Thursday, June 18, 2009

Diva got someone to pay for her snooping? How about being a real Alaskan and worry about you and your family!

As I read around and check the blogosphere. I can’t help but notice that somehow (as in someone paid for the information she was requesting), Diva got the information concerning something on Arctic Cat and Todd Palin.

Color me stupid, but how is this news? How is this anything but snooping into people’s personal lives?

It really bothers me that people will go to any lengths to find dirt on other people. Maybe I should go and find out dirt on Celtic Diva’s “problem” and find out why she is considered “handicapped” and then maybe watch her so closely that I can use what she does against herself. I.E. make her lose any and all benefits she has.

But, I won’t. Because Karma is a bitch and I KNOW it comes back around.

So my advice to Diva and others whom are like her is:

1. Eventually you are going to piss off so many people here in Alaska they are going to go after you and your husband.
2. Watch yourself sweetie, you never know when even your Democrat friends will have enough of the BS.
3. And prepare for when you DO have someone take away those wonderful benefits I and other Tax Payers are having taken out of OUR paychecks, to give to you… because you are “disabled”.

Diva, you and your buddies have been warned.


  1. As tempting as it may be to give CD a taste of her own medicine, I think you are quite right. What goes around comes around. The centrifical force of the 'spin' could hurt a person and put her in more than a neck brace!

  2. Piney, I think some are already seeing it that way. Whether they be Democrat or Republican.

    Something is going to give.

  3. "Whatever a man sows, that (and that only) shall he also reap."

    Whether you call it karma, or sowing-and-reaping, it does come back to bite you.

    She'll find that out, to her regret.

  4. I had another thought on this blog posting.

    Remember back when CD claimed she had received all the obscene nasty email?

    I wondered then if she had made them up. Perhaps she is the one needing to provide proof that supporters of Governor Palin were so crude, rude and vituperous. Those all sounded like the folks from her site (not going to claim it is a coven, that would give witches a bad name.)

    As to who funded her? Just throwing out some names:
    Acorn (part of Soros many groups)
    Dem party
    Rahm Emanuel

    Just saying.......

  5. Rav. I think she is mental myself.

    Piney... DING DING DING! You and I aren't that far in thought on this one.