Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Legislators and Energy Stimulus.. how about using it to help those on the Yukon!

Energy Stimulus and the legislators are getting on my freaking nerves.

Hey Lesil McGuire, why is it that since your husband has gone to JAIL due to bribes, why are you acting like a freaking Democrat? Hanging out with Jay Ramras, who is not a conservative and should switch parties all together isn’t going to help you or your image. Or maybe you are his next love? At least he didn’t have to go to New York!

So, what ARE you legislators going to do concerning energy in Alaska? Bill Wielechowski thinks that 28.6 million can be used all over the State. On what Bill? Solar Panels in Barrow, in the middle of winter? Please expound Bill, as you are starting to get on my nerves even more then usual.

How about we use the "Stimulus" on those whom have had damage on their homes, or have no homes now, due to the Yukon and Kuskokwim? What a thought there? It Stimulates growth and warm feelings! And it HELPS rebuild lives and can use less energy! Geez, what a concept!

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  1. Please quit holding back, and tell us how you REALLY feel! Seriously, thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking.