Monday, June 8, 2009

Liberal Blogs, Trig Toofers and the fact they need some "help".

Per Conservatives4Palin, the trig toofers are at it again. Why? What is the damn point in it?

It is a Child. It doesn't matter if the child is disabled or not, it is still the fact it is a child. And who in their right mind would "fake" a pregnancy this day and age is beyond me.

I give it completely due to mental disorders that they are prone to or have had. They could be the type for Neonaticide. But no, these women fake a pregnancy to receive attention. I don't remember ever seeing Palin using her pregnancy for attention, ever. Does anyone else?

So with that said, I have a sneaking suspicion that most toofers are in fact conspiracy theorist who obviously don't do enough at home or out in the real world and have to imagine things. Which could mean they are seriously mentally ill. Which would make them Paranoid Schizophrenics. Nice huh.

So if they are in WoW, does that keep them safe? Let's hope they can't do anything to harm others.... other then lie to everyone, including themselves.


  1. So ... if Trig isn't Sarah's, then Bristol's baby is ...?

    These people are pathetic. I honestly feel sorry for them; I don't, however, waste any pity on them. They've made a choice to believe the least-reasonable "explanation" because of their intense dislike for the Governor.

    It's laughable - or at least would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

  2. By the way, when Gov. Palin was on the Iditarod starting line last year (2008), helping to cut the ribbon, she was CLEARLY pregnant. That was only a short time before Trig's birth.

    Pictures don't lie; liberals do.

  3. yeah... to bad they can't get their stuff straight. It also makes me wonder if they have ever been around someone who has benn prego.

    The stomach moves... ergo baby.... and it isn't always round like most people assume.

    I looked like a oblong eggs at times when I was el'prego.

  4. To add to your above comments... The majority of Down's Syndrome babies are born to women in their 40's.

    Trig was born April 18, 2008, one month premature.
    Bristol's baby was born the last week of December, 2008.

    Anyone counting on their fingers can see it would be dang hard for Bristol to give birth twice within a 8 month period.

    But, of course, you have to be able to understand basic biology, which most of these drones don't because they can't read words of more than 5 letters.

    upinak, with my 3 child, I wore a swimsuit and evening gown in my 7th month, and no one was the wiser. With my 2 child, I swear I showed at 3 months!

  5. Piney... at 2 months I was showing. But then I was 100 lbs soaking wet and very small hard body .... and he was a HUGE kid. 9 lbs 23 inches.. my first child. And you know, if I ever have another am I going to have a toddler? AHHHHHH!