Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Doctors and the Immoral Minority is acting like David Letterman... typical liberal.

So I am checking messages and someone tells me to go look at what the Immoral Minority wrote about a Shooter at a museum. Saying the shooter was a Sarah Palin fan due to being christian and the fact this guy was part of a hate group... good freaking God Immoral. Get a clue and a life. Why not actually get a REAL base and talk about terrorists around the WORLD? And I am not just talking about jihad muslims, I am talking ALL terrorists. Some people need to grow up... no matter what age they are. Talk about disgusting!

But even before I read about David Letterman yesterday or Immoral today... I was having chest pains into my neck. Now my Dad died of heart problems and my Mom has them, so yeah I was a tad worried. I went to the Doctor and had it checked out today. I am having severe neck spasms that the muscles are spasming into my chest. Well, interesting how that works ... as it is from a whiplash injury I had that I never had taken care of years ago, from a car accident. I didn't shows signs of whiplash or shock so I wasn't sent off. But it was a bad crash, and my only one due to conditions on the road and a moron who didn't know how to drive. But that was then. If you ever realize that you have problems, it may be due to old accidents. I am just glad it isn't about my heart. And I am getting all the other stuff ran too.... including my thyroid I have been putting off.

I hope you all had a better day then I did.


  1. Uppy - ignore the last e-mail I sent, inquiring about your health. You posted this about the time I was writing it.

    I'm glad the doc figured it out.

  2. yeah some new meds for sure. Some weird anti inflamitory and a new muscle relaxer.