Sunday, June 21, 2009

Biologists blame Global cooling and not look at all the evidence again.

Per something that biologists never seem to get right. King Salmon is down again this year. Per ADN article, it is about “Global Cooling” and NOT heavy commercial fishing. Yeah right. They didn’t seem to put in there or link that OTHER species of salmon have been coming back in record numbers this year and go out as far as Kings do. And God FORBID it not be the larger Commercial Salmon companies over harvesting. Yes people, they do over harvest.

I roll my eyes as fishery biologists don’t seem to put ALL evidence in for Kings. Cook Inlet area the last few years have been inundated with nasty floods. Even while the salmon have been spawning the water has been extremely high. So when the water finally goes down unless another crest happens, it will scatter the eggs. Anyone else noticing that trout have been in huge high numbers lately? Ever thing that the trout fry are eating the eggs of the Kings? Or the trout eating the salmon fry early in the season? What a concept.

Also, as people are “revamping and redistributing” dirt around areas like Campbell Creek, Ship Creek, Kenai River, Russian River, and river going down south to help the “foliage” to grow back and the soil not to disintegrate into the river, which is NOT working as or soil has quite a bit of clay and sand in it. The topsoil renovation work is probably covering up the eggs and/or fry with a layer of dirt that they can’t get out of as it is not normal for rivers to have tons of topsoil, but has silt.

Last year it was a normal year for Alaska, even if we hated the cold and got use to the nice hot weather we had been receiving for a while.

The biologists are not putting all the variables together. They never do usually.

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  1. If they admit that there is no global warming, then they'd lose the basis for their annual federal grant requests. They might have to actually work for a living, and heaven knows we can't have that.