Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North Korea, aims and fires... again and again... And I wonder when Alaska is going to the "target".

Remember that odd yet very off the wall North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Il?

Oh he is at his pretty little missiles… again and again and again and will yet AGAIN! When is Obama going to figure out that the world does not care about him and maybe he should take off the rose colored narcissistic glasses he has on.

Now maybe my Alaskan Liberal Blog writers don’t care or seem to think the “One” will fix this, but this is a PROBLEM! Alaska IS in range as I have stated before! And now even Russia is saying this is a HUGE issue and it needs to be resolved, soon. Also that threat of attacking South Korea ships, are a huge red flag!

How do you fix something concerning a madman, a brainwashed country and many different Nuke facilities which are being re-opened and back to uranium development? Well, I can tell you one thing is possibly joining forces with Russia and their and our subs and with combined forces working together to stop the “process”. The only problem is, Russia will lose North Korea, as it has helped rebuild that Nation.

The U.N. wrote a very strong letter. Honestly, who cares about a letter? But it obviously ticked off Kim Jong Il and got him moving in a way that threatens not just the U.S. but China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, India, Australia, New Zealand, and not to mention other countries I can’t think of right now.

Also, Kim Jong Il is not in good health. It has been reported he has had a stroke, which he is now limping and very weak. It is rumored that Il’s son, Kim Jong Chol is being groomed for the next Dictating reign. Gotta love Dictators!

Now, what do you see as a problem? A ailing Dictator whom is ticked off that his health is deteriorating who wants to take out the world due to this problem. Or the fact that Obama is not actually taking this serious and is still going to cut the missile defense budget for Alaska. Even Governor Palin is annoyed with Obama, via a statement she made concerning missile defense.

Anyone feel the fall out yet?

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  1. Yes, Mental Lee Il is a problem, which China MAY fix for all of us - but only if they think that the Poofy-Haired Dictator is unstable enough to turn on them.