Thursday, April 16, 2009

W.A.R. and a Poll

It is interesting to have sat thru the extremely bad buffering and having to relink continuously to the W.A.R. feed today, just to hear the Legislators grandstand on both sides. Overall, W.A.R. lost, but I think there is more behind it then the game of “playing politics’.

Hollis French seemed to be the worst. French’s attempt at scathing comments on women to more or less saying that Ross was a blathering idiot. French should talk; the man actually said if he was in the wrong he would apologize. French, we are still waiting for the apology from months ago. You know the one, French. Concerning the stupid Troopergate fiasco that last months and months. Or how about that “surprise” that really wasn’t. French you are seriously a joke.

KTUU is doing one of the non-scientific polls. It is concerning Ross and the Legislature and was it Qualifications or Payback. I think you already know the answer.

If you read this before 10 PM Alaska time (4 hours behind EST) vote. It can’t hurt anything now… and this may be our only chance to say what was right.

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