Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oil, Salazar and the Tea Party

I sit here a day before the first annual Tea Party across the Nation event. I wonder what is going to happen across the Nation, much less in Alaska.

Salazar is here in Anchorage right now. He may be here tomorrow, as I haven’t heard any news yet. As of right now, that I just heard, there are quite a few PRO-OIL-Protesting people in front of the Dena’ina Center while Salazar is talking about offshore drilling.

Most of Alaska is for drilling. ANWR, Federal Offshore, Natural Gas drilling and a Natural Gas Pipeline bullet line is in the works for the State as well. Not many here do not see any disadvantages on drilling, unless they are environmental wacko’s who come up here concerning the whales, polar bears, multiple birds, or caribou. It is pretty sad when British Petroleum can do a definitive research report on the whales or polar bears better then the Dept of Interior Environmental Affairs.

But with Salazar up here in Alaska, will the Tea Party be worse or better then those in the lower 49, since Salazar will be up here and is not a welcomed person? I am not sure, but I will be taking pictures of the outcome here in Anchorage.


  1. Ok, here's what gets me about my fellow Alaskans. We all celebrated when Uncles Ted and Don and Frank the Bank brought home the "bacon" and continually re-elected them. Now the feds are proposing a nationwide pork-fest and we're complaining? We're still getting our pork (albeit in smaller amounts) but we're protesting what?? That it's not coming from our usual trough? That it's not coming from someone with a R being their name? That it's substantially increasing the national debt? Everyone who goes to tomorrows "tea party" and protests the stimulus money or the increase in the national debt and has EVER voted for our fav 3 is a hypocrit. Don't like it, tough cookies.

  2. Tough Cookies?

    Umm Uncle Ted didn't vote for that Stimulus you idiot! Begich did though.... aren't you feeling happy about that!

  3. Anonymous- your agenda is clear as you hide behind your anonymous tag. Try spelling hypocrite again.

    Love from the lower 49