Wednesday, June 10, 2009

David Letterman needs to be fired. He actually went after Willow Palin. I have emails to contact CBS and sponser that commercials on that network.

You know, it doesn’t matter if you are liberal, conservative, heterosexual or homosexual. If you have children, especially girls, you want them protected.

What would you say if someone told you that your beautiful little girl should be raped, or should get knocked up? What if your little girl was 14 yrs old? I bet you would be flipping hell bent wouldn’t you?

Dave Letterman and his writing staff is at it again and this time he KNEW it was about Willow, Gov. Palin’s 14 yr old child. Is CBS looking for ratings and it has come to saying something down right WRONG? Would you actually say something about Obama’s kids? HELL NO! So why is CBS getting away with it?

I don’t care what political affiliation you are with…. It is time to ask Dave Letterman to step down or for CBS to just fire him all together.

Here are some names and number for you to contact (H/T C4P):

Nina Tassler, Kelly Kahl, Audsvcs, Kim Sartor, and Les Moonves are the top Exec's for CBS.

Or you can call CBS at: 212-975-4321

Even though Gov. Palin AND Todd, her husband have put out Statements concerning this. Davis just needs to be fired. It might get the message thru his thick skull.

You can read more at conservatives4palin.


  1. Letterman has never seemed funny to me. He makes my skin crawl. I think it is because he seems to share some of the characteristics of sex offenders I worked with in prison.

    At least the 'chesters' as other prisoners called them, don't make jokes about their activities or their fondest dreams.

    This guy does. He needs a healthy dose of reality.

  2. The man is clearly nuts - at whatever point they were made aware that the daughter in question is 14, CBS should have taken prime time to apologize.

    That the network is silent on this point is proof that they are now a state-sponsored outlet, and never to be believed (or listened to) again.

  3. Letterman has received his ticket to hell. I intend to be the one to punch the ticket, as well as his ugly, bucktoothed face.