Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whether you are a Conservative or a Liberal.... your fuel is going up. Don't pretend it isn't! ANWR, it is time to drill.

I don’t know where you are in the United States or the World, but I want to know how much your gasoline or diesel is where you buy it.

As of today.. gasoline where I got it was $2.71. Up now to 50 cents what it was 6 months ago. This is starting to worry me as most of those whom have to pay for heating fuel are going to be spending like they did this last winter. And we don’t even have our Alaska fuel tax back on yet.

John McCain and the rest of the goons, voted down again the drilling of ANWR. Why? What is the purpose of not drilling it now? I think McCain is trying to get back at Sarah in my personal opinion. I feel for Lisa Murkowski, our Alaska Senator, who is trying like you wouldn’t believe to open it back up. Begich, the worthless and former mayor of Anchorage didn’t do a damn thing but sit on his butt, and probably tried to persuade others to oppose it. What a waste of tax payers money Begich is, even after he said he would help with the energy crisis. I guess voting on a stimulus was his way of helping.

BUT if you read up on ANWR.ORG you might see who is supporting ANWR and who is against. This organization has quite a bit of good information and is PRO ANWR, not just drilling it. But you will never hear that from Greenies. Who BTW, are actually the people who leave crap on the North Slope, when they do their "research". It is known among the Oil Companies that they have to have a group volunteer on almost every pad to go pick up the garbage left by the greenies. Nice huh!


  1. $2.82 yesterday in Wasilla, and it seems to be higher every day.

  2. Begich is a disgrace to his father's name!

    He isn't in DC to represent the folks of AK, he is there to be a toady for BO.

    The price jumped from 2.77 on Friday to 2.82 this week north of Wasilla.

    It looks to be a long long summer and a very cold winter :(

  3. $2.73 at the stations on the south side of Anchorage, and as you note, the 8 cent state fuel tax will be reimposed soon.

    The price doesn't bother me as much as the reason - or rather, the LACK of a reason - behind said increase. The refiners are charging it because they CAN.

    No greed there, huh?