Sunday, April 5, 2009

People of a varying shade of black

I have seen quite a few Alaskan Bloggers on the Internet. It makes me smile as I know most of these "bloggers" haven't left the confines of the Anchorage Bowl (if they actually are telling the truth). Most of them are extremely liberal in many ways. They also say that are of libertarian type... which means to me that they want to smoke pot without recourse.

Celtic Diva asked a friend of mine on a possible protest for a Fallen Soldier who was to have a Funeral in Fairbanks, Alaska. The friend emailed back that is was rumored, that is was against the family of the Fallen and the times/dates of the protest. But Celtic misquoted my Friend, and said that it was also going to be a gay protest. It brought people into the "Flag Line" for the Family but I am not sure if it showed respect for the Family but more a way of showing their "flair". I honestly do not care if people are gay or not, it isn't my problem. But when you go to a quiet, anti-protesting and to show respect to the Family of a KIA Soldier you do not stand there to prove a different point!

I have also noticed the other "liberal" bloggers around. One called akmudflat or something like that, is a complete waste of time. It talks the talk but yet never walks the walk. Goes to "rallies" but yet acts the part of the loser in the rough. Interesting how some people are so narcissistic, that is makes people shy away.

Nothing any of the liberals in Alaska, Anchorage especially, makes me wonder anymore. If you know anything about Alaska politics you know it is looking like someone wrote a book on how to sabotage other people's name, ideals and future without getting caught. If everyone actually would do this at everything going on against all things, then the world would be totally non-viable.

So should we as a group of tired and annoyed individuals, start doing the same as those whom do it to those individuals trying to make a difference and change things for the better? It is something that one should ponder.....



    Gays are your problem. They are everyone's problem.

  2. Actually homosexual or lesbians aren't my problem. I am not going to treat them any different then anyone else. But they don't need anymore rights then anyone else either.