Saturday, April 18, 2009

More on OCS and who is behind it.

I have about had it concerning any environmental propaganda and people who work with them. I am all for Wildlife Conservation, but when you go to this length to stop something you really don’t know anything about, it makes me wonder about the diversity you have for animals or is it the complete ignorant ideals on one self concerning something way beyond the scope of your world.

Here is the PDF on the OCS drilling and why the Appeals Courts stopped it. The main petitioner is the Center for Biological Diversity and old "rules and regulations" that have been superseded via other updated regulations, yet the courts didn't check into the background. What is interesting is how this area of their website called "Cleaning up the Bush Legacy" actually shows how incompetent this organization is due to the fact many of the regulations and rulings were before the "Bush" administration. The ESA (Environmental Species Act) was way before the Bush Administration. It was started in 1973 under....Nixon. Tricky Dick was tricked!

As I read the petition, I noted in it Point Hope, again, but in the petition they are listed as a Federally recognized Native Government. I didn't realize that Point Hope was a Government! Hmmmm I wonder how many other Villages know that either. If you read my other blog thread. You would have seen what I wrote about Point Hope and their "residents". I wouldn't put these people in charge of a dog, as irresponsible they are. It also shows on page 11 that the area is a "Sovereigns State" which hasn't even been approved yet by the Supreme Court even after almost 20 yrs. Someone please explain to me where in Alaska that there are sovereigns states inside this state? Metlataska is supposedly one, but they still play the Alaska game. Other then Metlataska, not anywhere that I know of. And they are basing everything on climate change? Oh Dear God... if you have a community placed on a tidal spit ... eventually the ocean will take that area back. It isn't called climate change, it is called Mother Nature.

What makes this even more of a joke, is the Defenders of Wildlife are all over this ruling. If anyone knows anything about the Alaska Defenders of Wildlife, is the man who is their Representative, Wade Willis, is actually a hunter himself. How do I know? He was at the 2009 Board of Game meetings and told me so himself. Interesting. SO you will go hunt Bears, but you can want to defend them as well? How hypocritical is that? Since most Bear hunts are baiting hunts. WOW!

Maybe I should get a hold of MMS and let them know what is going on. Hypocrites shouldn't be taken for their word!

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  1. Interesting and scary stuff. Things for following this so closely.