything with it this year. Oh course I am just saying this… and thank GOD I won’t have to do this tomorrow. Good thing I am doing this next weekend.. huh!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jay Ramras. Misogynist Jerk or SJM L4L?

What is worse then a Misogynist jerk? One who is also looking for love?

I don’t understand Jay Ramras’s obsession with Sarah Palin and putting her down. Is he jealous of her and her normal American family, which btw is very normal in today’s society. Is he wishing he could have had a woman like Sarah Palin? Is he jealous of Todd, who actually has quite a few hobbies that have panned out for the betterment of the Palin Family? Is it the fact that they are an outdoorsy family? What is it?

I think it is the fact that Sarah is a beautiful woman who has done well for herself, and even though there have been bumps in the road, as all families have. Sarah and Todd and her whole Family have pulled together as a strong family unit. I think that is why Ramras is jealous. He wants the same but has no clue how to approach it or acquire that one thing he has been looking for.

What am I talking about? Oh, how in 1997 he went to New York to look for a nice Jewish woman and was splashed on many different Media Outlets.

From The New York Times. To People Magazine. To The New York Magazine. And lets not forget the very MSM and extraordinarily liberal ABC, Good Morning America.

Nice huh!

So, Jay. When you say Vagina… Do you really mean you want one or are you just jealous of every other joe blow who actually has a girlfriend or wife? Jay, you do realize that a relationship is work? Right? And maybe that is the reason why even the New York women, of any and all political degree (since most of these women he was looking for are democrats) can see a fake.

Jay, so when are you going to switch political parties? Because you sure are not conservative! Also, no one wants to VOTE for a man who can't keep his comments to himself! Hell Jay, even most politicians aren't as narcissistic as you for having a blog (which are by LIBERAL BLOGGERS), and putting on it the crap you spew or People you put down. I hope Fairbanks figures it out and votes you out in 2010!

It is interesting how you have been a zit on Palin's butt, since almost the beginning. Time for you to go back into your hole!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alaskan Fishing Gear... IT IS ON!

Oh the allure of summer right around the corner. Fishing, hiking, biking, and just plain frolicking in our beautiful backyard we call Alaska!

If no one has ever fished up here before, I suggest you try once. It will be a lifetime experience you will never forget. The feel of the tug as you pull up the rod in surprise and get the hook in the mouth so the fight can start as you stand their breathless, shaking and reeling and shaking some more thinking that you may lose it or the line will snap. And when you get your salmon in, the queasy and shaking feeling, as you are actually out of breath and tired as hell sets in. You DID IT! You caught your first salmon. To bad it was only a silver or a Coho salmon that weighs 9 lbs. Now imagine that and times it by 100 and that is what it is like bringing in a King Salmon!

Now what would you need for the fishing trip of a lifetime? A good friend to coach you and some good advice:

1. Get a good rod that is made of carbon filament and made to flex. If you get a fiberglass rod, more then likely it will snap on you and they sound like a gun going off when they break down. I bought my rod(s) for less then 40 bucks a piece.
A decent reel is always a good idea. Depending on the salmon you want to get a couple for different species. I have a 20, 30 and a 40 for Kings to Reds. 40 is for my King rod. 30 is for Silver rod. And 20 is for Red rod. But it also depends on your line.
3. The line is important! You must make sure it will not fray, splinter or snap if stretched out. I use filament line from 10 lbs up to 35 lbs. Other people I know use braided line (which is a polycarbonate and waxed string that doesn’t break), and others use fly rod line…. Which I won’t even go there.
4. Your
tackle is VERY important. Without the right tackle you aren’t going to get anything. Russian Flies are a necessity up here. Spoons and Spinners are also very good for low tidal areas. Beads and hooks are wonderful in high tidal areas. I use mooching hooks as it is easy to slide a few beads on and throw out there.
5. You might want to think of some
type of waders to use. I like my regular waders, but I do have chest waders. It depends on preference.
6. Shot weights are good so you have drag on your line and it bounces down a stream. You want it to bounce.. But not get caught on a tree limb or a rock..
Must have polarized sunglasses.. They are a life saver!
8. Bug Dope, is a fact of life.
9. Needle nose pliers, if you forget these, smack yourself in the head!
10. A nice filet knife with a sheath.
11. Plastic bags, black one. You will love me for telling you this!
12. A piece of rope to keep your fish on, so they do not drift down stream and keep cold in the water.
13. Water, trust me on this!
14. Munchies in a ziplock bag. You will get hungry out there and keeping it in a ziplock will keep the food dry and the bears out.
15. And a backpack to put all this crap in!

Always remember to bring bear mace if you are in an area that has a lot of people. But if you travel out somewhere, where bear would be more common then human contact, I would recommend a 30.06. Just my favorite rifle is the reason I state it.

Remember, you are here to have FUN. If you catch a “Big One” count yourself lucky. I still know a lot of Alaskans who haven’t caught a King yet.
No, I am not one of them! I have caught plenty.... but can I get you to catch them is the question!

Sullivan, Redoubt and the Yukon villages.

Well Anchorage has Sullivan. Oh yay. I will wait and see what he does as I am not a fan of neither him nor Croft. One reason I know he is not a fiscal conservative is how he has repeatedly tried to come up with some type of sales tax, since sitting on the Assembly. So what does he also do, he has a smoking tax on all smoking items.. from cigarettes, to cigars to pipe tobacco. 500% in one year is a tad large, but it didn’t stop there and has steadily kept rising. The Federal Government has added a tax as well, but nothing like the City and now State tax on it. He will have to win me over and from what I see; I don’t think it will happen.

And on to other news, Mt Redoubt seems to be getting edgy. Well, anyone in Alaska knows this is prone to happen. We don’t freak out about it, unless you are IN a plane and coming in or leaving the airport when it blows. Other then that, it is just life but at least it fertilizes the plants. I wonder if it is God’s “Miracle Grow”?

And the Yukon River is now taking out some small towns or villages along its bank. I would say most know the normalcy of it. Break up comes, the river swells due to melt, and the ice breaks up. But occasionally you get more ice then water, as it has happened this year. So my thinking is, what are the people going to do, not what is the government going to do. Oh course this is my opinion, but if you build on the bank of a river, eventually you ARE going to have problems. Murphy’s Law, Rule of Thumb, Common Sense… whatever you want to call it, but it makes not sense to build a house on the side of a large river knowing it will come to take your house away.

Now, we all know that eventually the State will come in and “Help”. But maybe the villages and the people who live in them should stop and think and maybe move to higher ground? I understand it is peaceful to live next to the water, but who doesn’t think that one day your house may not be there? People think with a type of nostalgia concerning houses and where they move too. I bet they regret it sometimes. Eventually you will have something called an Oxbow lake, which forms from creeks and rivers that have connected in a different spot. But are people willing to have thier house wash away? This is almost like buying property in Nevada, and hoping Californai finally falls off so you have ocean front property!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teen Pregnancy, what if it were you?

I don’t understand why people are so tacky and disgusting against someone who has had a child at a young age. No one is perfect…only God is.

I can say I feel for Bristol, as I was in her shoes at one time. No one can understand that unless you are in their shoes. Being pregnant at such a young age is frightening at best to say. As you worry about what your parent(s), friends, and the people you look up too may say. Also the fact that eventually you come out of the haze and realize that there will be a little baby in this world that will need to be taken care of and you are its sole provider. It honestly makes teenagers wake up and realize… oh shit!

Bristol, in deciding to keep the child and not abort nor the adoption route, has seemed to put her in a bad light. Why? Because she is trying to be an adult? I am really not sure why all these people whom are derogatory towards her even care. If they have never been in this situation or have had their children or family or their friend or friends children have a teen pregnancy, they shouldn’t put down someone who has had this happen.

The Candies Foundation isn’t what most think. It is somewhere to look when you have questions. They didn’t have this when I was pregnant and all I had was the Planned Parenthood of Alaska, which was not who I wanted to speak with when I had questions.

My story is a little different then Bristol’s. I was 18 when I became pregnant even though I was using birth control. It took me a whole week of thinking thru every scenario of what would happen, and kept the secret to myself aside from my parents. I thought about it all from keeping the child, to aborting to adoption. I knew at that age that abortion would screw me up for life and I would always regret that if I had done it. I honestly thought about keeping the child, but would I be selfish and what would happen if I couldn’t provide? I decided on adoption, as I knew that the family I picked for this child would love that child, give it everything it ever wanted and needed and be protected. I gave up my child before I ever had it. I picked the family, whom I consider part of my extended family and they consider me the same. I signed the paperwork late in my 8th month of pregnancy. Do I regret it? Sometimes I wonder, but only to know what it would be like to have my own as I have not been pregnant since. Am I a better person then Bristol? No, I think we are the same. As she and I wanted what was best for our children.

Bristol if you happen to read this. I know it is hard, but as you get older it will become easier in some aspects. Know you have God, your Family and your real friends to help you and watch out for you. Always think things thru before you jump.

Statistically you are more likely to be caught with a DUI then get pregnant as a teen. But God help those who do., God help those who have as well.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Would anyone (I don’t care about your political background) mind telling me why you think OCS Drilling is so bad?

Why I don’t have a problem with OCS Drilling. First is that Arctic Drilling has been going on for decades. Cook Inlet is one of the few that Started up and was thought extreme at the time. It is still not the easiest to drill… and there have been issues concerning it as a boat flipped due to an incompetent crew. But up on the North Slope, they have actually built island(s) (Northstar) to drill in the ocean.

Would it make a difference to build an island to drill in the outer continental shelf?

Now, I don’t want to hear the “global warming/climate change” items. It really does not apply to Alaska as the weather changes constantly. It can be June and snowing in Anchorage (yes it has happened before). I consider it Junk Science and there has really been no conclusive evidence that Man is doing anything. I am more a Solar Cycle believer. And since our Plant is very active via volcano activity, I really have nothing to say to those who say it is man made.

Do I worry about the animals and birds… in a sense, no. LOA's are occasionally issued to check on all animals that come close to Northstar Island via the health as well as to do necropsy on them if needed. The animals have worked well with the man made islands off in the Beaufort Sea and don’t seem to be having problems navigating around the rigs in Cook Inlet. Does a bird occasionally fly into a rig or building? Heck I have had more birds hit my house here in Anchorage then probably the North Slope. But that is due to magnetic pulses via our extremely moody Mt Redoubt.

But I would like your opinion.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time to start growing that Garden!

Gosh, it has been absolutely beautiful here in Anchorage and around the State!

Have you started your garden yet? I actually started mine in mid March. I have tomatoes, squashes of different varieties, cucumbers, green peppers, jalapeƱos, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, watermelon, pumpkin, onions, garlic, horseradish and quite a few different varieties of herbs. But I am not a master gardener; I just have a super green thumb.

Alaska is a cold climate vegetation growth. You can not grow corn up here due to the sunlight.. as it grows at night, even in the wee night hours as the sun doesn’t totally go down and has a tendency to have a “dusk” for a few hours depending on where you are in the State. The corn I have seen is usually very small ears. I haven't seen large ears except in the Lower 48. I guess this is why so many people try to grow marijuana up here, due to the light.

I have multiple different gardens all over Alaska. I won’t tell you where I am growing most of my veggies this year. But lets say it is going to be some work as I have already mastered Anchorage. I think I was a farmer in a former life.

Mike Nuckols of Alaska Dirt has an AWESOME blog on many different avenues on how Alaska grows things in the Interior (Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Tok and any towns before the Brooks Range) and how to do it on different projects for Alaska. He and I don’t see eye to eye on everything, but he is surely one of the few people I would ask about Alaska growing if I couldn’t figure it out myself. But I have given him something to think about a time or two due to my decent knowledge on plants and what is edible.

What is it that you like to grow in your neck of the woods? My “hope” is to one day have a giant pumpkin to put at the State Fair and win! Small dream I know, but a goal for sure.

Helping out... when I give the sign.

Well I seem to be getting a following. Please remember to all those whom are following me, I am an Alaskan at heart. A Hunter, A Fisherman, a working person. I am doing what I can concerning the Ethics Regulations on time that is mine. I appreciate the help and support that you all give me on this. When I need more, I will be contacting each and every one of you concerning any help… but until then it is just slow going.

Everyone who contacts me, please also understand that I will NEVER give out your information to anyone. That is my stand on life. You are the people who want to help, and I won’t betray that trust. I ask you do he same for me.

One last note, it really doesn’t matter if you are conservative, liberal, a puma or a obama voter. You can be against torture, for guns…. Whatever it is. But if you do not believe that our Governor should have to deal with this nor anyone in an elected capacity, as it is a waste of out money and takes away from Alaskans in general… please stand with me. It is time to do right, when others do wrong.

You can email me at

When I do email you back concerning this, all I ask is for you to be able to help out!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Geothermal... just an observation

I was reading about certain items that Obama wants to be put into effect. Such as alternative energy? What exactly does he mean by this?

Alternative energy isn’t exactly all it is cracked up to be… how does this affect Alaska?
Everyone is buying those (Stupid IMO) hybrid vehicles that don’t seem to work as well up here as they do in the Southern part of the Hemisphere. I wonder why? Cold and batteries don’t exactly mix, nor does Ethanol or Methanol as it gums up when in extreme colds and becomes a jelly like subsistence. British Petroleum tried the alternative diesel trucks and gave them BACK to the company and went back to the original diesels they had. That says something right there! You also can’t really use solar panels here in the winter. And if you are in area that is lucky to be windy consistently, you might have a chance at Wind Power, but you will also have to worry about it freezing up (I mean the oil and lube which is not “alternative”).

There isn’t much else to think about, except maybe Geothermal. Now, geothermal has been around a while, but mostly in the southern states such as California and Nevada and is gaining speed in many other states and places.

How exactly did it start? Well it has been around for over a couple thousand years as the Greek used it then. But it was hard to harness and made their “people” have hallucinations due to the chemical compounds and sulfur associated as well as depending on the tectonic area, it can scald you or even cook you!

Iceland has this technology, but at what price to their island? They say it is safe. I would like to see it first hand before I say yay or nay.

But I do know companies have tired and are trying up here for Geothermal. Unalaska was a base test, a number of years ago. The company actually drilled into the volcano itself to measure and test if it was feasible. Unfortunately, the project stopped due to funding as it isn’t cheap to get supplies and drilling equipment out to the island.

There is a new effort going on across the inlet. This company is also going to see how the feasibility of geothermal via a volcano again. This has me kind of leery, not that I am saying no to it as I do know it works, but the fact Alaska has some of the most active volcanos in the world. I wouldn’t want to have a bunch of money from private, federal and/or state poured into this and then the volcano blows and you have to start all over again and rebuild. Think of Redoubt and then the holding tanks that many are screaming about, and you have roughly the same concept.

But there is a lot to be determined concerning geothermal. Have they done shot holes around the areas in which they want to drill so that the area is stable and not plastic? There are quite a bit of “soft” or plastic ground in that area as it was scoured for methane. Data doesn’t lie concerning that, nor does core data.

I can go more into detail, but I am going to leave it at that.

But has anyone else heard of selling Volcanic Ash out of State to Farmers to revitalize the soil yet?

Update and a Thanks!

Well, this is becoming a tedious job.

If you have ever tried to do something like this, I feel you pain but it has been a learning experience for sure.

I won’t go into detail on what is going on, just note that I am the type to “Get R’ Done” and this will happen. I won’t post details… you may hear about it later after the brouhaha is done with.

But I will be posting updates on how far along I am… without the “details” as some people are getting odd on me. Emails are still coming in for support… which I thank everyone for who wants to support or wants to help and can’t. And I thank all the new blogs and bloggers who are picking me up. Very cool… but if you were in my shoes, wouldn’t you do the same by trying to change the rules for the betterment of your State?

I will also be putting up threads, like I always have, about Alaska. I live in an interesting State; you would be surprised on what is up here and how we live.

Thanks again and keep the faith, cross them fingers and if it is nice outside.. GO OUTSIDE! I know I am going to be out fishing soon!