Thursday, June 25, 2009

Northern Edge, MJ dead (whoopty do) and I wish Celtic Diva crosses my path! And a airport soon to be called "the Airport to No Where", just watch.

So I can’t seem to get any information concerning North Korea. I am sure that Alaska and Hawaii are on high alert as they are vowing Nuclear Fireworks. It is also interesting as Alaska is having a yearly Military Exercise called Northern Edge. This time we happen to have an aircraft carrier in the gulf of Alaska. Hmm a nuclear threat DURING a Military Exercise... Ironic!

Why do I have a feeling that Takotna is going to be called the "Airport to No Where"? Thank God that no one has really noticed it yet.... right?

No, we had the Michael Jackson freak out “HE IS DEAD” BS, and Farrah Fawcett dies and not many say much as she at least tried to battle cancer that ate her alive. Look.. Michael Jackson in my eyes was a pedophile. I feel bad for those three children who he “paid” for. The guy was beyond weird and his obvious drug addiction was showing just how much his life bothered him. I have no remorse for him and if you think I am judging him. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought it upon himself.

But it was a good day. I received a good review on my work and heard from my BF who was out in the gulf, but was going to Valdez to refuel. I am glad he is having a good time.

I am debating on taking Gunner with me either fishing at the Russian or taking him up to the Cabin and checking on the Garden…. Or both. 150 north and back, or 150 miles south and back …. or 600 miles round trip? What would you do? I haven’t decided yet, but either way I am leaving tomorrow after work.

And as for Celtic Diva…. Per Conservatives4Palin who found the photo of the distorted Trig Palin. I don’t even know what to say other then I hope to hell she NEVER crosses my path. It is just disgusting to photo shop a disabled child’s face. It doesn't matter who freaking did it. Here is the picture if you are curious.

I had a cousin who had a severely disabled child. He was more or less born with only a brain stem, as I have forgotten the name of the debilitation. He stayed 2 months old until he died at age 9. His wife and I were both pregnant at the same time. As they obviously kept their baby and even disabled, loved him… I gave my perfectly healthy child up for adoption. Talk about Irony. But what makes it worse, is that my favorite cousin always took care of his son before going to work, went into the bedroom to get him up and take care of him… only to find he had passed away. It was sad as that child was probably the cuddliest child you could ever meet. He loved being held and even though he was obviously very disabled, showed he loved you by holding your hand and rubbing your hand against his cheek. That was how he showed he loved you. I miss that little boy. Celtic Diva really needs to figure out that children, no matter how they were born, are a present from God. And some people can not have children.

Diva, your days are numbered. Maybe that Nuke will land on your house.


  1. You raise several interesting points. About the Takotna airport - it would be the Airport To Nowhere only if it had been funded by a Republican congress. Since the Dimocrits are behind the so-called stimulus funds, no one will say a word.

  2. Rev. Probably... but I wouldn't be surprised if it was called that.