Sunday, June 14, 2009

Palin Webathon, with Conservatives4Palin and a donation to the Alaska Trust Fund! Let's Help Sarah!

If you ever wanted to help Gov. Palin out, this would be the time. Conservatives 4 Palin is starting a webathon June 15th-June 22nd to help get rid of the debt started by our Liberal Alaskans who have nothing else better to do then to start complaints, which in effect is a drain on Gov. Palin's own personal account.

Think of it as a Karma like moment. Maybe one day something great can happen to you.

go to the Alaska Trust Fund for Gov. Palin and donate.

Then go to and let them know what you donated.

It is fun and it can show that we are all backing her. To bad it has to come to this!

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