Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Greenhouse from HELL!

What a great weekend. It wasn’t as warm as I would have hoped but better then cold and dreary!

I spent the last 3 days with my Significant Other, building our “greenhouse from hell”. Did I mention that we were tired as heck? I worked so hard my hands are still swollen as I type this. You may be thinking, okay, why is this person talking about swollen hands and killing themselves over gardening and building a small greenhouse. Well, we didn’t exactly get the garden up and running yet. We just built the greenhouse this weekend. A 12x12 made by a company who makes plastic canvas (but much better quality greenhouses) carports that can be moved.

So Friday we went out to begin leveling the area where we decided on putting the slight foundation we were building to put the canvas greenhouse on. Talk about a PITA! We both start using shovels and digging down maybe 8 inches at most, in which I think we hit a root thicket of spruce, willow and devil’s club. That took about 3 hours of digging in dense or loess soil and de-rooting as well as leveling out and pulling the roots of the devils club out. Talk about back breaking work.

We then take our 4x4x12 pressure treated lumber and put them into the small trenches we dug. Measured, cut and squared and rechecked to make sure it was 12x12 and then put the landscape fabric down so nothing would grow up in the greenhouse. After doing the fabric and making sure everything was leveled we then used log screws and screwed everything together. Next we started putting the top to the canvas greenhouse together. We bring it over to the foundation and look at the top of the greenhouse overlapping the foundation. NOOOOOO! After hours of working our asses off, de-rooting, leveling, raking, shoveling and making sure everything was correct….the damn greenhouse was larger then what they said it was. UGH! We both get up and walk away with disgust at all the hard work we put into it and left it for the next morning.

Saturday, we get up later then usual as we are both very early morning people and sore as heck. Run to the store, and then slowly start getting the items for the greenhouse up and running. All sides up and stable, we decide that the legs can go in a little more and we can screw them down which should work out well. I then realize I forgot something at the store and have to drive all the way back. I leave and return 45 minutes later seeing my Significant Other putting the pipe thru the smallish holes on the canvas greenhouse back side. All I could think was, no no no no! I subtly say, while taking a break, that I thought it was suppose to wrap around the piping. I got a humpf and a heavy sigh after a gulp of poweraid drink and the deconstruction of the canvas greenhouse. He looks at me and said, “Have I told you that I hate this stupid greenhouse.” I look at him with a knowing look of, yeah me too. Finally, after 3 hours of huffing, puffing and stringing this stupid greenhouse up… we are both dead tired, both have swollen hands, tired as heck, and just want to take a nap… we are DONE! I will NEVER make about canvas greenhouse when this damn thing dies! I will just build a old fashioned one.

Now, we have the greenhouse up. But now we have to get our special culvert we had cut into 2 foot section off of a 20 foot pipe, to make raised beds for the rest of our garden. And now he wants to put some kind of fencing around all 10 of the 4 foot in diameter culvert, so the moose don’t get into the veggies. Right now I couldn’t care less if I actually do anything with it this year. Oh course I am just saying this… and thank GOD I won’t have to do this tomorrow. Good thing I am doing this next weekend.. huh!

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