Thursday, April 16, 2009

Letting Sarah breath.

You know I have been a huge supporter of Sarah’s even before anyone knew about her outside of Alaska. I brought her up as a possible VP candidate (including a fellow blog commenter Oink) on a few blogs I frequented, and everyone who was anyone told me it wasn’t going to happen, it was insane, that would be stupid and ignorant. Interesting how the tides turn.

People began to look into Sarah, research her, and check the background. They liked her style, wit, humor, values and everyday persona of being a normal person whom decided to take the State of Alaska back FOR the people who live in Alaska. They also liked how she saw money, taxes, what was to be expected of those who worked with and for her. The common sense approach seemed her style. The way she negotiated rules, regulations and the outcome of taxes on oil and gas which is in part all Alaskans right.

People began to put her on a pedestal and that is where it began to bother me. After the section for POTUS, McCain’s loss and Palins move back to Alaska and beyond. People have begun to think of her more then just a person, but an answer to the madness. Their idea of a Reagan renewal and uprising.

Since the start she has been attacked, stabbed in the back, hung out to dry, told that she is a unfit parent, a cruel person for having a disabled child, to ignorant to run a Government agency of any sort. Yet she seems to have been doing quite a fair job from many Alaskans view.

So, with that said, you are probably wondering why I am ranting in this fashion.

Well, it is bothering me that Sarah has become this pariah. Why does it bother me? Because everyone is human! She is just one person and being the fact that she seems to be doing well under fire, hounded to run for President as well as be the perfect conservative. Understand, Sarah WILL be Sarah, but giving her a little breathing room is needed. No one is perfect. Yet, being told that you MUST be this way when the view you have is just a tad different then the standard is and can be detrimental to the group wanting someone to be on the straight and narrow.

You are probably upset, pissed... whatever the case may be. I am in no way putting down Sarah or her abilities. But I often wonder what people think concerning people whom think this person will happen to be their saving grace. Look at Obama.... Sarah is NOT like that.

As I told a friend of mine on the internet: Alaskans do not like to be told what to do. It is boiling down to many around the Nation doing just that, telling Sarah what to do. If these people keep it up…. Sarah may just back away totally. This isn’t a warning, this is the truth.


  1. You are right.

    The reason I like Governor Palin, myself, is because I see a lot of my family in her. She's human, dealing with the same problems as I deal with, dealing with the same problems my sister and others dealt with. She's not perfect, but she is a shrewd person.

    Those who will turn on her at a moment's notice because of disinformation put forth by some trolls who love another candidate, they are not true supporters. They want perfection, and Governor Palin isn't. She is human, she is like me. I support her for exactly those reasons.

    Thank you, Upi-san, for this piece of real wisdom.

  2. My take... I agree with what you said Sakaki, as far as some of the reasons I like Governor Palin. NO ONE on the planet is perfect and I would be hard pressed to find someone I agree with 100% of the time. You said she is human like you, we all are. Maybe the difference that we see is that she her self makes it very clear that she is exactly that. As far as politicians go, it is refreshing.

    Sakaki, you say some want perfection.. they will always be disappointed because they will never find it in another human being.

    I do sit and wonder what the future holds but we never know. Should Gov Palin back away I would understand why. I did watch the video of her speech last night (and I am not a big time social con) WOW.