Friday, April 24, 2009

Scenario on Fallout in Alaska.

Interesting reads all around. Seeing Pakistan and India concerning the taliban having a chicken game on who blinks first is a tad unnerving in all aspects. But how would that effect Alaska?

Seeing as these two countries both have nuclear advantages and the fact that many are (and have been) fighting over in the middle eat for centuries isn’t helping. India may not like Pakistan due to the fact it was part of India, is very interesting to me. It is almost like Texas or Alaska seceding from our Union… and our Union holding a grudge. That is how I see both of these countries. Also it has to do quite a bit concerning religion, both countries citizens standings in the world (kind of like who is better via schooling, money etc), and their extreme differences in policies. But I digress…

How would these two countries have a impact on Alaska? Well since they are both WMD countries, with large nuclear reserves and missiles, what if one of these countries had a moment of weakness? What if one of them let one fly?

Well it would be catastrophic in many aspects. Think about Mt Redoubt and how the air is taking the ash around the world due to the wind. We may have that with nuclear fallout more so here then in the lower 48. We could also watch the weather and clouds change substantially and start some very nasty storms. The old acid rain scenario could possibly be a reality … but imagine fallout snow. How would that affect us up here in Alaska? Where would the Fallout shelters be? Are there still some standing?

Fallout or radioactive isotopes are interesting. In many cases they will make a person sick by suppressing the immune system. Buy suppressing it; it can also leave a person lethargic, unable to eat as the brain will not function properly due to the nerves and connection unable to synchronize. This will also have an effect on our bowels, making us have large headaches and constantly thirsty. But what may be even more serious is the possible constant nose bleeds as the veins and heart will work harder but the veins in our body will either expand due to trying to capture more oxygen and trying to keep us alive. Or it will make the veins collapse. This is what happens when cancer patients take certain drugs to rid their body of the disease that is consuming them. Imagine trying this on normal people who have no disease, cancer. Now to pretty to think about is it.

Now think about the animals, same scenario. Those that are left alive would be very ill and we may not be able to eat them anyway.

Drinking water may be a problem as it may take up to 2 years for it to filter thru. Plants would also suffer in some aspects as the plant absorbs radioactive isotopes. That could leave the trees and plants unable to eat and we may not be able to touch them as well.

The scenarios on this are never ending. And if you think that our Union would be able to help us…. Think again. They would be more prone to leave us due to the Fallout. It would be 1000 times worse then just a volcano blowing.

I didn’t write this blog to scare people, but to think beyond the box and the scope of range. We are part of the United States. But if it came down to it, would the Government of the United States help us if something like this tragic scenario came to life? I don’t think it would happen.

Here is something interesting, if you like to read up.

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