Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on Garden: I think I over did it this year.

Since I know there are some gardeners out there who like to read about my adventures in gardening. I thought I would give you an update.


I have in right now, 6 of the 10, 4’ in diameter culverts in. I am growing the potatoes in one, multiple different squashes in another, a culvert for JUST strawberries, one culvert has all lettuce that is finally growing in and one for cabbage and broccoli. The last one I have kohlrabi (it is like a radish but not hot), radishes, garlic, and a horseradish root. I am experimenting so we will so how that goes.

As for my tomatoes…. That is a labor of love concerning the big boy’s I have. They weren’t doing so well in the green house so I took them out and they are doing fine. What are growing like crazy in the greenhouse is the yellow and cherry tomatoes which are now blooming. I also have multiple different varieties of herbs in the greenhouse, but I also am trying jalapeƱos for the Boy Friend. They are doing well, which I was surprised as I have never tried growing them. I have some cucumbers and eggplant as well.

We also decided to take some initiative and start a sprinkler system on a timer, as the Boy Friend and I are both avid fisher people, so we wouldn’t have to worry about the veggies and such dieing if we wanted to do an extended weekend. It has worked out GREAT! We are both impressed with how well it has worked out.

On another note, we both bought quite a few blue berry bushes and currant bushes. Only 2 of the blue berry bushes died… which we expected as they were very small. But everything else, bush wise, is actually producing! Not in huge amounts.. but we were not expecting them to produce anything this year.

Now anyone have any suggestions on how to winterize these nice bushes AND the strawberries? I was thinking some hay and put some plastic sheeting over them so ice wouldn’t kill them and we can take it off as soon as it warms up next summer. But I am open for suggestion!

Also... has anyone ever "planted' seeds and have them winter over? I want to try it with my squashes as an experiment.


  1. We are up near Big Lake, and do nothing for our plants except one good soaking near the time of the big freeze. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, roses, lilacs and peony all do quite well.

    Our strawberries are a very hardy variety, which might make a difference of what survives and what doesn't. Using straw and plastic sheeting might call out to voles, rabbits and/or squirrels.

    I'm quite envious of your garden! It seems we ran out of steam this year, only planted a few tomato plants.

  2. Piney, don't think I am regretting this right now. We still have a huge amount of dirt from a truck load that I need to put into the 4 culverts that are just sitting out.

    We like fresh food, as all Alaskans do. But since I rehurt myself I have been dragging butt. I may try to get them done around July.

    Thanks for the idea about voles. I didn't even thing about that.