Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sullivan, Redoubt and the Yukon villages.

Well Anchorage has Sullivan. Oh yay. I will wait and see what he does as I am not a fan of neither him nor Croft. One reason I know he is not a fiscal conservative is how he has repeatedly tried to come up with some type of sales tax, since sitting on the Assembly. So what does he also do, he has a smoking tax on all smoking items.. from cigarettes, to cigars to pipe tobacco. 500% in one year is a tad large, but it didn’t stop there and has steadily kept rising. The Federal Government has added a tax as well, but nothing like the City and now State tax on it. He will have to win me over and from what I see; I don’t think it will happen.

And on to other news, Mt Redoubt seems to be getting edgy. Well, anyone in Alaska knows this is prone to happen. We don’t freak out about it, unless you are IN a plane and coming in or leaving the airport when it blows. Other then that, it is just life but at least it fertilizes the plants. I wonder if it is God’s “Miracle Grow”?

And the Yukon River is now taking out some small towns or villages along its bank. I would say most know the normalcy of it. Break up comes, the river swells due to melt, and the ice breaks up. But occasionally you get more ice then water, as it has happened this year. So my thinking is, what are the people going to do, not what is the government going to do. Oh course this is my opinion, but if you build on the bank of a river, eventually you ARE going to have problems. Murphy’s Law, Rule of Thumb, Common Sense… whatever you want to call it, but it makes not sense to build a house on the side of a large river knowing it will come to take your house away.

Now, we all know that eventually the State will come in and “Help”. But maybe the villages and the people who live in them should stop and think and maybe move to higher ground? I understand it is peaceful to live next to the water, but who doesn’t think that one day your house may not be there? People think with a type of nostalgia concerning houses and where they move too. I bet they regret it sometimes. Eventually you will have something called an Oxbow lake, which forms from creeks and rivers that have connected in a different spot. But are people willing to have thier house wash away? This is almost like buying property in Nevada, and hoping Californai finally falls off so you have ocean front property!

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