Monday, May 11, 2009

Alaska is in trouble .... Pourchot the bird hugger in the Interior.

Oh Dear GOD! Salazar appointed Pat Pourchat as the Special Asst to for Alaska to Salazar. Kiss ANY chance of ANWR or NPRA to expand or OCS drilling to EVER open back up. As he is against any type of exploration. Thank Salazar, you fargin idiot! Pourchot is also one of the "people" who happens to be responsible for stalling Point Thompson drilling due to in 2002 because of.... the birds!

Now, what do you know or remember about Pourchot? I remember quite a bit. Pourchot was part of the “legislative process” and he himself had this little tid bit concerning “Legislative Body vs. a Governor” issue. He is the main reason for why the legislators get away with as much as they do in Juneau. He was the architect for it!

He is also a tree hugger. In the extreme! The man likes to Fish, but Oh God.. lets not kill and eat the animals for harvesting purposes! But nooo, lets check everyone who has EVER got a Hunting and Fishing license from the State of Alaska, and make sure they are paying their "child support". If you think I am joking, click the links!

This guy is bad news, for Alaska and for the Nation! I would keep an eye on him... if I were all of you!

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