Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling it like they see it.

You know I look around and see people and wonder. I wonder a lot. And I don’t understand which isn’t unusual.

Alaskans have a different spirit then most on the U.S. and even more independent then people will ever understand to reason. We have more of the Don’t Tread on Me spirit… most of us can all differ in opinion but can come to almost the same conclusion or at least have some type of respect on their political affiliations. But true Alaskans, will come together if it is for the State or the People who live here. We are all we have, and many of us understand that.

That is why it perplexes me on why some people hate others. I can say I don’t hate anyone. I don’t even hate muslims, detest them… hate no. I can get upset, mad, pissed, frustrated, annoyed, and irritated but I don’t hate people. There are more middle of the road people who just want to be left alone. I don’t blame them at all and can see the harmony in it, except that I do not want our Government to be left to its destructive mode, which is has been in over drive it seems. And the Media is also a driving force in this.

I have some liberal friends. We can get into good debates on this or that… of course one of my friends is an Obama head, so I have to keep it light with him. But we don’t become destructive since it doesn’t help but will hinder. What I mean by destructive, is we don’t hurt anyone whether it be talking down, money, property etc. You just don’t do that as all of my friends agree… Karma is a Bitch!

Alaska is a small State, as many of you have figured out. Many people know each other… a very small town community type atmosphere. If you are rude, you will be treated as such probably for the rest of your time here. That is how it is up here. Many won’t down play the event, they will call it like they see it. They are starting to see it…. And they are starting to call it out.

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