Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Korea's threat is High! Alaska and Hawaii needs to watch it... Obama won't save us.

Yeah, I said it... Obama WON'T save us!

Now I have done numerous blogs on this. There is a 4th of July Threat on Hawaii... now they want to wipe the United States of the map? Have they looked at a Map lately?

What I want to know is, where in Kim Jong Il's son? Maybe it is time to take a hostage?

Keep watching people.... this isn't good, especially with Iran in the state of turmoil and unrest. Check out as they have very good coverage of it.

Also, keep praying!

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  1. If I had to guess what would happen if/when NoKo fires a missile at either state: the president would do nothing & be totally paralyzed while the people are left picking up the pieces. Let's just hope those pieces don't glow in the dark.