Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran Riots, North Korea threatening again... And Alaska doesn't have all of it's missiles at Greely yet. Are you scared?

While everyone liberal wise and media wise happening to be wooing over Obama and the dumb healthcare plan that isn’t needed, Iran has had huge and extremely bloody riot due to the election, that seems to have been just like Russia’s a few years ago…. fraudulent. Even AllahPundit from is obviously worried via the multiple threads. I don’t think he is just posting them for traffic either.

And as while Iran is going thru its election fraud and rioting, Kim Jong Il feels left out and has been threatening nuclear promises aimed towards the United States. Oh joy!

And what has the American media done? Barely even batted an eye concerning either Iran or North Korea. Interesting as they are both imminent threats against the United States. But at least the conservative blogs are keeping up on it.

Why does this bother me and should bother you? Because, being that Iran may have nuclear plutonium and possibly missiles, as well and known micro-biological material while going thru a election riot. Or the fact that Kim Jong Il is mentally incapacitated and clearly is showing a side that we should never see… a threat from a country who shouldn’t be threatening that actually has nuclear arsenal.

Are you scared yet? I am sure edgy!

This isn’t just an Alaska item. This is a United States, Mexico and Canadian problem, so a whole continent. The missile interceptors are still scheduled to Ft. Greely in Alaska. But what about the rest of the Nation who has the interceptors to stop an enemy missile coming into U.S. or any other North American Continent?

Worried yet? You should be!

Keep an eye on this…. This isn’t over by any means.


  1. I don't know what it's going to take, to get the liberals off of dead-center (and I hope that's only a bad pun, rather than a prediction) regarding the NoKo threat. Anchorage is too big a target for Menta Lee Il to ignore for long.

    Maybe if NoKo starts shooting at Hawaii and California (shooting at, not hitting) it will wake some pacifists up to the clear-and-present-danger.

  2. I think it will take a hit before people wake up though Rev.

    Let's hope that it doesn't come to this.

  3. Something else occurs to me - the pipeline is a "bigger" target. What if the North Slope and/or Brooks Range is the target? A nuke strike in northeast AK might or might not kill a lot of people, but it would certainly disrupt the energy situation.