Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kertulla vrs Egan, in Juneau the stakes could be pretty high!

So Kerttula wants the Senate seat that Dennis Egan is now sitting on in Juneau. Yet she backs off? Oh I see a power struggle here!

Egan, after being put in via Governor Palin, under a power struggle even then for the Juneau Senate Seat that was left by Kim Elton, has left some interesting looks and brush off strokes from both sides of the Senate. Why do I say this? Well Egan is the son of former Governor William Egan. Dennis even has a Wiki site, which I have a feeling he did himself, as you can see some of the scathing feelings he has towards some people. But the reason why many do not like the idea of him in Senate is that they believe he is a spoiled person with varying shades of grey. He won almost all of his elections. But to appoint someone to that seat, many think there should have been an election rather then an appointment. I have to agree with them on this.

And onto Beth Kertulla, who also has a Wiki but nothing really on it. Do you think that maybe she did her Wiki site herself as well? But I digress. So she has been slithering around since 1998, lucky Juneau.... but her Father, Jay Kertulla for years and years was a State Senator who lives in Palmer and is more a Reagan Democrat since he worked under Hammond in more ways then one. But Ms. Kertulla is also a Oil and Gas Lawyer (Even though she won't say she is!) who worked for the State as a Oil and Gas Attorney before being elected and voted against ANWR and lobbying to have it drilled while she was the Minority leader. Don't believe me, look it up!

Both people come from pretty reputable families and these two are both lawyers. But neither seems to be as good as their Fathers in reputation nor honor.

Egan in one corner and Kertulla in the other. Who do you think will win?

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  1. So it appears we have to choose between the evil of two lessers. Wonderful.