Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran, fighting for their freedom not a utopian ideal.

I have been trying to keep up on the Iranian riots and fights concerning the election.

It looks like the students are getting their butts kicked and in some cases killed. HotAir has been doing quite a bit of coverage on this, which I am thankful for as I have not been able to keep up with everything.

Imagine if something like this was here in the United States. What side would you be on? Would you fight, or flee? Would it make it a difference to you what happened as you are a fence sitter? These are the questions running thru my head, if something like this happened here.

It still amazes me to no end how many people think that there should be a Utopian like society. I do not know of one that has ever been in the history of mankind. There is right and there is wrong. There is good and there is evil. But when the lines become blurred, on someone’s say or their ideals other then a moral ideal then where does the common sense go? And that goes for all people. You can't make a Utopian society without the madness.... Rome comes to mind.

The one link that bothers me to no end was a young Iranian woman whom was shot thru the chest. The perfect shot to kill a human. You see her dieing as anyone who has ever hunted knows that when you kill an animal and have the perfect lung/heart shot, they can bleed excessively thru the nose and mouth. The woman bled and it was coming out of her nose and mouth, you can also tell it was not staged. AllahPundit on HotAir was obviously bothered by it as well. He may be an atheist, but he is still human. Here is the link:

We haven’t heard much of a whisper from North Korea in the last few days. After their initial “threat” to target Hawaii with one of their Paektusan-2 missiles and Hawaii going on the defense. I wonder what the hell Il is doing. Why Hawaii al of a sudden? Does he fear Alaska? Or the Gov.? Makes one wonder.

Russia has been unusually quiet as well. I wonder if they are worried about North Korea as well

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