Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can we say looking for homes are a PITA!

Well I am in the market to look for a upgrade, of sorts, for a new home. I am in no hurry... which is one of the reasons why I am just checking the areas.

What am I looking for ... a larger house. The BF is staying for longer periods of time with our new pup. Mom has a bunch of stuff (being the pack rat she has always been) and I being the minimalist I am am starting to feel totally closed in.

I have a decent house.. but it is a tad small.. starter home type. It isn't bad actually, but with Mom being my loved pack rat..... I just don't know if I can take it anymore.

So with that said, I am starting the "Scanning". If you have ever bought a home everyone knows that is the first step. Keeping an eye out for prices and of course square footage. We have upgraded this house a bit but the area I am in sells quick and since the housing market here has settled down I think we will do well in selling this house. Now just hoping to get the "One".

Now, I have a question for anyone who has ever bought a new home (as that is one option), I would love any suggestions or just a good story on what you did.

I am also looking into Foreclosures. Anyone ever deal with any of those, I would appreciate any information on that.

If you are wondering... no, I am not going to buy a McMansion. Holy Geez!

I would rather go in with some information rather then blind and ignorant on new or forclosed houses.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Palination blog is now up and running

For those who were wondering. It is up and running.

It is a slow start but we (yes a collect of many people) will have it running smoothly and without incident (keeping fingers crossed) on Sarah Palin's road to where ever it may lead.

Remember..... we are normal citizens standing WITH Sarah Palin. We do not try to specualte on where she is going, we will always try to keep it positive and it is for people who want a normal approach, not what the Media, PolitcalPundits and Talk Radio want you to believe.

Thanks... :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drill Baby, Drill!

Yes, I made this. I think it says it all!

Natural Gas, brought to in part by Alaskans.

Freezing our asses off, so you don't have too!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Missouri Senator having a panel on 8(a) Native Corps... maybe we should call?

McCaskill is at it again. For a reminder you may want to click on this. But for a quickie.. McCaskill is the MO Senator looking into the 8(a) (aka Native Corps) due to a bill that was passed by Stevens years ago that the Alaskan 8(a) could receive more Federal Government contracts above the 5 million dollar mark. But only Alaska Native Corps were allowed this. The Native Corps are now joing a coalition called the Native 8 (a) Works.

Now why is this funny? McCaskill wants this to stop and is actually going to be doing a Senate panel concerning it on Thursday.

I would keep an eye on this twit. The only reason I say is that you can get a Federal Loan if you are “considered” a minority and have a 8(a) business. How is that? An 8(a) was for those who couldn’t get a loan via the regular banks due to discrimination, or lack of funds in accounts even if it was a good idea. You could be 65 a black woman and show the Federal Government your idea and possibly get a loan and a contract concerning it.

McCaskill is an idiot and she isn’t just hurting Alaska Natives, she will be hurting all who have a 8(a) status.

If you would like to get a hold of this woman:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Palination.... and the upcoming storm.

So, just because I support Palin.. means I am a Palin Bot, Palinista or something of a cult member. Interesting.. but I do think for myself.

Palination is not a cult. It is a group of citizens from across the globe watching the fray of the "Media, Pundits and others" bring down a person due to their character. Why is this acceptable? And why should anyone even try to bring someone good down, when there are many who are not even close? What does it take to get those out who aren't at least observing the laws? And why should we, or anyone for that matter, who uphold the law let those take us down to their level?

If you are noticing that as the Group spreads, it is getting more and more hate put upon it.

I have recently received a few tweets and emails on how I am such a BAD person for supporting Palin. I wonder if these people ever supported anything other then themselves in their lifetime.

Palination is going strong and a blog will be up by the 27th of July.

I say we wait and watch the storm brew.

You all know how to get a hold of me...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Palination of Specualtion and Analogies concerning Sarah Palin need to stop.

Speculation runs rampant. Not with just liberals, but with conservatives as well. It is easy to do, but it needs to cool down due to the overwhelming issue of "rumors" that could be a killer.

Alaskans are uneasy with the transition of opinion. This doesn’t mean they do not support the Governor in her endeavors, as per many a response via ADN. I means that we are concerned about the “Media” that has seemed to come up out of the blue again. Parachuting into Alaska for the second time in less then a year, is weighing heavy on many of us who are use to being alone and not have a National spot light.

When I say the transition of opinion, I am talking about the first wave of anger turned to frustration. It has hit most in a way that was not surprising. But then these people who were “shocked” seem to try to analyze the one thing they shouldn’t be doing. Trying to figure out where Sarah Palin’s road is going. No one expected her to resign, even though there were obvious hints that 85% didn’t pick up in any interviews.

Then there are the analogies of who she is like, such as equating her life with Roosevelt or Tiger Woods. That is one of the worst things that can be done with this woman. First, Roosevelt took land from States and made them “National” which his reasoning was to protect the beauty and to conserve. Now that we have more Federal land in which we can do nothing with (ANWR comes to mind), it makes Sarah Palin look as though she may take something away from the people, which could be more harmful then not putting her under the guise of Roosevelt. Of course the Tiger Woods analogy comes up quite a bit. But what everyone seems to forget on that is that he wasn’t born a natural. He was trained since he was extremely young and became the professional now due to that upbringing.

Sarah Palin has had to work for everything she has ever done. This is not saying that Roosevelt or Woods haven’t. But Roosevelt was a different era and Woods being trained from the start isn’t how Sarah was raised and the era of fundamental rule to conserve and reap what you sow is gone, and has been for decades.

Sarah Palin, raised on family values, hard work ethics (such as having to garden and hunt and fish for food and knowing a job can not provide all), having good Christian values for moral stability throughout her life. These are what many in the United States understand and hope to base their lives on. As some State are not set up the way Alaska is, it is even more profound that an Alaskan Myth of Living has been circulated around, it gives more respect to those who live up here and do understand what Sarah has had to do with her Family through out her lifetime.

As part of the Palination, I ask you to help. We need to not totally stop the speculations and analogies, but to have those who continually start them to calm down and see that it could hurt her later down the road. Let Sarah be Sarah. Tell them to watch for the next few months on the progress of what could happen. And of course try to be civil about it, even though we all know that liberals and conservatives are passionate about Sarah in any degree.

Remember, as the “Media” goes on, we are here to make things right. Not to keep the flames up and start a forest fire of rumors.

Does this sound like a plan for you?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Palination.... should we start a new blog?

I need input.

Should there be a Palination blog? Should I also have "guest bloggers"?

Please let me know!

Palination and Jay Ramras.... let's email!

If you are keeping track… we are now a “Crowd” not yet a conservative mob, even if you are from another Country.

We have a problem. There are a few people whom do not get the ideals of the Palination. They are continuing the put downs of a good person. I say we email them!

First candidate: Jay Ramras, whom works in the House of Representatives here in Alaska, who is suppose to be working for the People of Fairbanks Alaska. I don’t see him working for the People, he is spouting off at the mouth concerning a Governor who obviously cares more for this State then Jay Ramras does.

His Email:

This Man has more dirt on him then our State’s Political Representative, Sarah Palin, has ethics complaints. Maybe we should remind him that we are watching him.

How say those Palinationists? Should we email this wonton man?

If you would like to be part of the Palination crowd. You don’t have to join a group. Just say that you will defend Sarah Palin in anything she would like… as you would defend a friend on their road of life. That is it. You just need to educate the uneducated and right the wrongs of individuals. That is all that is asked.

So, now you understand the motto. And you know that Ramras is a hater of our Friend Sarah. Please email him… he needs a talking too.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Palination! Come.. Join!

What is Palination?

Well it can be termed in many different fields and definitions.

1. Media: Palination is the underscoring of a Political figure, for which the Media can and will find any and all dirt, true or untrue, and bring it to the surface suffice rumors, speculations and lies to be based on nothing. It is the tangible entity of large Media to show the faults of a person who they deem unworthy in the political scheme of idealism.

2. Blog/Pundits: Palination is the putting down those who put a Political figure at the top of the list or those who raise the Political figure. And those who try to take it out at all cost;
a. Conservative Pundits: Try to show both sides of the coin. The good with the bad, as well as the indecisive and ridiculous fray. Occasionally they also show their emotions concerning political career and challenges as well as the frustration of the moment due to the “Media”. Others Pundits put down those who follow their ideals due to difference of opinion. And still there happens to be the Pedestal Pundit, but will not take criticism when needed.
b. Liberal Pundits: This is a two section target. One group will not allow anything concerning Common Sense in the fray and will start any dialogue to bring it down. Then there are those who believe the ideal of liberalism, but have common sense to go outside the box to find the real truth, yet not believe it.
c. Moderate Pundits: Is willing to watch, listen and make up their own opinion without actually getting into the discussion. Yet is swayed by the normal propaganda concerning what “They’ will get out of the Political Figure.

3. Radio: Palination can go both ways and in which these RadioPundits can steer their listeners to go on either side of the coin.

4. People: This is the worst group a most are “Moderates” and have their mind made up without checking the background of the story. Palination is usually due to the “Media” and occasionally “Pundits” who they find a different aspect but the same opinion.

How can Palination be a problem for the future? Many have their minds set for the outcome of the future. This is not as static, as many have found out the past week. Per speculation via “Media”, “Pundits” and “Radio” they have formed a new opinion. Most have flip flopped on issues and depression has set in. This has also formed a lash out aspect where they go after their own.

How can this be stopped: You will now need to be Anti-Palination. You will stop blaming, you will stop arguing with those who are supporters, you will back and support Political Figure that you admire, and you will educate the weak and help with raising the bar.

This is how it is done. This is the mission statement concerning attitude towards the future. We need for this to work!

Unless you want to keep dealing with Cap and Trade, Universal Healthcare…. And loss of energy via the loss of our rights and natural resources.

Only you know what you should do. I implore you to help…. As it starts with one, then two, then four, then eight and so on. What number will you be to be on the frontline?

I am only one. Would you join me in the line?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Luck Sarah Palin.... don't forget to Tweet!

Talk about a seriously wild start of the week.

Yes, Sarah Palin is stepping down, Sean Parnell is taking the lead… and yet the Lower 48 is going crazy. I won’t even put Hawaii in this mix. What floors me isn’t the fact of what people are saying. Some are mad. Okay I can understand that. Some say it is ruining her political career. How so is what I would like to know? Some are just tired of Sarah Palin… which I say, blame the liberal media and the BS they fling.

How is this Sarah’s fault? We have a bunch of no life Alaskan people who think this is fun and keep filing ethic complaints against her, even as she is about to leave office. It is repugnant and pathetic and I hope she sues them.

But even then, why is everyone in a tizzy concerning Sarah stepping down. She has accomplished everything she promised to the Alaskans. Every last detail to the ‘T’. So why is there a need to freak out? Alaskans that I know are not freaking out. They may be scratching their heads, or shaking their heads. But there has been no lack of support even with Sarah stepping down.

I am waiting on what is the next step she feels the need to take. Where is she going? Will it take days, weeks or months to establish it? While she is on this road, where is Alaska in this mix? How about the United States.. as the speculators are showing their political sides on the next advantage.

But as my questions will eventually be answered, so I am not totally worried about it. I do wonder on what it is going to take for those supporters of Sarah to sit back and enjoy the “ride”? Sometimes it takes something to stir up the pot. And Sarah has done that… in spades.

Good Luck Sarah! Don't forget to Tweet!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time for Term Limits for elected State of Alaska Officials. Who is with me?

What does everyone think of Term limits for State elected officials?

Are you for it or against it? Would you think it be better then having to deal with the same old talking points per Senator or Legislator or would you rather Alaska start having a fresh idea once in a while?

Two terms or Three? Would it be more of a headache or would it be worth while?

Why do I ask? It has come time to get the RINOS, the LIBERALS and those who are not effective at all in any sense of the word, out of office and move some “fresh” blood in.

Can this be done? Yes… with petitions into a referendum to appear on a Ballot.

I want some feedback. Would it really worth the while for Alaska or would it be a hindrance? This can work both ways for all parties.

Who is with me?
Here is a Poll... :) please vote.

TrooperGates own personal “Investigating Representative” is going for Governor of Alaska, huh. Hey "Gunny" French, do you really think you will win?

French is such a jerk. The man is seen in pictures with Obama signs behind him. Tried to mar Gov. Palin’s reputation due to a “in-family” problem with an investigation that he put himself as the lead. The supposed “October Surprise” that never came about. So, Hollis… is this your surprise? Can I say how BORING! Talk about a moment of DUH!

Now, I am not one to vote for someone who talks out both sides of his mouth. French can’t seem to stop this idiotic rhetoric on what he “thinks” should be done via his opinion of Alaska. FYI there Gunny, you don’t think what should be done, you go by what the voters want you to do. You have done well with voting down anything concerning the Permanent Fund and THAT is the only thing I will give you credit for. But as for other items, you sir, can’t seem to stop making yourself look a fool and getting in front of a Camera.

Let us look at the Barak Book, which is an online GOP site that shows those who campaigned for Obama. In plain site we ALL know that French campaigned for Obama WHILE being the lead for the investigation of TrooperGate. I would call this a conflict of interest as Sarah Palin did run for VPOTUS with McCain while this investigation was going on. Also, it has a few tidbits on French… and some interesting articles. But what I think WILL happen is the funneling of money into the possible Campaign via a POTUS whom isn’t doing anything for our Country right now.

Now let’s talk about your Service in the Marines even though all you did was ROTC. Per your Bio on Project, Private, United States Marine Corps Reserve Platoon Leaders Course, 1977-1978. You were “dismissed”. You didn’t pass… yet you still put it on your Bio? HELLO! You don’t put something like that in your freaking resume or Bio! Someone who actually served, and I hope it be a Marine… should smack you into next week. You, GUNNY, are NOT a Marine until you get your Globe and Anchor! So Gunny French… what do you have to say for yourself? You were in College while doing this… all I can say is how pathetic.
So Gunny, what will you do about being a jerk in Alaska. Aren't you the one who also said you would work with Republicans? Hmmmm... talking out both sides is seriously an issue with you. You are being watched French. And make sure those at keep you back! You know... your "Friends". Watch your back... Gunny!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ramras... DUH! How dumb can one man be?

Wow, talk about a bad week for the Ramras. Sucks to be HIM! But he brought it upon himself, so I feel no empathy or pity for this idiot but I do feel for the people in Fairbanks, Alaska who voted this jerk in.

I guess that Alaska being in the lime light and having Alaska looked at via the rest of the people in the United States, probably never occurred to Ramras or any other political figure here.. Here is something Jay… DUH! Heck I have been saying it since Sarah was rumored to be picked for VP candidate, that Alaska will be under the microscope even more so then when those who were under investigation via the FBI. Do the Senators and the Legislator’s not think that far ahead? Rhetorical question… we all already know that answer.

Rebecca Mansour, or RAM known on Conservatives4Palin, did an excellent job investigating Ramras’s background via items that are to be handed over to the APOC as Ramras legally is obligated to do. Even the APOC and the Alaska Legislative Ethics didn’t catch it. OPPS! There is no way that Jay, buying all that stock, didn’t know better. Day Trading or not, it shouldn’t matter. Jay got his hand caught in the cookie jar and now he is lying like a 7 yr old about to be punished.

But this is all for naught. I see in the near future that they will be cutting an amendment to the Ethics APOC and Legislative Ethics to make sure that if investigated, that only Alaskans are to be the ones who may be able to file a complaint. I have been hearing rumors, as the Senators and Legislators are in Anchorage eating and they don’t speak as “softly” as they claim. Word to the wise… or at least those who thing they are in the Senatorial and Legislative Seats in Alaska. Try cleaning your backgrounds up! Alaska may be a small State but maybe for those who have relatives in certain “areas” that are a conflict of interest… you might want to move to a different area. Also, those who blatantly do things (like buying stock that they know will get them caught) and then saying that you didn’t want to sell it because it didn’t do well. Get a life. You really don’t think Alaskans and the Lower 49 people are THAT stupid… do you?

I think we should (as in the people of Alaska) vote in the two term rule and law. Anyone who is in Political Power here in Alaska should only serve two terms. And this should be on a Statewide voting ballot. Anyone with me?