Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why isn't Obama worried about North Korea or Iran? Hey Hawaii, do you wanna glow or have healthcare?

So, the rumor is that North Korea plans to make it a spectacular event for American’s 4th of July! I didn’t realize that a glow of Nuclear detonation via Hawaii as the impact zone was suppose to be fireworks. Did anyone else?

Does anyone besides myself, think that Obama is in way over his head? He won’t say much on Iran… as he thinks he is going to be able to “Talk” to the Ayatollah or the Mullah’s or even Immadinnerjacket. He sure hasn’t said much on North Korea. Actually I don’t remember him saying ANYTHING concerning this threat. Nor the fact that Russia and China are doing their own global currency either makes on really wonder if he knows anything concerning Global affairs.

No, Obama, in his NON infinite wisdom, is pushing freaking healthcare! WHY?????

Hello, BARACK HUSSIEN OBAMA, Do you NOT understand that healthcare isn’t exactly something to worry about right now? BTW where is that money that is from FEMA for our community here in Alaska that was ICE LOGGED? How about the actual THREAT for Hawaii per Kim Jong Il for July 4th? And NOW, that idiot woman who brought us the Redneck Terrorist documents, is going to ABANDON the Americans Spy Satellite Program! Smart move there, you stupid woman!

You know, the United States wasn’t a joke until you, Obama, came along. Now the world really does know how stupid you are … as well as the voters who voted for your position! I know some of them regret it now; I wish these people who voted for you would have figured it out before hand.

I am looking to the south for a Glow. Hawaii, I hope you are happy with it.


  1. Not only is Hawaii at risk, but so are we. If only there were some historical precedent for what to do when aerial bombardment to Hawaii is proposed by an insane oriental leader.

    Oh, wait.

  2. Whoa...

    hammer.. "meat" nail!