Monday, May 11, 2009

Fishing Bug and the Garden Saga continues!

Fishing ….. I am so getting the “bug” to go. Even for trout!

I may have to take a few hours this coming Saturday and pry the Significant Other from our “gardening chores” and just go, have a beer and relax even if we are both bone tired.

Fishing for trout up here, depending on what type is fun and relaxing. For relaxing trout fishing, I go for the little stocked lake trout. They will bite anything from little pixies to tiny hand made flies to shrimps and egg bait. I have used corn, but that was before it was illegal, but it worked well and I use anything yellow from here on out on lake trout.

There are times that I have actually caught a 2 lbs trout, that was worthy of keeping. Most times I throw it back for another day.

And the garden saga continues!

The Signifact Other decides he wants to start planting. Ugh, I can’t help him right now. But here is a pic of what we are doing.

Get out there and enjoy that day if you can!


  1. YEAH Gardens!!

    I'm not outdoor gardening this year (tired of feeding the homeless) but my indoor garden is going great guns already... Blossoms on the bean plants, everything else so green.

    I like your circles. I used to use tires, cause I was able to get a few more days growing due to the darker color and my rigged cold frames. Anyways, good luck and enjoy the produce and fishing!!

  2. Rain those are galvinized culvert for steams. They are HUGE! 4 foot in diameter and 2 feet high. Going to take a lot of dirt...

    Thanks and good luck on your indoor garden. Try yellow pear tomatoes inside, they grow the best! :)