Monday, June 29, 2009

The Live and Let Live Alaskan way…. And how Sarah Palin is a true believer.

A lot of people understand the live and let live philosophy that Alaskans live by. But even if they have an understanding they really don’t understand the meaning.

What do I mean? Well it works in many ways in like the Karma philosophy, on how what you do comes back around to you. I call Karma a philosophy as to me it is a common sense ideal. But I digress. “Live and Let Live” is a age old term on how to treat your enemies, here in Alaska. Do you treat them with the same disdain they treat you or ignore them all together and know that they will eventually be treated with the same disdain down the road? The latter usually works better.

Sarah Palin has been treating people this way and you can tell via whom she speaks with and the manner of her posture and attitude. Letterman, is one fine example. Another, which many people may not understand is Bill O’Reilly, whom wants Sarah on his show so bad he can taste it yet still pops off with the asinine remark about her continuously. KTUU use to have a straight path for interviews with Sarah. No longer will she show that case. And the ADN, throws tantrums when they can not interview and publish columns that are just fluff and extremely arrogant.

In Alaska… we don’t go by “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” as we know this isn’t true in most cases. But the live and let live policy or ideal or whatever you may call it, usually shines through true and unforgiving.

A lot of people, especially those who come up for the lower 48, think of the live and let live ideal as how hunters think about the prey and hunt. Yes that is also an avenue that, even I as a hunter goes by. But, the rules of hunting and the rules of personal engagement are two different animals all together.

Sarah shows the live and let live ideal, perfectly. I wish I could do as well as she…. this grasshopper still needs to learn to take the rock. Sarah seems to annoy those who want to do interviews with her or those who are in some type of political power and just want to meet her. Some people seem to think that if she doesn’t do interviews with these “people” that it will make her look arrogant. I honestly think it makes her look smart as she is calculating the people and going off instinct rather then jumping into something that may not come out well.

When you think of Sarah Palin… think of the Alaskan live and let live ideal. And remember… don’t make the Alaskans mad. You might regret it.


  1. We have long memories, too. Hence the previous post about Exxon. Exxon signed the agreement with TC Alaska only because Alaska will never sign another deal with them.

  2. I am not sure of things, Upi, but if your contacts can verify things, I may have a small story for you.

    Gov. Palin just tweeted this: "Good News for AK. Exxon won't contest interest it owes for 1989 spill."

    Could it be that one of the consessions that Exxon had to make in order to join with the pipeline was to drop all of it's resistance to repayment?

    Again, I'm just passing along something that was remarked to me in recent days. Call up people and check it out.

  3. Miles, you may want to ask your scource where they got their information from.

    As I have not heard that. And you can check with the Supreme Court in Alaska concerning how many Exxon cases are in at the moment. They aren't confidential.... and if they do not at least say the reason of why they are suing, they can ref a number... via federal law.