Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fish, Fire, Water and Filibustering!

Homer is burning, the Yukon and Kuskokwim River are still wreaking havoc and I am waiting for the Volcano to blow again (Check out the NEW Lava Dome Pic). Yep… Alaska is in action this year.

Good news is that the Copper River Salmon season is open. So for all of you lower 49ers, ordering Copper River Reds at some outrageous price in some fancy restaurant… yay. Sorry, red salmon is for smoking, I don’t care what river they come out of.

Also usually a week after the Coppers start, the Kings begin to filter into Ship Creek.. and the first run in the Kenai for Reds is happening! FISHING SEASON IS ON!

Bears are out in full force now. I saw one going to work this morning as I live near the mountains. No one else seems to have seen the large bruin in the trees. A nice grizzly that was blonde. I would assume it was due to the sun that no one noticed it, but when you are in the middle of Town and see it, it makes me smile. Maybe it may eat another stupid person. Yeah, I know I am crude for saying it. But we do have quite a few stupid people in Anchorage.

But what I think is great is ConocoPhillips has struck a gas deal with Chugach Electric. That is awesome news. As Cook Inlet and drilling has been going down hill via oil and natural gas. Since they have closed the Agrium Plant in Kenai, there is more gas for people who use it in the South Central area. Let’s hope that we can get a bullet line soon for many other parts of the State. There are some alternative energy that just won’t work in the middle of winter up here. I wish the greenies would figure that out.

And Begich is at it again concerning Democrats vs. Republicans again. Murkowski is trying to get a block (and has been successful so far) on David Hayes, who was brought up by Obama for the Dept of Interior of Deputy Secretary. Hayes, an environmental lawyer, would be horrific for Alaska and we would never be able to do anything. BLM would actually become stagnant up here. As well as the MMS is already stagnant due to the supposed “environmental lawsuit” concerning OCS leases, which I think is a crock! The guy is also a lobbyist. Hmm I guess Obama doesn’t go off his initial word, ever!


  1. Attention dumbass!

    Read your comment on HotAir about Indiana where you claimed that people are moving out of Indiana in droves.

    FACTS SAY OTHERWISE - every county has seen an INCREASE in population except for 2 counties over the years.

    Shows how informed you are.

  2. Attention retard... yes you the one breathing with an open mouth!

    If they do not live in the City.. they are MOVING, due to ... PROPERTY TAXES. How about you attack me at hotair and say that since you had to come to my blog and vent. What a dumbass!