Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teen Pregnancy, what if it were you?

I don’t understand why people are so tacky and disgusting against someone who has had a child at a young age. No one is perfect…only God is.

I can say I feel for Bristol, as I was in her shoes at one time. No one can understand that unless you are in their shoes. Being pregnant at such a young age is frightening at best to say. As you worry about what your parent(s), friends, and the people you look up too may say. Also the fact that eventually you come out of the haze and realize that there will be a little baby in this world that will need to be taken care of and you are its sole provider. It honestly makes teenagers wake up and realize… oh shit!

Bristol, in deciding to keep the child and not abort nor the adoption route, has seemed to put her in a bad light. Why? Because she is trying to be an adult? I am really not sure why all these people whom are derogatory towards her even care. If they have never been in this situation or have had their children or family or their friend or friends children have a teen pregnancy, they shouldn’t put down someone who has had this happen.

The Candies Foundation isn’t what most think. It is somewhere to look when you have questions. They didn’t have this when I was pregnant and all I had was the Planned Parenthood of Alaska, which was not who I wanted to speak with when I had questions.

My story is a little different then Bristol’s. I was 18 when I became pregnant even though I was using birth control. It took me a whole week of thinking thru every scenario of what would happen, and kept the secret to myself aside from my parents. I thought about it all from keeping the child, to aborting to adoption. I knew at that age that abortion would screw me up for life and I would always regret that if I had done it. I honestly thought about keeping the child, but would I be selfish and what would happen if I couldn’t provide? I decided on adoption, as I knew that the family I picked for this child would love that child, give it everything it ever wanted and needed and be protected. I gave up my child before I ever had it. I picked the family, whom I consider part of my extended family and they consider me the same. I signed the paperwork late in my 8th month of pregnancy. Do I regret it? Sometimes I wonder, but only to know what it would be like to have my own as I have not been pregnant since. Am I a better person then Bristol? No, I think we are the same. As she and I wanted what was best for our children.

Bristol if you happen to read this. I know it is hard, but as you get older it will become easier in some aspects. Know you have God, your Family and your real friends to help you and watch out for you. Always think things thru before you jump.

Statistically you are more likely to be caught with a DUI then get pregnant as a teen. But God help those who do., God help those who have as well.

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