Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hunting in Alaska... what I use.

Hunting in Alaska is a huge part of some families up here. I say some because 1 out of every 10 Alaskans hunts now. That is very sad. There are people who should really get out there and learn to hunt, whether it be with a rifle, shot gun or a bow and arrow. It is just overwhelming how people don’t hunt up here, as for the specifics of better meat via moose, goat and even bear.
I am a long time fisher, but recent hunter. I have done everything you can believe to get ready to go hunting. From classes on how to best field dress an animal to tracking, hiding and ambushing. I have everything for hunting except an ATV or Sled. I am looking into getting at least a sled for winter hunting and keeping it at the BF’s. The BF has a friend selling a his wife’s older sled, which she passed away from cancer. We will see. As for an ATV, I am kind of prone to get a new one… we will see on that as well.

I own a 30.06 Savage with a 40x9 scope and a .22 Stevens rifle with a smaller scope (as I have spaced out the range), both bolt action. The BF gave me a 10 gauge older Stevens shotgun, but I don’t think it will suit me well as it is for youth and I don’t shot youth models, but I will try it out. I also have a Diamond Edge Bowtech compound Bow, that I am proficient at and enjoy using as it takes more skill to use a Bow then it does to shoot a gun. I am very proud of myself for sticking it out and learning more (as you will never stop learning when it comes to archery) and passing the IBEP test I was dreading.

My first “kill” was a ptarmigan that I shot with my Bow. I was stoked to say the least, they can fly a bit but they are such dumb birds I felt like I was being duped or the fact it wasn’t fair to kill them with the brain the size of a pebble, but they are great eating! The second kill was a bunny, which I ate that night. I went with a friend up to their cabin and helped with a moose. I used my Bow as they did as well, but we aren’t sure who killed it as I and my friend’s wife both hit the same area within a centimeter. I gave it to them as a thank you for letting me come with them. They gave me the back strap, which was awesome.

You do not need a permit to kill some types of birds or jack rabbits her in Alaska. All you need is a license and you can do as you please. As soon as the Regulations book comes out for the 2009/2010 season, I am going to try for moose around Anchorage, Kenai, Talkeetna and Glennallen areas and go for Caribou up on the Haul Road with a couple friends who have done it before. To kill larger animals (50 lbs or more), you need a permit or a harvest ticket.

I also am looking into trapping, small game only. I wanted to try for a wolverine, but that looks like it will never be reopened for trapping in the Anchorage area, even though the signs are all over the Chugach Mountains. I haven’t joined a trapping club yet as I haven’t decided which one I want to join. They both seem good, but the Anchorage one and the Valley ones have different meetings and so on. I am still researching it.

You can tell me about yourself if you like and what you hunt for. If you are liberal or someone who believes that hunting is wrong. Let me ask you this. If you think it inhumane for me to kill a animal, with one shot and put it down fast, what do you think of Cow’s whom are on certain farms around the United States, that use a nail driven thru their skull or a air gun that punctures the skull and pulverizes the brain? Is that more humane then me using a gun or bow to kill an animal for my family? I like to know where my meat is coming from. And I also believe that if you don’t have a clue about what you eat, then you need to educate yourself more then I.

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