Saturday, June 27, 2009

I guess that is why they call it Fishing and not Catching, unless you have two preteens being pests around you.

Well… fishing sucked. I guess I should have gone to the cabin.

Yes I did see fish, and I had quite a few on. But I had someone’s 12 yrs old boys next to me and they kept flipping over my line and I proceeded to lose every freaking fish I had on. I about went off on the dad of the boys as he didn’t seem to care and on top of it one was just being a shit and throwing rocks in the water. But I stopped myself, even though I wanted too.

Maybe I am old fashioned, but when I was a kid and we went to the Russian with my Dad, if you did something stupid you got out of the river and a stern talking too and probably didn’t fish for the rest of the day. Is it so bad to do that to kids now? Make them stop screwing off if they are bothering and literally being pains in the butt to those around them.

I will have to say it was a beautiful day. Blue sky, warm even for being on the river and a little bit of a breeze and a occasional gust, but all in all a wonderful day.

If anyone happens to go down… the road is still all screwed up around Summit Lake. So slow down and be careful around the gravel parts of the road.


  1. I'm sorry you had those brats interfering with your fishing. It IS a real pain when the parents are there but do nothing.

  2. Recently had a chance to fish(?) on the Russian while in Alaska on a Mission Trip. Was unique to say least! Great time though! My boys and I truly enjoyed our time there! Even more so after coming home and joining the rat race again!!