Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PDS, Jay Ramras and just plain stupidity!

Wow, Sarah Derangement Syndrome (PDS) is out of control right now!

I can say I am wise to the world and get some idea of why people are the way they are, but this has me floored. I can say I do not like or care for Obama, but I don’t hate him… yet. But this PDS with people is absolutely nuts. Conservative4Palin posted a PDS victim, which happens to be an Alaskan Liberal Blogger who actually filed an Ethics Claim on Sarah. All I can say is WOW, let it go already! Get another hobby, or something. You are going to die from a heart attack or cause yourself to go into a mental state (which I think she is already there) and have a melt down or a complete nervous break down.

Is this all over a book deal Sarah just got? Or having some ethics claims thrown out, I don’t know. But this woman is in serious need of help!

As for the rest of Alaska, well it is time to see what can be done. Jay Ramras is at it again concerning Sarah and her book deal if she travels outside of the State to promote book signings and say that is actually an Ethics Violation. I think Jay needs to be reminded of leaving State for the "Obama Inauguration" in which many Alaska Legislators left to watch, during the legislative session. How about a Claim on all of these Legislators whom went, rather then conduct States business, like they should have and being paid by the Alaskans. Hmmmmm. I also noticed I can't get anything off ADN, KTUU or a search engine off of it. I wonder WHY it was taken down?

Jay, move back to New York.... you are no Alaskan.

**Photo shamelessly taken from C4P**

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  1. If the Governor's book deal (it's a contract; not employment) bothers him so much, perhaps he'd be willing to sell his interest in his hotel. No? Then perhaps he should be a mite more quiet.

    He clearly likes being the center of attention. He and Hollis French make a great pair (snark, snark).