Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alaska Politics, Around the State and in the Biggest City

So here I am, sick as a dog from a severe head cold and looking at the Mayoral results from the Anchorage primary race and shaking my head. Dan Sullivan and Eric Croft are the runners for the May election. Joy! A wannabe conservative and a conservative democrat. What are the odds in Anchorage?

Croft and Sullivan going for a run off in Anchorage bothers me. Sullivan has shown he wants to tax the heck out of Anchorage. Why? A conservative knows that taxes do not help in general and will always make the Government greedy in any case. It also won't slow down the rate of taxes vrs the inflow of cash. Sullivan knows this as he was the one who headed the cigarette tax in Anchorage leading Anchorage the top for taxes concerning it. Croft is many ways conservative on spending but has some pot crack ideas on what a city should do. So what should Anchorage do? Vote on a man who wants to tax us supposedly to "relieve" our property burden or a liberal with weird ideas on how to run a city? I am at a loss myself.

As for Ted Stevens. I am glad he has been vindicated. Yeah he screwed up, by letting people take advantage of him in many ways. But who hasn't done that sometime during their brief stint here on Earth? He said that he had lost his faith but it was restored in the justice system. I am not so sure about that, he might be saying it as a way to show that he can forgive and possibly run again for Senator. I am glad that the Democratic Judge is going to be prosecuting the Prosecutors. I called this out on HotAir on numerous occasions fighting with Allah that the Prosecutors had not given the Defense ALL the evidence. But of course I was ignored, being the "little" Alaskan as usual.

Begich is know to be a complete fool, and you can see it as he voted for that stimulus package. Begich left Anchorage with 17 million in debt, when he left for the Senate, in which not even our Assembly knew about how in debt Anchorage was. How inept are these people?

Begich also won't step down. Interesting since he received money for the Obama Campaign to run against Stevens. Who is saying what is politically motivated? Begich also happens to have a small "incident" which shows he is as much a liar as any democrat.

So here I am, the little conservative as usual, wondering how exactly this will turn out.
UPDATE: Stevens WILL be going for Re-Election in 2014 per KTUU @ 1:05 PM on TV update.


  1. Take plenty of Zycam and Nyquil for the head cold. Then take plenty of heart. Bit by bit, the giant is awakening. Fortunately, Alaska still has much to commend with regard to its conservatism and rugged individuality. Your struggle isn't nearly as awful as ours here in the Garden State.

  2. true manly beast. But God help us all!

  3. Get well soon :)

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  5. Upinak,
    I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for your presence and sharp commentary over at Manly's Republic. We have you up on the blogroll there.
    Love your blog!