Monday, April 27, 2009

Alaskans, it is time to stop the Ethics Complaints.

It has come to my attention another frivolous ethics complaint was filed.

Why do these people do this? Would they like to be the ones who are held accountable concerning this?

I would like for ALL Conservative Alaskans to come forth and help me as well as the Governor and her State Staff take care of this and have the Dept. of Law begin to backtrack those whom are filing these. It is time to fight back.

Please Email

And let the Alaskans of this Great State stop this squandering of the Alaskans money, time and energy and let the Governor do the job we have asked her too.

Thank you


  1. Palin said "hold me accountable". That's what people are doing. What's the problem?

  2. I appreciate that Alaskans are holding Palin accountable! True patriots.

  3. Too bad that those who are "holding her accountable" totally miss the spirit in which Palin offered it. No she has to deal with people so desperate for attention from her that they file dumb@$$ ethic complaints. Go on a diet, lose some weight (okay a lot of weight), get a makeover and maybe you'll feel better about yourselves...geez get a life already... that's what I say to the anklebiters of the Hatefilled Left!

    Upinak wish I vould help but I live in CA...

  4. Actually, the only "dumb@ss" ethics complaint was the one Sarah Palin filed against herself.

    It's amazing how people whose job depends on you won't actually "hold you accountable."

  5. Celtic, I will holding all of those whom put in some of the dumbest complaints in Alaska's history.

    You wasted the Alaskans money and you have officially gone down in Alaska's history as the dumbest of all. Are you proud?

  6. I am calling for all Alaskans to band together and put an end to this nonsense! Why should our resources and energy go to fuel political bloodsporting when Alaskans are struggling? Celtic Diva and Jeanne Devon's little games will be paid for by them, you've pissed us off and enough is enough...It ain't over til the fat lady sings and I am not talking about Linda Beigel.

  7. Any and ALL Alaskans who are willing to come out and show that these Ethic Complaints are truely non-sense is what I am talking about.

    This is the last straw for the straw men and women.

  8. upinak,

    By the tim we are done with these wolves, they'll wish they've never started a battle that turned into WAR. Sound minded Alaskans are fed up, Enough is Enough, you've made a mockery of the ethics system and abused the goodness of Alaskans by dragging us all into your cesspool of vendettas...I don't care a flip if Palin wears Arctic Cat or Artic Moose...Get a Life, you women come off as bitter and vindictive!!!

  9. Where are the decent and honest people of Alaska?? I hear a great outcry from us in the lower 48 and we are helpless (except for our financal contributions). Come on Alaskans, stand-up for your Governor, she certainly stands-up for you.

  10. Oh good gosh, people. Palin will be fine. She's a money magnet, which is one reason these ethics charges are being filed.

    You did hear about the poll being cited, I believe by people associated with Bob Poe? Basically it said that Palin was going to stay at 60% and win reelection handily.

    Were I Palin, I would start making a joke about this.Trust me, the money will come to her defense fund. She's the best game in town.

  11. These anklebiters and belly crawlers 15 minute of fame is up...Hold Governor accountable, we'll hold you accountable...What you are doing is wrong and we are not interested in paying for your soap opera between with the Governor...Do you have millions to reimbure the state for the drama? FYI, when this goes legal and the heat gets turned up, I wonder who will start to point the finger...the ring leader better be ready to answer to the People, We Hired the Governor to Work for US...You Harass Her and You Harass all of US.

  12. Sarah Palin is so amazing - to listen to all the garbage being thrown at her and still come out smiling and gracious. I don't know how she does it. That's just one of the many fine qualities that will make her a great President. Sarah Palin 2012!

  13. All support is welcome, but I ned Alaskans more then anything.

    I appreciate all the help in this!

  14. Isaiah 65:24

    And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear.

    the Lord meeting the needs of His people in amazing ways.

  15. Upinak -

    As I posted over at C4P, if there's anything a lower 48'er can do, please let us know.


  16. Right on Upinak!

    Its time for these ankle biting ghouls to come out into the light and let the public learn the truth behind all these attacks on the good Governor Sarah Palin. I shall make another donation to Sarah's legal fund to help out.

  17. Sarah Palin is a good, Christian woman. The reason they are filing false ethics complaints against her is because they want to destroy her political career. They are scared of her. Something about her Christianity, her pro-life witness (not just words, but witness), and her overall wholesomeness gets under some people's skin. Her good ethics are one of her big drawing points.

    So her attackers file false, and petty ethics complaints, turning every small move she makes into an ethical problem (when it's not an ethical problem). She wore a jecket with the brand name "Artic Cat" on it. Who cares? These people claim this is evil. She traveled to the lower 48 (Indiana to be exact). Who cares? These idiots do. They say that it was unethical and grounds to file a complaint.

    Now that the legal bill to defend herself has reached $500,000, it's becoming obvious what these frivilous ethics complaints are really about. They want to bankrupt her so she can't run for office anymore. They also want to destroy her good reputation by being able to say that she has more ethics complaints filed against her than anyone else. Never mind that the complaints were all bogus.

    Now that her supporters have started a defense fund for her, the false ethics complainers are furious. It's a threat to their plan to bankrupt her and end the political career of an ethical, Chriatian woman. So they are filing another ethics complaint, saying that it's unethical for her to have a defense fund. Unbelievable. People have had defense funds since civilization began. It's never been unethical to have one before. But if you are Sarah Palin and the weirdos hate you, then the rules are different, and suddenly it becomes unethical to have one.

    Alaska needs to put the breaks on the filing of ethics complaints. Still allow ethics complaints to be filed, because someday there really might be an unethical governor in Alaska (especially if the Palin haters have their way). But have rules against filing frivilous complaints, with penalties for doing so. That will stop this nonsense.

    These jerks are going to be in hot water on judgment day. Jesus said, "As you judge, so you will be judged. And with the measure ye mete, so it will be measured to you."

    As they judge Sarah Palin, they will be judged. That means they can't wear clothing that has commercial writing on it. They can't travel outside of Alaska, or do any one of scads of other things that most ethical people do every day without even thinking about it. If they do, they will be in trouble on judgment day, as God judges them the same way they judged Sarah. It won't be pretty.

  18. I wonder about the people filing the frivilous ethics complaints. If we could look into their lives, I wonder how many inethical things we would find? Probably lots. They probably have a lot of skeletons in their closets.
    I bet they are the type of people who have no business judging anyone else's ethics.

  19. I wonder about people who bash other people for their weight with "lose a lot of weight" or "fat lady." You are the saddest bunch. Talk about haters....!

  20. As a long time Alaskan, I, and more and more of my friends and colleagues, are turning against Palin. Yep, a lot of us were for her before we were against her. The truth about Palin has reared its head. All sound vaguely familiar? You betcha!

  21. Sarah should be impeach. She wore a ARTIC CAT JACKET. Celtic Diva did a great job filing a ethic complaint against the governor

  22. God Speed Upinak! If I lived in Alaska I would be out there with you...

    Don't let a bunch of pudgy busy-bodies bring Palin down with this partisan jealousy.

  23. I understand many do not like those have filed a claim.

    But can we at least keep it civil. Lets not call out on race, weight or anything else. And call them out on their ethics.

    I appreciate it and I appreciate the support from everyone.

  24. If these hateful women did more to improve their lives than worry about the Governor's Jacket saying Cat or Fat...they wouldn't have to be fixated and feel like their claim to fame or God given assignment is destroying Palin.

    You make women look evil and vindictive...You are only rearing your ugly Heads...You want to call out Palin; How about you look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Can I cast the first Stone.?" Is my Life so Ethical that when I meet God Face To Face I will not run in Shame? Ponder on that...your actions have consequences and if Palin was so downright EVIL, why is it only the select few of you that sees? That should give you a clue that maybe your tea leaves and crystal ball isn't as accurate as your self-righteous limbic brain system misleads you to think...It's time the people of Alaska face-off and put this to rest, never mind the Governor, we elected her to do a job.

  25. Sarah should be impeach. She wore a ARTIC CAT JACKET. Celtic Diva did a great job filing a ethic complaint against the governor

    Rosey get a life, that's the dumbest reason for saying someone ought to be matter what Palin does, belly crawlers will be slithering around for something to pin on her! Have you tried prayer? It helps lessen the obsessive hating of someone you don't know!

  26. Cat seems to feel very strongly about fat people. So now I'm wondering, have "fat people" become one of the protected classes? Are "fat comments" hate speech? If it's up to cat, then it's YES, I guess.

    How about mountains of frivolous "ethics" lawsuits, cat? Those are okay? "Fat comments" don't cost members of the "fat class" $500,000 each.

    Sarah does rock. I'll be contributing to her anti-frivolous-lawsuit legal fund.

  27. Ironic how liberals cry over their hurt feelings when it affectst them but don't blink twice about destroying people...Cat...if you and your pals can dish it out, prepare to take it or get out of the kitchen...Celtic Diva and her Huffton Post Crew are the most mean and evil spirited people I have witnessed...Calling Fat Woman Fat is the nicest thing we can say about her.