Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Russia and the Arctic Takeover.

As I gather my information for the idea (which BTW is quietly spreading). I decided to go check drudge and saw this little goody.

Russia insists it won’t militarize the Arctic.

WHEW, what a relief that I am not going to become a Russian soon!

Yeah right, I wouldn’t doubt that there were probably 3 nuclear subs and a few drilling rigs around the Arctic Ocean right now 50 or so miles off the International line for America.

Something is a foot… and I am sure that there is more to come.

According to the newspaper The Kommersant, Russia is planning on making its
Arctic region the country’s main strategic base by 2016. And how does it
plan on doing this? By creating Arctic troops whose sole purpose will be
maintaining the security of Russia’s section of the Arctic Ocean.

Alaskans are just sitting back and watching. I wonder if any of them know how to make Vodka?

Getting the Ball rolling on Ethics Regulations

Ok everyone, I am looking into and beyond what I can do. And now I need your help!

I am calling and have been calling the AG’s office. If anyone knows a Lawyer who wouldn’t mind doing some pro bono work on this, have them contact me at . I am getting all the legalities on what we have to do.

Now remember this is a broad spectrum.

What is going to be needed to change or an amendment to the Ethics Act is for those who put in a complaint, need to sign a confidentiality clause in which they are not allowed to speak of the complaint until after it has gone thru all the proceedings concerning is. More or less these people will remain Anonymous throughout the whole time frame of the complaint. IF they speak about the complaint, the complaint will be throw out entirely (it does not matter if the claim was frivolous or not) and the person(s) who made the complaint will have to pay the State of Alaska back in entirety all fees associated with the complaint.

Also, if the complaint does turn out to be frivolous or fraudulent in anyway, the person(s) whom put in the complaint must pay back all fees associated with it.

Why am I taking it this far? Because the attorneys and those who work in the law office, who represent our State have enough to do without having to deal with these asinine complaints.

This is my stand. Will you stand and help me?

You have the email… all you have to do is contact me.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Alaskans, it is time to stop the Ethics Complaints.

It has come to my attention another frivolous ethics complaint was filed.

Why do these people do this? Would they like to be the ones who are held accountable concerning this?

I would like for ALL Conservative Alaskans to come forth and help me as well as the Governor and her State Staff take care of this and have the Dept. of Law begin to backtrack those whom are filing these. It is time to fight back.

Please Email

And let the Alaskans of this Great State stop this squandering of the Alaskans money, time and energy and let the Governor do the job we have asked her too.

Thank you

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Survival, are you ready?

What does one do in Alaska (or sub arctic area) concerning a pandemic, natural disaster in some range and capacity? Not many want to think about that especially since most think we are invincible in some way, shape or fashion.

There was an earthquake this morning, a smacking type… or what is known as a shaker. It woke me up out of a deep sleep around 8AM and scared me. Many people ask me why earthquakes scare me. I was in the earthquake in Washington State Feb 28 and The Alaska ones in Nov. and know the force first hand.

So it got me to think of what would happen if there happen to be some type of disaster here or anywhere. What would happen? Would we be left behind? Would it be like the 1964 earthquake where the military loaded those who didn’t think of anyway to rebuild, left on a C130 and sent to where ever.

Personally, I don’t hold our Government to anything. They have shown that they are incompetent in all capacity concerning disasters no matter what kind or manner. From Hurricanes like Katrina to Earthquakes like the 1989 California type to great flooding. Our Government is just unable and unstable to help other then those who choose to defraud.

I have a personal survival pack, that I can double and triple for my Mother and my Boyfriend is necessary. I have a couple good rifles and ammo for food if need be, fishing gear if the right season and dry/canned goods. I have a small kit for emergency purposes that I need to update as well as items to keep warm. Do you have that? Would you think that far forward?

I have been called insane, crazy, etc. for thinking like this. But it doesn’t take much for someone who has been hungry to think like this if they have ever gone without. I can say I have been hungry, wandering the streets having to do for myself and not telling a soul at that time in my life due to pride. But even pride gets put aside when the spirit is broken. I will never go hungry again.

What I recommend and give advice, is not because you should listen to me, but a subtle reminder that no one is going to watch out for you but you. Here is what I have, and just a suggestion. If you would like or have other ideas, please suggest some in the reply:

Water, bottled and at least 2 cases. And 3 large water bottles from a water store. You will use it.
Dry goods, Rice 50lbs bag, Pasta (elbow is the best as it takes less space) at least 10 lbs. 5-10 jars of Peanut butter.
Canned items like vegetables will be a good sent. Make sure to get a variety.
Dehydrated fruits and vegetables. You will NEED these for some vitamins.
Dehydrated meat. As this will be a blessing for energy.
Nuts of all varieties. Macadamia is best for fat, almonds for energy and walnuts are good for digestion. Peanuts are great but you will be constipated if you eat too many.
A multi-vitamin and supplements. Keep yourself HEALTHY!
Hygiene items, from toilet paper to paper towels. Baby wipes will be something you can trade if you get enough of them. Women should remember Tampons will be traded as well as Diapers. Remember Babies will need them.
Powdered milk. It will help, but won’t taste pleasant.
Survival Gear such as batteries, matches, candles, knives (I would suggest you get a survival type) a spork, small and easy to handle pots to boil water if needed, water pills.
An emergency kit with everything you can think of. From saline solution to needles if need be. You can never not have enough items in this. If you have some extra items like pain pills or pills that you stopped taking for a cold. Put them in a Freezer bag and put them in a freezer to keep them fresh, but not close to something that may “leak” on them. These will be priceless in the end.
Clothing… light but breathable and warm. Cotton, as much as we love it, kills. Synthetic materials are a must but always take a sweat shirt and a pair of jeans just in case. They have always been lifesavers. Just remember when in a predicament to shed them as cotton will stay wet for hours and you can not get warm in them if they are wet. If you do not have anything, look online at the outlet stores, it doesn’t matter what “fashion” is in, think warm and survival in the long run.
Shelter is what you make of it. If you can take a tent and a sleeping bag (synthetic up to -40 is the best) and a tarp, you are sent. Rain is a killer more so then snow. Wind is also a killer. Always remember that you will never make it in a windy rain so find the lee of a rock face or slope and hunker down.

I also recomend some snow shoes and if you have one and know how to use it, a Bow with good carbon arrows. They will be a lifesaver if you are unable to use a rifle.

God help us all. I would like to think more people think like I do… but I know they don’t.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Scenario on Fallout in Alaska.

Interesting reads all around. Seeing Pakistan and India concerning the taliban having a chicken game on who blinks first is a tad unnerving in all aspects. But how would that effect Alaska?

Seeing as these two countries both have nuclear advantages and the fact that many are (and have been) fighting over in the middle eat for centuries isn’t helping. India may not like Pakistan due to the fact it was part of India, is very interesting to me. It is almost like Texas or Alaska seceding from our Union… and our Union holding a grudge. That is how I see both of these countries. Also it has to do quite a bit concerning religion, both countries citizens standings in the world (kind of like who is better via schooling, money etc), and their extreme differences in policies. But I digress…

How would these two countries have a impact on Alaska? Well since they are both WMD countries, with large nuclear reserves and missiles, what if one of these countries had a moment of weakness? What if one of them let one fly?

Well it would be catastrophic in many aspects. Think about Mt Redoubt and how the air is taking the ash around the world due to the wind. We may have that with nuclear fallout more so here then in the lower 48. We could also watch the weather and clouds change substantially and start some very nasty storms. The old acid rain scenario could possibly be a reality … but imagine fallout snow. How would that affect us up here in Alaska? Where would the Fallout shelters be? Are there still some standing?

Fallout or radioactive isotopes are interesting. In many cases they will make a person sick by suppressing the immune system. Buy suppressing it; it can also leave a person lethargic, unable to eat as the brain will not function properly due to the nerves and connection unable to synchronize. This will also have an effect on our bowels, making us have large headaches and constantly thirsty. But what may be even more serious is the possible constant nose bleeds as the veins and heart will work harder but the veins in our body will either expand due to trying to capture more oxygen and trying to keep us alive. Or it will make the veins collapse. This is what happens when cancer patients take certain drugs to rid their body of the disease that is consuming them. Imagine trying this on normal people who have no disease, cancer. Now to pretty to think about is it.

Now think about the animals, same scenario. Those that are left alive would be very ill and we may not be able to eat them anyway.

Drinking water may be a problem as it may take up to 2 years for it to filter thru. Plants would also suffer in some aspects as the plant absorbs radioactive isotopes. That could leave the trees and plants unable to eat and we may not be able to touch them as well.

The scenarios on this are never ending. And if you think that our Union would be able to help us…. Think again. They would be more prone to leave us due to the Fallout. It would be 1000 times worse then just a volcano blowing.

I didn’t write this blog to scare people, but to think beyond the box and the scope of range. We are part of the United States. But if it came down to it, would the Government of the United States help us if something like this tragic scenario came to life? I don’t think it would happen.

Here is something interesting, if you like to read up.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling it like they see it.

You know I look around and see people and wonder. I wonder a lot. And I don’t understand which isn’t unusual.

Alaskans have a different spirit then most on the U.S. and even more independent then people will ever understand to reason. We have more of the Don’t Tread on Me spirit… most of us can all differ in opinion but can come to almost the same conclusion or at least have some type of respect on their political affiliations. But true Alaskans, will come together if it is for the State or the People who live here. We are all we have, and many of us understand that.

That is why it perplexes me on why some people hate others. I can say I don’t hate anyone. I don’t even hate muslims, detest them… hate no. I can get upset, mad, pissed, frustrated, annoyed, and irritated but I don’t hate people. There are more middle of the road people who just want to be left alone. I don’t blame them at all and can see the harmony in it, except that I do not want our Government to be left to its destructive mode, which is has been in over drive it seems. And the Media is also a driving force in this.

I have some liberal friends. We can get into good debates on this or that… of course one of my friends is an Obama head, so I have to keep it light with him. But we don’t become destructive since it doesn’t help but will hinder. What I mean by destructive, is we don’t hurt anyone whether it be talking down, money, property etc. You just don’t do that as all of my friends agree… Karma is a Bitch!

Alaska is a small State, as many of you have figured out. Many people know each other… a very small town community type atmosphere. If you are rude, you will be treated as such probably for the rest of your time here. That is how it is up here. Many won’t down play the event, they will call it like they see it. They are starting to see it…. And they are starting to call it out.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

OCS and Conocophillips... and the people who don't care

On too another thread concerning OCS.

Just arriving home, I went to KTUU and ADN for anymore updates on the OCS ruling. OilDrum doesn't seem to be showing much interest in this.

KTUU did a small story concerning the Economic Future of OCS and the State. The economist who did the interview is correct. But what KTUU nor the economics teacher didn't happen to mention was if the OCS drilling is totally and completely shut off Conocophillips will be closing down their offices, other then a Production office and moving back to Texas... as well as laying off quite a few people.

BP may also do start shutting down offices and possibly well if it gets nasty concerning BLM. The Federal Government is screwing not only these Oil Comps, who will leave this State, but Alaskans who work in the oil industry.

Exxon may not drill Pt Thomson due to being right next to the ANWR boarder.

You know what could happen:

The Federal Government may be sued again... but this time by a State Government. For bankrupting Alaska which had a lively hood that was thriving due to domestic oil, fishing and tourism... but due to the rising costs of everything could not afford to have more land taken by the BLM. The Commercial Fisherman were sued by the environmentalists for over processing fish. And Tourism slowed because it had become to expensive to come up here and view the Last Frontier... so the cruise ships left and in their wake the communities died. The Permanent Fund is gone as it was taken via the Legislature for community expenses throughout the State. And people left in droves.

Could you see that happening? I can.

I will talk about the OCS wells, Platforms and the danger of the ice and storms in the next thread.

More on OCS and who is behind it.

I have about had it concerning any environmental propaganda and people who work with them. I am all for Wildlife Conservation, but when you go to this length to stop something you really don’t know anything about, it makes me wonder about the diversity you have for animals or is it the complete ignorant ideals on one self concerning something way beyond the scope of your world.

Here is the PDF on the OCS drilling and why the Appeals Courts stopped it. The main petitioner is the Center for Biological Diversity and old "rules and regulations" that have been superseded via other updated regulations, yet the courts didn't check into the background. What is interesting is how this area of their website called "Cleaning up the Bush Legacy" actually shows how incompetent this organization is due to the fact many of the regulations and rulings were before the "Bush" administration. The ESA (Environmental Species Act) was way before the Bush Administration. It was started in 1973 under....Nixon. Tricky Dick was tricked!

As I read the petition, I noted in it Point Hope, again, but in the petition they are listed as a Federally recognized Native Government. I didn't realize that Point Hope was a Government! Hmmmm I wonder how many other Villages know that either. If you read my other blog thread. You would have seen what I wrote about Point Hope and their "residents". I wouldn't put these people in charge of a dog, as irresponsible they are. It also shows on page 11 that the area is a "Sovereigns State" which hasn't even been approved yet by the Supreme Court even after almost 20 yrs. Someone please explain to me where in Alaska that there are sovereigns states inside this state? Metlataska is supposedly one, but they still play the Alaska game. Other then Metlataska, not anywhere that I know of. And they are basing everything on climate change? Oh Dear God... if you have a community placed on a tidal spit ... eventually the ocean will take that area back. It isn't called climate change, it is called Mother Nature.

What makes this even more of a joke, is the Defenders of Wildlife are all over this ruling. If anyone knows anything about the Alaska Defenders of Wildlife, is the man who is their Representative, Wade Willis, is actually a hunter himself. How do I know? He was at the 2009 Board of Game meetings and told me so himself. Interesting. SO you will go hunt Bears, but you can want to defend them as well? How hypocritical is that? Since most Bear hunts are baiting hunts. WOW!

Maybe I should get a hold of MMS and let them know what is going on. Hypocrites shouldn't be taken for their word!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The OCS ruling and what might happen in Alaska.

This has got to be a freaking lost cause day. As this week has not been much better.

After playing on HotAir on some good blog threads with both Allah and Ed and everyone else having a good time this Friday, when I got the news that the three Judges have closed the OCS drilling in Alaska. For now, and at no time will it be known if it will be reopen.

WHAT!?!??! Are they JOKING!?!?! WHY??????????? Do they not realize that this is one of the life’s blood of Alaska? Of other States as well? Tourism is going to be going down this year and these stupid judges decide to do this? Can’t they just leave things alone? Ugh! Other then these Alaskan fishermen (Commercial) who have over 90% of the harvesting on salmon and other fish or seafood products, can’t seem to understand that one day the EPA and environmentalists will be taking their lively hoods as well.
As Per ADN:
WASHINGTON -- A federal appeals court ruled Friday that the Bush administration
didn't adequately study the environmental impact of expanding oil and gas
drilling off the Alaska coast, a finding that many of Alaska's leaders reacted
to with dismay.

So I decided to look into the ruling and who the people were.

MMS (Mineral Management Service) is the Dept. that is in charge of OCS, for the Dept of the Interior. Many people mix this Dept with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) which is also part of the Dept of the Interior. So how this started was an Alaska Environmental Studies Program in which the MMS was to begin and have a Environmental Impact Study concerning OCS items as well as coastal and marine environment. The only problem is, that the appeals court in Washington D.C. found MMS Leasing in violation. But they found it in violation of supposed non-effective EIS standards, per the Bush administration. I am not sure what they want, but an appeals court can't really say why, they can only say yes and move it up to the Supreme Court. or they can say no and have the lawyers try for another appeal.

Now this is what is interesting. I have read and keep reading how there are many Native Villages whom are suing the MMS. One would be Point Hope. This was the same Point Hope that slaughtered countless Caribou on the North Slope and now have some charged in those wanton killings. Please notice the baby Caribou, trying to suckle the dead Mother. Yeah... these people are just great for society! These are also some of the same people who want the Federal Government to give them "renewable energy" as they are on a tidal area and their homes are washing away to what they say is "Global Warming". You all can make up your own minds on how many Alaskans feel about this Village and it's residents right now.

I am waiting on a definitive concerning this. I have friends on the Industry up here as well as the government entities and i am going to be gleaning information off of them. But this is another downfall for Alaska... and it may possibly spread down south.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

W.A.R. and a Poll

It is interesting to have sat thru the extremely bad buffering and having to relink continuously to the W.A.R. feed today, just to hear the Legislators grandstand on both sides. Overall, W.A.R. lost, but I think there is more behind it then the game of “playing politics’.

Hollis French seemed to be the worst. French’s attempt at scathing comments on women to more or less saying that Ross was a blathering idiot. French should talk; the man actually said if he was in the wrong he would apologize. French, we are still waiting for the apology from months ago. You know the one, French. Concerning the stupid Troopergate fiasco that last months and months. Or how about that “surprise” that really wasn’t. French you are seriously a joke.

KTUU is doing one of the non-scientific polls. It is concerning Ross and the Legislature and was it Qualifications or Payback. I think you already know the answer.

If you read this before 10 PM Alaska time (4 hours behind EST) vote. It can’t hurt anything now… and this may be our only chance to say what was right.

Letting Sarah breath.

You know I have been a huge supporter of Sarah’s even before anyone knew about her outside of Alaska. I brought her up as a possible VP candidate (including a fellow blog commenter Oink) on a few blogs I frequented, and everyone who was anyone told me it wasn’t going to happen, it was insane, that would be stupid and ignorant. Interesting how the tides turn.

People began to look into Sarah, research her, and check the background. They liked her style, wit, humor, values and everyday persona of being a normal person whom decided to take the State of Alaska back FOR the people who live in Alaska. They also liked how she saw money, taxes, what was to be expected of those who worked with and for her. The common sense approach seemed her style. The way she negotiated rules, regulations and the outcome of taxes on oil and gas which is in part all Alaskans right.

People began to put her on a pedestal and that is where it began to bother me. After the section for POTUS, McCain’s loss and Palins move back to Alaska and beyond. People have begun to think of her more then just a person, but an answer to the madness. Their idea of a Reagan renewal and uprising.

Since the start she has been attacked, stabbed in the back, hung out to dry, told that she is a unfit parent, a cruel person for having a disabled child, to ignorant to run a Government agency of any sort. Yet she seems to have been doing quite a fair job from many Alaskans view.

So, with that said, you are probably wondering why I am ranting in this fashion.

Well, it is bothering me that Sarah has become this pariah. Why does it bother me? Because everyone is human! She is just one person and being the fact that she seems to be doing well under fire, hounded to run for President as well as be the perfect conservative. Understand, Sarah WILL be Sarah, but giving her a little breathing room is needed. No one is perfect. Yet, being told that you MUST be this way when the view you have is just a tad different then the standard is and can be detrimental to the group wanting someone to be on the straight and narrow.

You are probably upset, pissed... whatever the case may be. I am in no way putting down Sarah or her abilities. But I often wonder what people think concerning people whom think this person will happen to be their saving grace. Look at Obama.... Sarah is NOT like that.

As I told a friend of mine on the internet: Alaskans do not like to be told what to do. It is boiling down to many around the Nation doing just that, telling Sarah what to do. If these people keep it up…. Sarah may just back away totally. This isn’t a warning, this is the truth.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anchorage Tea Party

I will be going to the one in Anchorage today... and will hopefully have some decent pictures to post tonight.

If anyone else around my State happens to be going to their Tea Party, let me know and if you can send me pictures.

**Update** 1200 people have shown up as of right now. I have some pretty good pictures. You will see them tonight.

**Update 2** Due to technical difficulties (which means I have some how misplaced my cam wire) I can not upload the pictures at this time..... but man they are some pretty good pics!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oil, Salazar and the Tea Party

I sit here a day before the first annual Tea Party across the Nation event. I wonder what is going to happen across the Nation, much less in Alaska.

Salazar is here in Anchorage right now. He may be here tomorrow, as I haven’t heard any news yet. As of right now, that I just heard, there are quite a few PRO-OIL-Protesting people in front of the Dena’ina Center while Salazar is talking about offshore drilling.

Most of Alaska is for drilling. ANWR, Federal Offshore, Natural Gas drilling and a Natural Gas Pipeline bullet line is in the works for the State as well. Not many here do not see any disadvantages on drilling, unless they are environmental wacko’s who come up here concerning the whales, polar bears, multiple birds, or caribou. It is pretty sad when British Petroleum can do a definitive research report on the whales or polar bears better then the Dept of Interior Environmental Affairs.

But with Salazar up here in Alaska, will the Tea Party be worse or better then those in the lower 49, since Salazar will be up here and is not a welcomed person? I am not sure, but I will be taking pictures of the outcome here in Anchorage.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My View on why the American Dems hate Sarah Palin..

It isn't hard to understand that there are those who do not like Sarah. Why? I don't really know why, but I can tell you why some Alaskans can't stand her and their petty reasoning behind it.

When Sarah first took office, it was like a breath of fresh air. You could walk around and not have the lingering of the oppressive Murkowski agenda wavering in the wind due to the Oil and Gas tax meetings, as well as the fact the nasty attitude towards any and all constituents. The closed door meetings of all kinds were now open, and the fact that Sarah was at least opening up to the public and explaining the reasoning behind her agenda was nice. There were always those whom hated her, from the start. Hollis French would be one due to his friend, Berkowitz being over taken in an election landslide. But I wander....

The first thing Sarah did was start cutting the budget... and I do mean cut. She took money away from parks, the museum, resources that actually turned out not to do much of anything. That ticked off the hippie's from the start. How DARE she take from the parks and recreations of Alaska! All I could think of was why not use volunteers, to take charge of the areas. It works on roads, smaller parks and playgrounds and reduces the spending on tax payers who do not use all the areas due to difficult work schedules or unavailability of the area in general. But no, that is too much common sense.

The second item was for the legislature to also slash their budgets and to make sure that whatever they requested for that upcoming year be worth the money put into it. That was a blow to them, as they were use to big spending and being able to get almost everything their little hearts desired, even if it wasn't exactly for their district but to help a "Friends" district. So they tried to reach a compromise with Sarah giving her a list of items they were willing to give up. Well Sarah knew better and asked the Dept of Revenue to get a copy of all the legislatures requests and while using a yellow highlighter, took the trivial requests that the Legislators wanted. That made most of these Senators upset. Though many of them got over them, the rest have made a personal vendetta against her since this first slashing. Sarah also slashed all of the State of Alaska's budgets, down to the pens, paper and other office items. They are now all on a mandatory budget which is actually working.

Third, implementing the Ethics for all employees, including the Legislators themselves. WHOA! The Legislators have to be ethical! They even have to sign a disclosure and can NOT be a legislature if they are a lobbiest as well. That means, that anyone who is a Legislator and works as a lobbiest can not run, and must step down. They also had to do a financial disclosure like you wouldn't believe. It is called APOC and anyone who is not considered Administrative, must fill one out per the Regulations of their department or if you are or work for a Legislator. Pretty nice huh! This has never been in place..... and those who say it has don't know the whole story. So if this is expansion of Government, I have no problems with it.

But as to why they hate Sarah. Alaskans are odd... they are the type to tell you don't tell me how to do it. But they don't mind explaining stuff. Sarah hasn't taken away rights that I know of. Sarah has put into offices those that most of these individuals can't stand. That would be the main reason. The people put into a position of power are usually hated by the individuals that don't like Sarah. Monegan was one that many couldn't stand. He was supposedly a reformer who didn't reform. And when he quit due to his own screw up and blamed it on Sarah when Hollis French told him to do so, and all the while the people believed Monegan was fired. The News Agencies also didn't help around town.

The Media had quite a bit to do with Alaskans hating Sarah. They actually believed all the crap that was being said. I remember a few times how I would correct my friends on what was going on. They began to stop listening to the news and asking me what was going on if it concerned Sarah, as they know I wouldn't lie. Alaskans aren't gullible, but we never really paid attention to the lower 49 unless it was something big and tragic. So I don't blame many of them for not knowing that the Alaskans were pawns in their chess moves. They also hate Sarah for many other reasons, from assuming that the city or town they live in has something wrong with it because they do not totally understand Government structures. Forgive us Alaskans, as we aren't in the new.... until now, and many of us wish the lime light would go away.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More bad news on Alaska's Missle Defense

As reported via KTUU: Palin expressed concern over budget cuts.

This is going to be a problem. Alaska and Hawaii are both in danger. We do not have the same type of defenses as the lower 48. Hawaii being an island and Alaska being an island off the coast of Canada.... we have no way of getting to our family or friends if something does happen.

I am worried. Actually this isn't just worrying me, but it makes my stomach hurt thinking that Alaska and Hawaii are going to be sitting ducks. Gates is an idiot! WHY should Alaska and Hawaii take cuts when we are not part of the Continental United States. It is like we are the Bastard Children of the Union!

The question is, what can we do now?

Break up in Alaska....

Happy Easter Everyone!

So I was driving back home from a little town called Talkeetna today and was thinking about Easter and how nice that Break Up is FINALLY here in Alaska.

For those who do not know what "Break Up" is, it is Alaska spring. It is at times very short, sometimes it is long (a month or so) but no matter who you are in Alaska, it is a welcome sight other then snow. How do you know it is break up in Alaska? Well the real reason they call it break up here is because of the rivers, streams or any bodies of water. The ice begins to break up, and the water begins to start free flowing again. The snows melts fast.... think of 2 foot of snow in your yard and it is almost gone in a matter of days. Another sign is usually the seagulls come back. I saw them as of last Wednesday, so I know that is a sure sign. Lets hope that summer will be better then last year. As it was one of the 5th coldest on record since it has been recorded here in Alaska. Break up also has a "aroma" that many don't like. It smells like wet mud and dog poop. True but a fact of life up here. If you can't scoop your poop, due to the fact 2 ft of snow has fallen, most people aren't going to go digging for it. So you have poop soup around town until the water resides enough.
Break Up is also a time to get your stuff straight before the "Fishing Season". Trust me, no one plays with the salmon when they start trickling into the streams and rivers around Alaska. You won't see me blogging much then either. I am a fish-o-holic. I love catching King, Silver and Red salmon. Pinks I smoke, as they aren't the best to eat like the other, but that is my opinion. Now what I mean by getting your stuff straight, is extreme spring cleaning. You don't want to be home cleaning whatever it is, when you know of a run of salmon.

Many people in Anchorage do what they call suicide runs to the Kenai and Russian Rivers. What that is, is when you get off work (say around 5 PM) you have everything packed for the 120 mile drive down to the river(s). You get our gear on, bag your limit and drive back home. The reason it is also called suicide runs is because some people were so tired after fishing, bagging the limit of salmon and driving back, they can be up almost 24 hours and have driven off roads and in some cases have had head on collisions. The picture you are looking at is when I went to the Russian River area, and that is called Combat Fishing. Most of the Alaskans know how to get inbetween the people and "flip". But you always have some knucklehead who thinks they are some God to fishing and won't let you in. I can't help myself when I see people like this (usually men who are 18 - 45) and show them up with my fishing skills. Not many of my friends will bet me anymore, they usually lose. And you always have that ONE hot head who gets his panties in a wad when you tell them to back off. If you have ever heard stories of people cutting lines, well I am one of those infamous people who will, but I only do it if there is a reason. I have only had one guy freak out on me... but after 2 hours of dealing with his crappy attitude and him constantly getting tangled in MY line which he blamed me for, I had it. And CUT his line. He didn't know I also had my .40 cal under my rain coat and decided he wanted to try to kick my ass. I bring a gun due to the bears, but for some people like this, it is a good idea to keep one around to "adjust" attitudes. The man came after me (and I am the only female in a 100 foot radius on the bank) and I whipped the side of my jacket my gun was on and told him to either back away or else. He say the light... but got pissy and went to grab a Fish and Game cop. Now this cracks me up, as in Alaska you can have a gun, and do not have to have a CCL up here. Especially in areas like the Russian where it is full of bears. The F&G guy laughed at the man who called him... and back to fishing I went. The F&G guy also said that if jerk kept bothering me, to give him a call and handed me his card. Awesome! I gotta new friend. But the other guys who saw this clown being a clown, told him to move on. They were also tired of the BS. Gotta love Alaskans!
So, if you ever decide to come up to Alaska to go fishing. Make sure to contact me..... I promise it is never a dull moment when I go fishing!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Friday in Alaska, isn't exactly good.

As the header says Alaska hasn't really had it share of luck on the Friday before Easter Sunday. The 1964 earthquake that devastated the State and rocked it to it's core, as well as the tsunamis that took out many different small fishing villages on the coast and literally swallowed Seward and Valdez.

KTUU did a good story on this dreaded day. But in 1964, March 27Th was Good Friday, not today April 10Th. The USGS has some interesting pictures and shows where the fault lines were and why it turned out to be one of the most Historic earthquakes to actually be recorded in American history.

If you have never been in a earthquake.... click here... and understand how Alaskans feel when one hits.

I am not old enough to have been in the 1964. But I have been in the Washington Feb. 28th, 2001 as the Nov. 3 2002 7.9 earthquake in Alaska. Honestly though, no one can ever be truly prepared for one.

Missiles and why Alaska needs them.

Not many people know about the missiles around Anchorage and why we needed them back when. On top of a mountain on Arctic Valley road in Anchorage on Ft. Richardson/Federal Land, there is an old missile silo and buildings that use to hold Nike missiles. This was built way back in 1950's, due to the fact that the Army at that time knew how precarious Alaska was and how they wouldn't be able to help if any type of attack was instigated. The Nike Missile site hasn't been used since 1979 and was abandoned but it a national and historic site. The Nike Missile locations were for Soviet (and any other missile) invasion and missile interception. But after the supposed end of the cold war, it didn't seem like we needed them. Or so the Federal Government thought.

Since Alaska hadn't really had a defense against attack. Other then F-15's from Elmendorf and Eielson AFB, we were more sitting ducks in the water. But around 2001, Bush 43 decided that it would be in the best interest of all to begin another defense shield at Ft Greely, Alaska just in case anything would arise in the process. 9/11 was the deciding factor.

Since then Ft. Greely as well as the Kodiak Alaska Aerospace Development Corp. and Shemya , Alaska due to the Navy's special Radar for monitoring "traffic" in the northern part of the Hemisphere, due to those pesky little Russian Planes and Japanese tankers coming through the Bering Straights, the liberals all over screamed we didn't need these items. Oh Really!

If we did not have the Shemya Radar, the F-15's and F-22's we would have never known how far the Russian bomber planes had actually come into Alaskan Air Space. Ft Greely also went on the defensive. Elmendorf, Eielson, Ft. Richardson and Ft Wainwright readied a first wave of Soldiers .... just in case. This is also not including the Alaska National Guard. It is interesting how so many people can scream about something on land 1/3rd the size of the Continental United States, due to lack of concept as they can not wrap their little minds around it, nor the fact we are an island in many respects.

In 1942, the Japanese invaded Alaska. Not many people know that or care as Alaska was a Territory. But how many people realize that Hawaii was also a Territory and bombed just the same. So how can shutting down the missile defense in Alaska be good? Palin is making an outward appeal, but I hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears as usual. History can be repeated and I am sure that it won't be the Japanese Troops this time around.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alaska Politics, Around the State and in the Biggest City

So here I am, sick as a dog from a severe head cold and looking at the Mayoral results from the Anchorage primary race and shaking my head. Dan Sullivan and Eric Croft are the runners for the May election. Joy! A wannabe conservative and a conservative democrat. What are the odds in Anchorage?

Croft and Sullivan going for a run off in Anchorage bothers me. Sullivan has shown he wants to tax the heck out of Anchorage. Why? A conservative knows that taxes do not help in general and will always make the Government greedy in any case. It also won't slow down the rate of taxes vrs the inflow of cash. Sullivan knows this as he was the one who headed the cigarette tax in Anchorage leading Anchorage the top for taxes concerning it. Croft is many ways conservative on spending but has some pot crack ideas on what a city should do. So what should Anchorage do? Vote on a man who wants to tax us supposedly to "relieve" our property burden or a liberal with weird ideas on how to run a city? I am at a loss myself.

As for Ted Stevens. I am glad he has been vindicated. Yeah he screwed up, by letting people take advantage of him in many ways. But who hasn't done that sometime during their brief stint here on Earth? He said that he had lost his faith but it was restored in the justice system. I am not so sure about that, he might be saying it as a way to show that he can forgive and possibly run again for Senator. I am glad that the Democratic Judge is going to be prosecuting the Prosecutors. I called this out on HotAir on numerous occasions fighting with Allah that the Prosecutors had not given the Defense ALL the evidence. But of course I was ignored, being the "little" Alaskan as usual.

Begich is know to be a complete fool, and you can see it as he voted for that stimulus package. Begich left Anchorage with 17 million in debt, when he left for the Senate, in which not even our Assembly knew about how in debt Anchorage was. How inept are these people?

Begich also won't step down. Interesting since he received money for the Obama Campaign to run against Stevens. Who is saying what is politically motivated? Begich also happens to have a small "incident" which shows he is as much a liar as any democrat.

So here I am, the little conservative as usual, wondering how exactly this will turn out.
UPDATE: Stevens WILL be going for Re-Election in 2014 per KTUU @ 1:05 PM on TV update.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

People of a varying shade of black

I have seen quite a few Alaskan Bloggers on the Internet. It makes me smile as I know most of these "bloggers" haven't left the confines of the Anchorage Bowl (if they actually are telling the truth). Most of them are extremely liberal in many ways. They also say that are of libertarian type... which means to me that they want to smoke pot without recourse.

Celtic Diva asked a friend of mine on a possible protest for a Fallen Soldier who was to have a Funeral in Fairbanks, Alaska. The friend emailed back that is was rumored, that is was against the family of the Fallen and the times/dates of the protest. But Celtic misquoted my Friend, and said that it was also going to be a gay protest. It brought people into the "Flag Line" for the Family but I am not sure if it showed respect for the Family but more a way of showing their "flair". I honestly do not care if people are gay or not, it isn't my problem. But when you go to a quiet, anti-protesting and to show respect to the Family of a KIA Soldier you do not stand there to prove a different point!

I have also noticed the other "liberal" bloggers around. One called akmudflat or something like that, is a complete waste of time. It talks the talk but yet never walks the walk. Goes to "rallies" but yet acts the part of the loser in the rough. Interesting how some people are so narcissistic, that is makes people shy away.

Nothing any of the liberals in Alaska, Anchorage especially, makes me wonder anymore. If you know anything about Alaska politics you know it is looking like someone wrote a book on how to sabotage other people's name, ideals and future without getting caught. If everyone actually would do this at everything going on against all things, then the world would be totally non-viable.

So should we as a group of tired and annoyed individuals, start doing the same as those whom do it to those individuals trying to make a difference and change things for the better? It is something that one should ponder.....

Stepping back

Sometimes you have to take a step back and assess the damage before you can go forward.

Right now it is interesting. The Volcano is still bellowing, especially when the USGS downgrades it. It makes me smile that even with all the new gadgets that the USGS have, they can't figure out that this is probably one of the times that the Mt. Redoubt is just going to spew for a while.

Also, Ted Stevens is being told that he is a free man due to shoddy evidence. I have said on other political blogs that this would happen, yet no one believed me it seems. The courts have released other men whom have had more evidence stacked against them then Ted Stevens had. It was inevitable that it would happen. Yet the pundits were adamant that Stevens would be put in jail. Guess they should have listened to the Alaskan telling them it wouldn't happen.

With that, it seems that Governor Palin, the Republican Party of Alaska, the Libertarian who ran against Stevens and Begich in the 2008 election and quite a few democrats who voted for Begich want a Special Election. Reason being would be extreme National Media bias. What a concept huh! Who would have thought that one up or guessed that might be the motive. Begich has said he won't step down, but there is a petition to get Begich to either step down or there will be a special election to take care of him altogether. The People of Alaska are not happy with him, and it isn't a mistake that they wish Begich out specially after voting for the Stimulus Package that Alaskans don't want. Other then the Dept of Transportation projects to create new jobs and to build new roads, the only thing Alaskans want is the education part of the Stimulus package, which won't create new jobs. Personally I don't want it. All it will do is hurt the People of Alaska more now with items and forums that will go on the way side after the money runs out as there will be no new teachers hired. But since Begich voted on this pork-o-roma bill that is nothing but a National drain on everything considered American, why would people still want him in there. 60 Days later and he has screwed himself without any one's help.

Interesting perspective on how things are going on up here. But what can you do with lies, deception and deceit? Build on it and move on from it? No, you have to break it away and start anew. Alaska is going to be in the Media spot light again.... and unfortunately sooner then later.

** Pic of Musk Ox in Reserve near Portage area **