Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Talk about making a idiot of himself. David Letterman needs to be put down I think.

What is the deal with people and saying off the wall, totally tasteless things about Sarah Palin, much less saying things about her children?

David Letterman, as most of you heard today, said some crude things on his top ten list and then went on to say that Sarah’s daughter was being knocked up by A-Rod. Well, I guess Dave and his writers, didn’t realize that Sarah had her 14 yr old daughter Willow with her. I guess they assumed it was Bristol, the eldest. Also, it wasn’t just totally tasteless, it was totally disgusting to even mention that.

I seriously hope that CBS and the CEO’s figure out what to do with this retard. Yeah I am saying retard, because it is true. He is a complete idiot, and even those whom are mentally handicapped are smarter then this idiot. Let's put him down, like the dog he is. CBS... time to get rid of some of your feces.

Will the FCC do anything about this. I doubt it. Will the Republican anything say a word. I doubt that as well. Civility doesn’t seem to be “in” for this country and the only thing that works is making stuff up as you go.

This has been a very odd day, not to mention week.


  1. "Retard" is too polite a word for him. He savaged the Governor, and her reputation, coming second only to Tina Fey in absolutely trashing Sarah.

    I stopped watching his show several years ago, and this only confirms that bit of wisdom.

  2. I second Rev. Paul's comment. His show has never interested me, and this just makes me less likely to ever tune in.

  3. Honestly, I think his time is done.