Monday, May 18, 2009

Missouri Senator going after Alaskan Native Corps to get to Palin?

What now from pesky stupid Senate Democrats in the lower 49? Lets say they are trying to check on the substantial businesses that Alaska Native Corporations have had for over 20 years. Why?

Well after reading this in the ADN, concerning how Senators are going to investigate Alaska Native Contracts, which THEY were the ones who approved of in the first place, are getting all of these nice “Government Contracts to begin with. Well the Democrat Senator from Missouri is in a huge huff about it.

One of the Native Corporations, in which The Missouri Democrat Senator, Claire McCaskill is going after is the Chenega Corp. A little information on the Chenega Corp. is that they are a dwindling group of Natives. I do say dwindling as there are nor more then 30 pure. These people who are mostly family and a 8 A (a minority plan for businesses) for business banded their funds together after the earthquake and tsunami in 64 took out their entire village and started a Corp. based on defense. Do you really blame them? The next time they were hit with something catastrophic was due to Exxon, in which they sold their land back to the Federal Government.

Now they were smart. They hired strategists, awesome HR people to represent them for hiring people to work for them and worked their buns off to become one of the highest rated Native Corps in the world and they ARE in the Fortune 500.

But it isn't JUST Chenega.. it is also 19 other ANC (Alaska Native Corps) who got the "letter".

So why is Senator McCaskill going after Alaskan Natives? If it is to attack Sarah Palin in this odd round about way, I can tell you that not just the Natives in Alaska are going to revote for her but if Sarah runs for President, you can count on all Natives across the nation to vote for her as well.

Hey McCaskill. Are you THAT Stupid? I hope Lisa Murkowski and even Begich wipe your ass on the floor!


  1. I lived in Missouri for over 40 years - and I can tell you, YES SHE IS THAT STOOPID.

  2. Dang Rev. this isn't to good.

  3. I suspect Ms. McCaskill will be in for a rude shock about the time the Alaska Natives and other Native Americans start going after her. Just further proof that the liberals don't really want equal equality for the Natives - only the liberal Natives who are dependent upon the Congress.

    Those who have taken the reins of their own destinies and made a success of themselves just rub the poor liberals the wrong way.

    DARN the bad luck!

  4. By the way, Up, I had nuthin' again today, so I posted a link to this article. I hope you don't mind.

  5. Nope, no worries Rev. You can anytime.

  6. One has to wonder if this isn't an attempt to 'undo' all that Ted Stevens did for Alaska and Alaskans?

    I should think the short compliance time limit is unrealistic. A court challange could last through the summer or longer. We have had a few 'Mother Nature' type problems up here.