Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ramras... DUH! How dumb can one man be?

Wow, talk about a bad week for the Ramras. Sucks to be HIM! But he brought it upon himself, so I feel no empathy or pity for this idiot but I do feel for the people in Fairbanks, Alaska who voted this jerk in.

I guess that Alaska being in the lime light and having Alaska looked at via the rest of the people in the United States, probably never occurred to Ramras or any other political figure here.. Here is something Jay… DUH! Heck I have been saying it since Sarah was rumored to be picked for VP candidate, that Alaska will be under the microscope even more so then when those who were under investigation via the FBI. Do the Senators and the Legislator’s not think that far ahead? Rhetorical question… we all already know that answer.

Rebecca Mansour, or RAM known on Conservatives4Palin, did an excellent job investigating Ramras’s background via items that are to be handed over to the APOC as Ramras legally is obligated to do. Even the APOC and the Alaska Legislative Ethics didn’t catch it. OPPS! There is no way that Jay, buying all that stock, didn’t know better. Day Trading or not, it shouldn’t matter. Jay got his hand caught in the cookie jar and now he is lying like a 7 yr old about to be punished.

But this is all for naught. I see in the near future that they will be cutting an amendment to the Ethics APOC and Legislative Ethics to make sure that if investigated, that only Alaskans are to be the ones who may be able to file a complaint. I have been hearing rumors, as the Senators and Legislators are in Anchorage eating and they don’t speak as “softly” as they claim. Word to the wise… or at least those who thing they are in the Senatorial and Legislative Seats in Alaska. Try cleaning your backgrounds up! Alaska may be a small State but maybe for those who have relatives in certain “areas” that are a conflict of interest… you might want to move to a different area. Also, those who blatantly do things (like buying stock that they know will get them caught) and then saying that you didn’t want to sell it because it didn’t do well. Get a life. You really don’t think Alaskans and the Lower 49 people are THAT stupid… do you?

I think we should (as in the people of Alaska) vote in the two term rule and law. Anyone who is in Political Power here in Alaska should only serve two terms. And this should be on a Statewide voting ballot. Anyone with me?


  1. Two-term limit mandated by law for ALL elected officials, from dog-catcher to Governor? I'm in.

    wv: honesti ... exactly.

  2. I was just over to the c4p/ramras article at the NewsMiner. Comments there show the good folks of Fairbanks don't think too highly of peewee, although there is an underlying scent of, "That's just Jay. Whatcha gonna do?"

    2 terms sounds like a darn good idea!

  3. well! well! well!

    Remember the "October surprise" guy?

    Seems Mr. Hollis French is or has filed to run for Governor.