Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anchorage Tea Party

I will be going to the one in Anchorage today... and will hopefully have some decent pictures to post tonight.

If anyone else around my State happens to be going to their Tea Party, let me know and if you can send me pictures.

**Update** 1200 people have shown up as of right now. I have some pretty good pictures. You will see them tonight.

**Update 2** Due to technical difficulties (which means I have some how misplaced my cam wire) I can not upload the pictures at this time..... but man they are some pretty good pics!

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  1. Uppy- A bit late here...
    I posted some pics of the Wasilla Tea Party over at my Team Sarah page.They gave an estimate of 800+ were there..People were still flowing in when we left at 4PM.
    -Eddie Burke gave a fired up speech.
    -Most interesting to me were the number of active military/reservists (including doctors) that attended (incognito to avoid reprisals).
    -Hope to see your own photos-