Monday, June 29, 2009

The Live and Let Live Alaskan way…. And how Sarah Palin is a true believer.

A lot of people understand the live and let live philosophy that Alaskans live by. But even if they have an understanding they really don’t understand the meaning.

What do I mean? Well it works in many ways in like the Karma philosophy, on how what you do comes back around to you. I call Karma a philosophy as to me it is a common sense ideal. But I digress. “Live and Let Live” is a age old term on how to treat your enemies, here in Alaska. Do you treat them with the same disdain they treat you or ignore them all together and know that they will eventually be treated with the same disdain down the road? The latter usually works better.

Sarah Palin has been treating people this way and you can tell via whom she speaks with and the manner of her posture and attitude. Letterman, is one fine example. Another, which many people may not understand is Bill O’Reilly, whom wants Sarah on his show so bad he can taste it yet still pops off with the asinine remark about her continuously. KTUU use to have a straight path for interviews with Sarah. No longer will she show that case. And the ADN, throws tantrums when they can not interview and publish columns that are just fluff and extremely arrogant.

In Alaska… we don’t go by “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” as we know this isn’t true in most cases. But the live and let live policy or ideal or whatever you may call it, usually shines through true and unforgiving.

A lot of people, especially those who come up for the lower 48, think of the live and let live ideal as how hunters think about the prey and hunt. Yes that is also an avenue that, even I as a hunter goes by. But, the rules of hunting and the rules of personal engagement are two different animals all together.

Sarah shows the live and let live ideal, perfectly. I wish I could do as well as she…. this grasshopper still needs to learn to take the rock. Sarah seems to annoy those who want to do interviews with her or those who are in some type of political power and just want to meet her. Some people seem to think that if she doesn’t do interviews with these “people” that it will make her look arrogant. I honestly think it makes her look smart as she is calculating the people and going off instinct rather then jumping into something that may not come out well.

When you think of Sarah Palin… think of the Alaskan live and let live ideal. And remember… don’t make the Alaskans mad. You might regret it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exxon .... let the Tariff problems begin.

Ahhh I see something in the news as a small “news” article, which it really shouldn’t be and should be investigated. But KTUU and the ADN are liberal rags…. and I digress.

It seems that some of the Tariff’s for the TransAlaska Pipeline were a tad too high. Which means that the owners of the TransAlaska pipeline were charging a little too much to let the oil flow through it.

Now why would I bring this up? Exxon, who holds 18 percent of the TransAlaska Pipeline.

This has happened before. In 2001, a hearing concerning the restoration, removing and dismantling of the TransAlaska Pipeline. It also showed in the testimony how Exxon leapfrogged around and supposedly “forgot” to put in to the calculations concerning interest and so on and in the testimony you can see how it was royalties that were held. If you are curious to read… here is the PDF from the Alaska RCA and start on page 134. Also, it is interesting how Exxon in 2006, was unable to meet Crude production (page 53). Why? They owned around 26% .... so who knows.

Not sure about everyone else, but Exxon doesn't do anything for me. Can you tell?

Most Alaskans I know are dumping Exxon shares like you wouldn't believe. It has dropped to 69.05 as of Friday... and doesn't look like it is going back up.

What makes this more interesting is that many don't realize how much Exxon likes to play games. They are notorious for suing anyone who they think or deem an enemy.. and they usually win.

We are going to see more Exxon problems arise. Quote me on this.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I guess that is why they call it Fishing and not Catching, unless you have two preteens being pests around you.

Well… fishing sucked. I guess I should have gone to the cabin.

Yes I did see fish, and I had quite a few on. But I had someone’s 12 yrs old boys next to me and they kept flipping over my line and I proceeded to lose every freaking fish I had on. I about went off on the dad of the boys as he didn’t seem to care and on top of it one was just being a shit and throwing rocks in the water. But I stopped myself, even though I wanted too.

Maybe I am old fashioned, but when I was a kid and we went to the Russian with my Dad, if you did something stupid you got out of the river and a stern talking too and probably didn’t fish for the rest of the day. Is it so bad to do that to kids now? Make them stop screwing off if they are bothering and literally being pains in the butt to those around them.

I will have to say it was a beautiful day. Blue sky, warm even for being on the river and a little bit of a breeze and a occasional gust, but all in all a wonderful day.

If anyone happens to go down… the road is still all screwed up around Summit Lake. So slow down and be careful around the gravel parts of the road.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trig Toofer, Palin Deception.. thinks I am Sarah Palin? HAHAHAHAH!

Freaking AMAZING! LMFAO the Trig Toofer. Palin Deceptions thinks I am Sarah Palin!

I saw this flicker “pic” and literally started laughing out loud. How DUMB can some people possible be? I have had this name for a few years. I have been on around the blogo-shere for a few years with this name… and people have accused me of being Sarah Palin. But sorry all, I am not.

I do think it beyond stupid that he actually used screen save on this. *Sigh* Did anyone ever think they were speaking to Sarah? Too freaking funny!

Northern Edge, MJ dead (whoopty do) and I wish Celtic Diva crosses my path! And a airport soon to be called "the Airport to No Where", just watch.

So I can’t seem to get any information concerning North Korea. I am sure that Alaska and Hawaii are on high alert as they are vowing Nuclear Fireworks. It is also interesting as Alaska is having a yearly Military Exercise called Northern Edge. This time we happen to have an aircraft carrier in the gulf of Alaska. Hmm a nuclear threat DURING a Military Exercise... Ironic!

Why do I have a feeling that Takotna is going to be called the "Airport to No Where"? Thank God that no one has really noticed it yet.... right?

No, we had the Michael Jackson freak out “HE IS DEAD” BS, and Farrah Fawcett dies and not many say much as she at least tried to battle cancer that ate her alive. Look.. Michael Jackson in my eyes was a pedophile. I feel bad for those three children who he “paid” for. The guy was beyond weird and his obvious drug addiction was showing just how much his life bothered him. I have no remorse for him and if you think I am judging him. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought it upon himself.

But it was a good day. I received a good review on my work and heard from my BF who was out in the gulf, but was going to Valdez to refuel. I am glad he is having a good time.

I am debating on taking Gunner with me either fishing at the Russian or taking him up to the Cabin and checking on the Garden…. Or both. 150 north and back, or 150 miles south and back …. or 600 miles round trip? What would you do? I haven’t decided yet, but either way I am leaving tomorrow after work.

And as for Celtic Diva…. Per Conservatives4Palin who found the photo of the distorted Trig Palin. I don’t even know what to say other then I hope to hell she NEVER crosses my path. It is just disgusting to photo shop a disabled child’s face. It doesn't matter who freaking did it. Here is the picture if you are curious.

I had a cousin who had a severely disabled child. He was more or less born with only a brain stem, as I have forgotten the name of the debilitation. He stayed 2 months old until he died at age 9. His wife and I were both pregnant at the same time. As they obviously kept their baby and even disabled, loved him… I gave my perfectly healthy child up for adoption. Talk about Irony. But what makes it worse, is that my favorite cousin always took care of his son before going to work, went into the bedroom to get him up and take care of him… only to find he had passed away. It was sad as that child was probably the cuddliest child you could ever meet. He loved being held and even though he was obviously very disabled, showed he loved you by holding your hand and rubbing your hand against his cheek. That was how he showed he loved you. I miss that little boy. Celtic Diva really needs to figure out that children, no matter how they were born, are a present from God. And some people can not have children.

Diva, your days are numbered. Maybe that Nuke will land on your house.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Korea's threat is High! Alaska and Hawaii needs to watch it... Obama won't save us.

Yeah, I said it... Obama WON'T save us!

Now I have done numerous blogs on this. There is a 4th of July Threat on Hawaii... now they want to wipe the United States of the map? Have they looked at a Map lately?

What I want to know is, where in Kim Jong Il's son? Maybe it is time to take a hostage?

Keep watching people.... this isn't good, especially with Iran in the state of turmoil and unrest. Check out as they have very good coverage of it.

Also, keep praying!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ahhh a small earthquake... might Redoubt burp again?

Alaska is known for it’s nice earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions.

We all know that Redoubt hasn’t gone down in magnitude as it is still at “orange”. But with this last earthquake right on the Denali Fault line, it makes me wonder if we are going to get the ash again?

Has anyone in Alaska, noticed that every time we have a small earthquake as of late, with Redoubt on the verge of burping, two or three days later, it does actually blow? Also the serendipitous way that as soon as we have one of these small earthquakes, the AVO downgrades the volcano to yellow.. and within a day, it blows?

Just an oddity I have noticed.

I am going to predict that Redoubt will burp in less then a week. If I am wrong.. so be it!

**BTW, I never felt this last one, guess I was lucky.**

Why isn't Obama worried about North Korea or Iran? Hey Hawaii, do you wanna glow or have healthcare?

So, the rumor is that North Korea plans to make it a spectacular event for American’s 4th of July! I didn’t realize that a glow of Nuclear detonation via Hawaii as the impact zone was suppose to be fireworks. Did anyone else?

Does anyone besides myself, think that Obama is in way over his head? He won’t say much on Iran… as he thinks he is going to be able to “Talk” to the Ayatollah or the Mullah’s or even Immadinnerjacket. He sure hasn’t said much on North Korea. Actually I don’t remember him saying ANYTHING concerning this threat. Nor the fact that Russia and China are doing their own global currency either makes on really wonder if he knows anything concerning Global affairs.

No, Obama, in his NON infinite wisdom, is pushing freaking healthcare! WHY?????

Hello, BARACK HUSSIEN OBAMA, Do you NOT understand that healthcare isn’t exactly something to worry about right now? BTW where is that money that is from FEMA for our community here in Alaska that was ICE LOGGED? How about the actual THREAT for Hawaii per Kim Jong Il for July 4th? And NOW, that idiot woman who brought us the Redneck Terrorist documents, is going to ABANDON the Americans Spy Satellite Program! Smart move there, you stupid woman!

You know, the United States wasn’t a joke until you, Obama, came along. Now the world really does know how stupid you are … as well as the voters who voted for your position! I know some of them regret it now; I wish these people who voted for you would have figured it out before hand.

I am looking to the south for a Glow. Hawaii, I hope you are happy with it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

LMFAO @ Celtic Tinker!

I have NO clue who made this but OMG I want to kiss you! Or at least buy you a cup of coffee!

Celtic Tinker.. the wicked step sister of the Right or Left....

Read it and giggle!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Biologists blame Global cooling and not look at all the evidence again.

Per something that biologists never seem to get right. King Salmon is down again this year. Per ADN article, it is about “Global Cooling” and NOT heavy commercial fishing. Yeah right. They didn’t seem to put in there or link that OTHER species of salmon have been coming back in record numbers this year and go out as far as Kings do. And God FORBID it not be the larger Commercial Salmon companies over harvesting. Yes people, they do over harvest.

I roll my eyes as fishery biologists don’t seem to put ALL evidence in for Kings. Cook Inlet area the last few years have been inundated with nasty floods. Even while the salmon have been spawning the water has been extremely high. So when the water finally goes down unless another crest happens, it will scatter the eggs. Anyone else noticing that trout have been in huge high numbers lately? Ever thing that the trout fry are eating the eggs of the Kings? Or the trout eating the salmon fry early in the season? What a concept.

Also, as people are “revamping and redistributing” dirt around areas like Campbell Creek, Ship Creek, Kenai River, Russian River, and river going down south to help the “foliage” to grow back and the soil not to disintegrate into the river, which is NOT working as or soil has quite a bit of clay and sand in it. The topsoil renovation work is probably covering up the eggs and/or fry with a layer of dirt that they can’t get out of as it is not normal for rivers to have tons of topsoil, but has silt.

Last year it was a normal year for Alaska, even if we hated the cold and got use to the nice hot weather we had been receiving for a while.

The biologists are not putting all the variables together. They never do usually.

Iran, fighting for their freedom not a utopian ideal.

I have been trying to keep up on the Iranian riots and fights concerning the election.

It looks like the students are getting their butts kicked and in some cases killed. HotAir has been doing quite a bit of coverage on this, which I am thankful for as I have not been able to keep up with everything.

Imagine if something like this was here in the United States. What side would you be on? Would you fight, or flee? Would it make it a difference to you what happened as you are a fence sitter? These are the questions running thru my head, if something like this happened here.

It still amazes me to no end how many people think that there should be a Utopian like society. I do not know of one that has ever been in the history of mankind. There is right and there is wrong. There is good and there is evil. But when the lines become blurred, on someone’s say or their ideals other then a moral ideal then where does the common sense go? And that goes for all people. You can't make a Utopian society without the madness.... Rome comes to mind.

The one link that bothers me to no end was a young Iranian woman whom was shot thru the chest. The perfect shot to kill a human. You see her dieing as anyone who has ever hunted knows that when you kill an animal and have the perfect lung/heart shot, they can bleed excessively thru the nose and mouth. The woman bled and it was coming out of her nose and mouth, you can also tell it was not staged. AllahPundit on HotAir was obviously bothered by it as well. He may be an atheist, but he is still human. Here is the link:

We haven’t heard much of a whisper from North Korea in the last few days. After their initial “threat” to target Hawaii with one of their Paektusan-2 missiles and Hawaii going on the defense. I wonder what the hell Il is doing. Why Hawaii al of a sudden? Does he fear Alaska? Or the Gov.? Makes one wonder.

Russia has been unusually quiet as well. I wonder if they are worried about North Korea as well

Saturday, June 20, 2009

For those whom believe the end of the world is 2012. You all fascinate me! But the movie looks good too.

With a new video coming out.... I think this will be a box office hit and it will scare the hell out of people.

The end of the world, no matter what culture, is deeply held in the realization that we are all going to die one day. But how, when, where, and why remains the issue. And people are infatuated with it, and all those people fascinate me to no end!
I have the trailer from the new movie. Remember it is just a movie! And this is the actual Website... as I signed up as a "survivor" to see what they would send. Been pretty interesting and fun...

In the trailer notice these two items:
1. the President
2. The Carrier, the name and what is under it.
You are all smart enough to figure it out.
Have fun!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Natural Gas and how it shall effect those outside of Alaska, such as Well Owners.

I am not sure how everyone feels about the new natural gas pipeline, concerning TransCanada or Exxon, as many who read this know I do not like Exxon for many reasons.

I and my good friend Rev. Paul decided to do a joint blog concerning this. He gives a good idea of what South Central Alaska is going to be going up against here in the next few years. And the sad part is that it is true. He also mentions things that another friend, explains further down the blog.

But, I decided that I wanted to know more, as I mainly work in oil. So I decided to contact my friend Jim, who happens to own a small but very steady little oil and gas company in Texas. He gave me some insight in how this will not just effect Alaska, but will also affect those who own gas wells across the United States, how it may actually rob more then gas and how it may also be used… as Alaskans will be losing a resource. Jim, wasn’t happy about this merger anymore then I.

Upinak: Jim, I know you are a busy guy. But if you don’t mind answering a small question on the TransCanada/Exxon deal, I would appreciate it.

With this new deal, is it going to lower the price of Natural Gas around the lower 48 now?

I have quite a few people asking me as to what may be the outcome.


Jim: I always have time for the queen of the Great North!
There are a number of factors that are weighing down on the US natural gas market, with the Exxon/TransCanada deal being a fairly minor one.
Probably the number one thing is the rapidly approaching LNG issue. Exxon and a number of other internationals have invested many billions in the Persian Gulf natural gas LNG tanker infrastructure recently and Qatar will be shipping huge amounts of LNG later this year. Other projects are coming on line as well. There are huge gas fields in the Gulf, and very little of it has been marketed, until recently.
My friends who are in the gas business (oil and gas people don't get along - they are two entirely different mindsets) are very concerned. This is also reflected in the rapid decline of the drilling boom in the Newark Burnet Shale play in North Texas - the largest gas field in Texas, as well as the anemic state of the spot price of gas on the exchanges..
All this is wearing down the natural gas market and causing a lot of second-guessing. Moreover, Europe is looking for another gas source after the overreaching of the Russians last year. The LNG is expected to supply a quarter of their needs, minimizing the insecure Russian sources and the associated risks of relying on Putin for that critical fuel.
On the other hand, gas has a low profile as far as the Greenie-weenies are concerned (they are much more focused on coal and oil), and our need for it will only increase. But... the short-term pricing landscape for natural gas here in the States is not too good at the moment. The fear is palpable - which is not to say that it is entirely justified.


Upinak: Hey Jim,on this same subject. I was approached by someone today. With your knowledge... do you know what it would take (I am not familiar with tar sands) to use the PSI of the gas to scour the sticky sands, besides just baking them.I was taken back by this... but if you think about it, it makes sense why XOM is getting involved.

Jim: Uppy,

Here is a brief initial description of what would entail.The tar sands are basically just sand, silt and bitumen with some bound water.Bitumen is an old term that stands for any viscous hydrocarbon. The hydrocarbon in tar sands is very viscous, asphaltic (think of a road blacktop) and full of heavy hydrocarbons such as polycyclic aromatics - benzene rings all bound together and very long-chain double-bonded hydrocarbons. Basically, a mass of thick superviscous gunk that you can drive over with a truck - not very useful in its native state.So, they question is: how do we get it to flow? You've lived in Florida, so you know what happens to asphalt after a hot day - it loses some of its viscosity. How can we decrease the viscosity of this tar sand goo? Well, we have used three things" steam, pyrolysis (heating ) and chemical Chrsolvents. All of these require a lot of cost. A ton of standard-issue Athabascan tar sand can produce a rather paltry 20-25 gallons of less viscous black goo that used to be known, back in the Jimmy Carter days, as "syncrude". This goo can then be pumped into the normal refining processes that can fractionate it into useful hydrocarbons.This brings me to your question: can we use the gas within the tar sand to "scour" the sticky sands - a process that would be under the technique known as pyrolysis. The problem here is that there is basically no gas bound within the tar sands, so this gas would have to be pipelined in from somewhere else and then used as the feeder stock to "crack" the heavy hydrocarbon bonds of the gunk. That would be like crudely imitating the "cracking towers" of most refineries.Here is the problem - would it take more energy to free the hydrocarbons in the tar sands than it would be worth? Remember, there is only a half-barrel of prerefined "goo" in every ton of tar sands. There would be a lot of water needed in this process as well, the often toxic residues, which often contain sulfur and heavier metals such as vanadium, would need to be disposed of as well as the often trace radioactive bits of residue from the reducing environment that these sands were originally present in. Ans, of sourse, the still-gooey silt and sand infrastructure of these tar sands.Whether one uses straight pyrolysis or steam heated by the natural gas, there is a lot of additional costs (gas, water, disposal fees and a lot of required refining) as well as useful energy wasted to produce a minor amount of oil. Then there are the CO2 issues that would set off the Greenie-weenies.Compare this with the low "lift costs" of a local oil production, and the economics are not even comparable. Look up the sad history of Jimmy Carter's "syncrude" corporation, which is somewhat comparable. Google "Syncrude Corporation", I believe. It was a multibillion dollar boondoggle. The tar sands are a much better target, but the basic idea is the same - there is a huge amount of lost value and profits, as well as additional tremendous ecological problems produced, when we try to extract solid hydocarbons from matrix rocks, like tar sands or oil shales, to make into oil.I'll send you some more info later tonight and tomorrow.Thanks!


So, there are some “rumors” that have died BUT some interesting insight via Jim on what can happen and will probably be happening. Exxon bringing gas down from Alaska and helping to “cook” the oil sands in Alberta. I knew it had to be more then just Exxon willing to help. Exxon isn’t the type of company to do anything without an alternative, other then money. And talks of Petro-Canada and Suncor merger could be a problem as well.

I have quite a few friends who own land in Texas who have gas wells, in the Barnett Shale. Their checks went from 2500 a month down to 120.00. And I wish I was kidding as they actually showed the paperwork to me concerning their loss, the BTU’s, the PSI, and if they were going to “Frac” or fracture the formation to tap into more gas. Sometimes the gas is considered sour, so it is put on hold until it can be mixed with a sweet gas and then can be used. Barnett Shale is like this quite often. Either way, those people who let the companies drill for gas on their property are screwed as in some cases the gas companies are plug and abandoning these wells.

But Alaska Gas is very clean and rarely turns sour. So much so that small villages that have oil companies drill on their “land” happen to get the gas for heat in their homes, businesses and other places all over the slope. Interesting, isn’t it.

This also doesn’t help Alaskans with anything concerning a Bullet Line from Kenai (due to gas production dwindling) or the fast that a spur line is now on hold via the “Pipeline” talks. Alaskans in south central only have enough resources until 2015 even if used conservatively. This also makes me wonder about UIC, or what is known as Injection Wells. That is where they inject the Wells with the Natural Gas that comes back and cit circulates back into the formation and pool to scour the oil off the sands. Quite a few questions to be answered. There are regulations for natural gas, but will it matter now?

I know this was a long Blog entry. But I wanted to take the time to let everyone know this pipeline is good to a point… but this isn’t the only or best option.

Governor Palin knows this is a start, she did what she promised. But it makes me wonder how much Murkowski is now in the negotiations concerning this pipeline. And we all know he has a bone to pick with Alaskans for kicking him out of the Governors seat.

God Help us!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Diva got someone to pay for her snooping? How about being a real Alaskan and worry about you and your family!

As I read around and check the blogosphere. I can’t help but notice that somehow (as in someone paid for the information she was requesting), Diva got the information concerning something on Arctic Cat and Todd Palin.

Color me stupid, but how is this news? How is this anything but snooping into people’s personal lives?

It really bothers me that people will go to any lengths to find dirt on other people. Maybe I should go and find out dirt on Celtic Diva’s “problem” and find out why she is considered “handicapped” and then maybe watch her so closely that I can use what she does against herself. I.E. make her lose any and all benefits she has.

But, I won’t. Because Karma is a bitch and I KNOW it comes back around.

So my advice to Diva and others whom are like her is:

1. Eventually you are going to piss off so many people here in Alaska they are going to go after you and your husband.
2. Watch yourself sweetie, you never know when even your Democrat friends will have enough of the BS.
3. And prepare for when you DO have someone take away those wonderful benefits I and other Tax Payers are having taken out of OUR paychecks, to give to you… because you are “disabled”.

Diva, you and your buddies have been warned.

Expecting a new Addition!

Yep, you got it. The Boy Friend and I are expecting.















a 65LBS good looking brown eyes, blond haired boy!

I think we are going to call him.... Gunner! :) What does everyone have in the way of Fur Babies?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on Garden: I think I over did it this year.

Since I know there are some gardeners out there who like to read about my adventures in gardening. I thought I would give you an update.


I have in right now, 6 of the 10, 4’ in diameter culverts in. I am growing the potatoes in one, multiple different squashes in another, a culvert for JUST strawberries, one culvert has all lettuce that is finally growing in and one for cabbage and broccoli. The last one I have kohlrabi (it is like a radish but not hot), radishes, garlic, and a horseradish root. I am experimenting so we will so how that goes.

As for my tomatoes…. That is a labor of love concerning the big boy’s I have. They weren’t doing so well in the green house so I took them out and they are doing fine. What are growing like crazy in the greenhouse is the yellow and cherry tomatoes which are now blooming. I also have multiple different varieties of herbs in the greenhouse, but I also am trying jalapeƱos for the Boy Friend. They are doing well, which I was surprised as I have never tried growing them. I have some cucumbers and eggplant as well.

We also decided to take some initiative and start a sprinkler system on a timer, as the Boy Friend and I are both avid fisher people, so we wouldn’t have to worry about the veggies and such dieing if we wanted to do an extended weekend. It has worked out GREAT! We are both impressed with how well it has worked out.

On another note, we both bought quite a few blue berry bushes and currant bushes. Only 2 of the blue berry bushes died… which we expected as they were very small. But everything else, bush wise, is actually producing! Not in huge amounts.. but we were not expecting them to produce anything this year.

Now anyone have any suggestions on how to winterize these nice bushes AND the strawberries? I was thinking some hay and put some plastic sheeting over them so ice wouldn’t kill them and we can take it off as soon as it warms up next summer. But I am open for suggestion!

Also... has anyone ever "planted' seeds and have them winter over? I want to try it with my squashes as an experiment.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

China and Russia's new currency, and why Pebble Mine should begin helping our Nation bring a Gold Standard back to the Treasury.

Get ready for the Yuan!

What’s that you say? Well since our dollars is now just a piece of paper due to Obama, Congress and our lovely Senate, Russia and China are making a 6 Nation Pact to endorse a new reserve.

Now would that be a bad thing? Not necessarily. Let’s say that we, as in America, get a real President in… and let’s say they try to go back to the gold standard, it could be a small price to pay to be out from under the “Currency International Wars” that are now starting to pop up. When I say small price, I mean that if we switched back to cold hard gold standard, we as a Nation would be forced to cut back everything and have to learn to be more conservative in spending AND in Government. We would also have a recession for sure concerning the switch as a dollar now is not worth a gold standard dollar, as it would be worth more like a five dollar bill rather then a one dollar bill. We would also get more bang for our buck, but you would have to price out the difference. Say spend a dollar for something useless… and you will feel it later. But it would make a lot more sense to go back to what we know is tried and truly works.

That is one reason why I am not against the Pebble Mine in Alaska as well as other mines being developed. As it cracks me up that everyone thinks that it is mainly a gold mine. When actually if you look at the demographics of it…. There is much more expensive and just as highly used minerals in that area other then gold. What am I talking about? Well there is a certain alloy used in aluminum, to make it more pliable and stronger. It is used in variation in car parts and of all things…. Cans we drink out of. The only problem is, it isn’t very well recycled due to the break down when in the recycle phase. This mineral is called bauxite, which is a type of nickel that bonds well with aluminum as it is a aluminum ore. It has been used for years and years in building materials. But when they figured it makes aluminum more dureable it was mined extensively. Other then gold, and diamonds, bauxite is a very highly sought after mineral as it is hard to find areas that are a specialized type. Bauxite is in the area of Pebble Mine. It isn’t like it is Tar Sands… which I will be blogging about later this week.

So a gold standard and Alaska mining for our standard with an added bonus. Sounds good to me!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran Riots, North Korea threatening again... And Alaska doesn't have all of it's missiles at Greely yet. Are you scared?

While everyone liberal wise and media wise happening to be wooing over Obama and the dumb healthcare plan that isn’t needed, Iran has had huge and extremely bloody riot due to the election, that seems to have been just like Russia’s a few years ago…. fraudulent. Even AllahPundit from is obviously worried via the multiple threads. I don’t think he is just posting them for traffic either.

And as while Iran is going thru its election fraud and rioting, Kim Jong Il feels left out and has been threatening nuclear promises aimed towards the United States. Oh joy!

And what has the American media done? Barely even batted an eye concerning either Iran or North Korea. Interesting as they are both imminent threats against the United States. But at least the conservative blogs are keeping up on it.

Why does this bother me and should bother you? Because, being that Iran may have nuclear plutonium and possibly missiles, as well and known micro-biological material while going thru a election riot. Or the fact that Kim Jong Il is mentally incapacitated and clearly is showing a side that we should never see… a threat from a country who shouldn’t be threatening that actually has nuclear arsenal.

Are you scared yet? I am sure edgy!

This isn’t just an Alaska item. This is a United States, Mexico and Canadian problem, so a whole continent. The missile interceptors are still scheduled to Ft. Greely in Alaska. But what about the rest of the Nation who has the interceptors to stop an enemy missile coming into U.S. or any other North American Continent?

Worried yet? You should be!

Keep an eye on this…. This isn’t over by any means.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Palin Webathon, with Conservatives4Palin and a donation to the Alaska Trust Fund! Let's Help Sarah!

If you ever wanted to help Gov. Palin out, this would be the time. Conservatives 4 Palin is starting a webathon June 15th-June 22nd to help get rid of the debt started by our Liberal Alaskans who have nothing else better to do then to start complaints, which in effect is a drain on Gov. Palin's own personal account.

Think of it as a Karma like moment. Maybe one day something great can happen to you.

go to the Alaska Trust Fund for Gov. Palin and donate.

Then go to and let them know what you donated.

It is fun and it can show that we are all backing her. To bad it has to come to this!

Friday, June 12, 2009


The RUSSIAN is open!

And it looks good for fishing, per ADN and the fishing report.

Also Montana Creek is running Kings (as I saw some caught last weekend) as well as Talkeetna and Susitna River.

Well, you know what I am going to be doing, besides putting in more culvert for my garden. What will you be doing this weekend? Remember to cut, and throw your fish waste! Or you might see a bear!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exxon and Alaska..... not a happy union by any means.

Exxon and TransCanada…. Interesting development today.

Ok so now that Exxon has “bought in” with TransCanada on the LNG Pipeline to go into Canada and further down, now what? What I am curious about is what is the percentage of Exxon into this pipeline? Personally I am thinking 35-45%, or they wouldn't do it. What is the contract with each other? How much is each going to get depending on the design, amount, rotation of profit, measurements on engagement, the actual cost, the ratio of cubic square liquid to actual cubic square gas. I don’t know about you but something sounds… fishy.

And what bothers me even more is the Spur AND a Bullet line off this. Denali better get on the ball and fast if it wants to be taken seriously.

I applaud Governor Palin on this as the Gas Team and the AGIA Team worked hours taken away from Family and such. But I don’t trust Exxon…. In any capacity.

Exxon is notorious for sitting on things, letting it brew I guess you can say. The appeals of the Exxon Valdez spill almost 20 yrs says quite a bit about the company, as many fishermen and villages are STILL waiting for the money in which the Exxon Valdez took from them via subsistence. Also sitting on PT. Thompson Unit and sitting on it for over 20 yrs now until just recently via a suit from the State of Alaska, makes one wonder. The excuse was that the oil wasn’t viable enough to connect and since the gas would be trapped and not be able to go anywhere, and they as a company would lose money on the wells and leases. So rather then do anything, they just sat on it. Tisk Tisk Exxon!

Exxon is also not an oil and natural gas company that drills. They usually pony on another company after they buy leases for land and the pony company does all the work, so to speak, so while the pony company gets the oil, Exxon usually goes for the gas. I wonder why? Exxon doesn’t actually own any equipment… that I know of. It reminds me of an investment company if anything. Yet since it does partially own wells around the world, it does make money, the highest ranking in the world.

Now someone pointed out something significant to those smaller individuals whom own gas wells around the United States. How is this going to affect them? Is this going to spike gas prices and stock? Is this going to lower gas prices and is the stock going to spike? Or is it going to lower gas prices and stock now? Too many variables and I am not an economics guru. How will this affect UIC (Underground Injection Wells) wells since the North Slope uses the natural gas to re-inject back into the formations? Will UIC wells stopped being used or will something like CO2 be used instead?

Also... just for those Alaskans curious. What do you think the Legislature will do with the new found "monies" coming in from any of the LNG pipeline with the now non-stranded natural gas which up until 2005 was concidered "confidential"? Do you think it will be put into a different PFD type for us, or do you think it will be put into a "fund" for spending? I think the latter as we all know our Legislature. I hope AGIA gets a say and does the RIGHT thing.

Another thing about Exxon, they are notoriously sue happy. Read this about Exxon suing in 1983, a PIPELINE COMPANY.

You don’t feed the dog that bites you, especially if it bites your kids … aka the Alaskans. Most people I know would put that dog down. This is something new.... and I am not just leary, I think Alaska is about to get shit on by Exxon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Doctors and the Immoral Minority is acting like David Letterman... typical liberal.

So I am checking messages and someone tells me to go look at what the Immoral Minority wrote about a Shooter at a museum. Saying the shooter was a Sarah Palin fan due to being christian and the fact this guy was part of a hate group... good freaking God Immoral. Get a clue and a life. Why not actually get a REAL base and talk about terrorists around the WORLD? And I am not just talking about jihad muslims, I am talking ALL terrorists. Some people need to grow up... no matter what age they are. Talk about disgusting!

But even before I read about David Letterman yesterday or Immoral today... I was having chest pains into my neck. Now my Dad died of heart problems and my Mom has them, so yeah I was a tad worried. I went to the Doctor and had it checked out today. I am having severe neck spasms that the muscles are spasming into my chest. Well, interesting how that works ... as it is from a whiplash injury I had that I never had taken care of years ago, from a car accident. I didn't shows signs of whiplash or shock so I wasn't sent off. But it was a bad crash, and my only one due to conditions on the road and a moron who didn't know how to drive. But that was then. If you ever realize that you have problems, it may be due to old accidents. I am just glad it isn't about my heart. And I am getting all the other stuff ran too.... including my thyroid I have been putting off.

I hope you all had a better day then I did.

David Letterman needs to be fired. He actually went after Willow Palin. I have emails to contact CBS and sponser that commercials on that network.

You know, it doesn’t matter if you are liberal, conservative, heterosexual or homosexual. If you have children, especially girls, you want them protected.

What would you say if someone told you that your beautiful little girl should be raped, or should get knocked up? What if your little girl was 14 yrs old? I bet you would be flipping hell bent wouldn’t you?

Dave Letterman and his writing staff is at it again and this time he KNEW it was about Willow, Gov. Palin’s 14 yr old child. Is CBS looking for ratings and it has come to saying something down right WRONG? Would you actually say something about Obama’s kids? HELL NO! So why is CBS getting away with it?

I don’t care what political affiliation you are with…. It is time to ask Dave Letterman to step down or for CBS to just fire him all together.

Here are some names and number for you to contact (H/T C4P):

Nina Tassler, Kelly Kahl, Audsvcs, Kim Sartor, and Les Moonves are the top Exec's for CBS.

Or you can call CBS at: 212-975-4321

Even though Gov. Palin AND Todd, her husband have put out Statements concerning this. Davis just needs to be fired. It might get the message thru his thick skull.

You can read more at conservatives4palin.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whether you are a Conservative or a Liberal.... your fuel is going up. Don't pretend it isn't! ANWR, it is time to drill.

I don’t know where you are in the United States or the World, but I want to know how much your gasoline or diesel is where you buy it.

As of today.. gasoline where I got it was $2.71. Up now to 50 cents what it was 6 months ago. This is starting to worry me as most of those whom have to pay for heating fuel are going to be spending like they did this last winter. And we don’t even have our Alaska fuel tax back on yet.

John McCain and the rest of the goons, voted down again the drilling of ANWR. Why? What is the purpose of not drilling it now? I think McCain is trying to get back at Sarah in my personal opinion. I feel for Lisa Murkowski, our Alaska Senator, who is trying like you wouldn’t believe to open it back up. Begich, the worthless and former mayor of Anchorage didn’t do a damn thing but sit on his butt, and probably tried to persuade others to oppose it. What a waste of tax payers money Begich is, even after he said he would help with the energy crisis. I guess voting on a stimulus was his way of helping.

BUT if you read up on ANWR.ORG you might see who is supporting ANWR and who is against. This organization has quite a bit of good information and is PRO ANWR, not just drilling it. But you will never hear that from Greenies. Who BTW, are actually the people who leave crap on the North Slope, when they do their "research". It is known among the Oil Companies that they have to have a group volunteer on almost every pad to go pick up the garbage left by the greenies. Nice huh!

Talk about making a idiot of himself. David Letterman needs to be put down I think.

What is the deal with people and saying off the wall, totally tasteless things about Sarah Palin, much less saying things about her children?

David Letterman, as most of you heard today, said some crude things on his top ten list and then went on to say that Sarah’s daughter was being knocked up by A-Rod. Well, I guess Dave and his writers, didn’t realize that Sarah had her 14 yr old daughter Willow with her. I guess they assumed it was Bristol, the eldest. Also, it wasn’t just totally tasteless, it was totally disgusting to even mention that.

I seriously hope that CBS and the CEO’s figure out what to do with this retard. Yeah I am saying retard, because it is true. He is a complete idiot, and even those whom are mentally handicapped are smarter then this idiot. Let's put him down, like the dog he is. CBS... time to get rid of some of your feces.

Will the FCC do anything about this. I doubt it. Will the Republican anything say a word. I doubt that as well. Civility doesn’t seem to be “in” for this country and the only thing that works is making stuff up as you go.

This has been a very odd day, not to mention week.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Liberal Blogs, Trig Toofers and the fact they need some "help".

Per Conservatives4Palin, the trig toofers are at it again. Why? What is the damn point in it?

It is a Child. It doesn't matter if the child is disabled or not, it is still the fact it is a child. And who in their right mind would "fake" a pregnancy this day and age is beyond me.

I give it completely due to mental disorders that they are prone to or have had. They could be the type for Neonaticide. But no, these women fake a pregnancy to receive attention. I don't remember ever seeing Palin using her pregnancy for attention, ever. Does anyone else?

So with that said, I have a sneaking suspicion that most toofers are in fact conspiracy theorist who obviously don't do enough at home or out in the real world and have to imagine things. Which could mean they are seriously mentally ill. Which would make them Paranoid Schizophrenics. Nice huh.

So if they are in WoW, does that keep them safe? Let's hope they can't do anything to harm others.... other then lie to everyone, including themselves.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sorry everyone, I have been hostessing... Got Florida Relatives in

Yeah, I have been hosting my Relative Terrorists... err I mean my Relative Tourists.

Taking them to Seward, Girdwood, Talkeetna, Whittier.....

They saw Humpbacked Whales breaching, Seals and Sea Lions, jelly fish by the thousands... no we didn't catch a damn thinkg either. Prince William is sucking on fishing. If you do come up, go to Seward or Homer for halibut.

They are enjoying it, but I can honestly say I am going to be happy when they go home.

Next monday I should have a good blog up.

Have a great weekend!